Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Third Brain Surgery {Tomorrow} November 16th

Ruby's third surgery is scheduled for tomorrow,

November 16th, 2011


Supernatural wisdom
The Lord guiding the neurosurgeon's hands
A good IV line
Peace for mom and dad

{Probably more things, but I just can't think.}

Thank you for standing in the gap 
on behalf of our precious little gem,
Ruby Grace.

16 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Absolutely will be praying for sweet Ruby Grace!
    And for y'all. Three surgeries this close together is a lot for any mom and dad - even seasoned ones with tremendous faith. But God is able!

  2. Linny,
    All eight us are praying for the doctors. For peace for all of you, for healing and wisdom! I love that pictures in the last two posts. With this third surgery I know the doctors don't want Ruby to cry much. But surgeries are painful. So they need to cry. Two of my sisters have had many surgeries. Two brain and three spinal/back. To help them not cry as much we tired these things. I am thinking maybe one can help Ruby. Some of them worked for my sisters! We tired a pacifier, a little blanket close to the face and having the child suck some of their fingers! I don't know if she can/would/ or like any of these. Thought I would toss those out there!! You might just know how to help her :)
    praying in the gap and standing there with you all!!
    Love, The Reames family / Amber

  3. Has anyone started a prayer sign up for Ruby Grace? How is Karl? Praying for all of you!

  4. I'll be praying for all you asked. Praying for God to heal and strengthen Sweet Ruby. (((hugs)))

  5. Such peace fills her eyes. I can't wait to see what God does for her. Standing, lifting you up~

  6. Deseo todo lo mejor para Gracia Rubí.

  7. YES - I'll be praying for sweet lil Miss Ruby Grace!

  8. She looks great! You look great! I have to believe she can see you, she looks right at her Mama!! So very sweet. I love your family! Praying like crazy here in Cincy OH!

  9. Praying for little Ruby Grace and for strength for you and the rest of your family as well.

  10. Praying for all of you. Loved the pictures, you have a beautiful family!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    May it be a great day for you and for little Ruby! Prayers continue!!

  12. Happy Birthday Linny. May this year be a year of the richest blessings on you and of course you special family. May the blessings you give to each on us who follow your blog be given 10 fold back to you. You are indeed a blessing to us! Brenda

  13. Praying for your sweet baby girl!

  14. You bet I will be praying! In fact today I put up on the prayer request board at Christs Kitchen a pink cross with the name Ruby Grace on it. The request was for healing. Janet


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