Monday, December 5, 2011

Memorial Box Monday: 8 minutes

I am really excited at the response that we are beginning doing Memorial Box Mondays again.  

But before I begin, I have to mention, when you are doing your own Memorial Box Mondays on your blogs, please feel free to use the bloggy picture above.  A couple of years ago a bloggy friend sent me the above little 'patch' {for lack of a better word} and asked if I liked it.  She tweeked it till it was just perfect.  That's a picture of our little log home that we lost in the fire.  It was my favorite home we have ever lived in.  It was simple {ya' know - A Place Called Simplicity?} It was really simple.  And small.  And cozy.  And log.  And perfect.  So that picture has special meaning to my heart.  

You are also welcome to put the 'Memorial Box Monday patch' on the sidebar of your blogs.   It is on my sidebar, and all you have to do is copy it with the code below {and yes, that would absolutely tickle my pea-pickin' heart}.  

Anyway, I have an amazing Memorial Box Monday story to share today.   It is a story, once again, that reveals God's deep love for the orphan.   And personally speaking stories of God's deep love for the orphan just might be my favoritest stories of all!

This story goes back to August of this year.   Of course, in late June we were asked if we would adopt Ruby.  We already had our home study almost done and so we just had to finish that up and then move on to getting our Immigration clearance.

Of course there was alot going on....we had the wedding of my precious friend on our front porch and 4th of July was in there too.  And then on July 17th Karl was in the horrific accident and all our worlds were literally turned upside down.

Autumn {having lost her first boyfriend to a tragic car accident} was more than fragile.  Dw and I barely left the hospital, but stayed all day interceding for God to spare Karl and raise him up out of his coma.  Autumn refused to leave the hospital {which we totally understood}.  

Well our caseworker needed to interview Autumn
 to finish up the home study.  

Weeks passed and finally we were able to get 
Autumn to meet with with the caseworker.  

About that time, Kathi {who works for Chinese Children, the agency in charge of our home study} was waiting for our home study to be finished so we could submit everything to Immigration for clearance.

The problem was that Immigration takes 75 days to clear.

75 days.

And that's alot of days when a tiny and very sick baby girl is needing to be brought home!

I just could not think about it. 
It would have made me crazy with worry.

Everything had been delayed because of Karl's accident and yet time was of the essence for Ruby Grace.

I had been sending everything I could ahead of time to expedite the process, but really, there were some things that just couldn't be expedited.

So....when we got our invitation to come be fingerprinted Dw drove straight to Denver {where I was with Jubilee}.  Remember that?  He was literally in the car with the boys within an hour of getting word that we could be fingerprinted as soon as possible.

But because Autumn still lives at home {and is over 18 years of age} she needed to be fingerprinted as well. 
Well that had to happen in Albuquerque or Denver.

Karl had been moved to rehab in Denver, so it just made sense that she would be fingerprinted in Denver on her next visit to see Karl.

Monday rolled around and she flew to see Karl {perk of working for the airlines, free flights when there are open seats}.   

After arriving in Denver, Vicki {Karl's mom} drove Autumn to the Immigration office to be fingerprinted.  Autumn kept calling me cause they could not find the place.  At.all.

Inside I was so stressed.  

Ruby needed to be rescued and everything was taking so long and once Autumn was fingerprinted it would still take up to 75 days to get approval. 

And don't forget we had just found out the Friday before that Jubilee needed immediate surgery.  
{Remember that?}

So as Autumn and Vicki were trying to find the Immigration Office I was feeling more than overwhelmed.  

And there was not a doggone thing I could do about any of it.


Vicki and Autumn finally found the office and within a few minutes Autumn texted me and said, "Done fingerprinting."

Ready for this?


8 minutes 

later Dw's cell phone rang.

He was at his office and when he looked at his cell he did not recognize the number.

He answered it.

The female voice on the other end said,

"Mr. Saunders?  This is Officer So-n-So from US Immigration.  I was given the picture of your little Ruby Grace by Kathi from Chinese Children and well, I was just waiting for your daughter Autumn to be fingerprinted.  She just was fingerprinted and well, I just wanted you to know that I have granted you approval to go get your Ruby.  I only ask one favor in return.  Would you please send me a picture of Ruby after she is home when she she has put weight on and is healthy?"

8 minutes 

Little did we know, Officer So-n-So was literally waiting for Autumn to come in and be fingerprinted and literally just eight minutes after Autumn walked out of the Immigration office the Officer had moved the mountains and we were granted Immigration approval to go get Ruby.

Dw called me crying.

I started crying.

The kids and I were jumping up and down.

Almighty God loves the orphan.

Oh yes He does!

8 minutes!

8 minutes!

8 minutes!

Can you believe it?  

God loved that a family had stepped up for His precious gem who had been starving to death and was so desperately sick with hydrocephalus....that He would place Officer S. at just the right place, at just the right time, to do what needed to be done to get Ruby home as fast as possible.

I think it was the following week that we went to San Francisco so Jubilee could have her surgery and then within days Emma and I left for Africa.

Oh yes, He loves the orphan.

8 minutes.

Not 75 days.

8 minutes.

Maybe some of you have some ideas on what little symbol can go in our Memorial Box to represent the 8 minute move of God, feel free to share any ideas you might have!

Please post your permalink below to your own Memorial Box Monday story.  
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Can't wait to read the stories that you link....
reminding me of God's faithfulness to you as well. 

37 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. How about a copy of your approval letter? Awesome story, those people do have hearts...

  2. The sun's light takes about 8 minutes to reach the Earth after it has been emitted from the sun's surface. Maybe you can use that.

    Haven't seen a picture of Ms. Ruby Grace in a while. You know you are not the only ones in love with that sweet face ... just saying :)

  3. How about Autumn's eight fingers(not thumbs) printed on the back of a photo of Ruby??? Perhaps in the color red for Ruby???

  4. I would put an 8 ball (from a pool table) if I had that 8 minute story!

  5. I vote for an eight ball from a pool set. It can remind you all of the specific number, the times we feel like we are being bumped around on this table of life and how sometimes everything just falls into place at just the right time.

  6. That is AMAZING!! I love it.
    For your symbol, maybe you could use a broken watch (or one with the battery out) with both hands pointing at the number 8?
    Lana, BC Canada.

  7. I'd stick like a little children's block that had the number 8 on it in there.


  8. You should use a gold #8. Like a house number. They come in many sizes.

  9. Linn,

    Maybe it's just me, but I think an "infinity" sign would be perfect. I have a little necklace & bracelet someone gave me from Avon that have small metal "infinity" symbols on them. I think the symbol would be dual for your purposes: sideways - it's an "8" and always will remind you of the 8 minutes. Regular - it is the "infinity" symbol, reminding us of God's infinite wisdom & power.
    If you choose this & can't find one anywhere, let me know, I will mail mine out to you in Arizona.

    Cyber-Hugs & Tangible Blessings to you & yours,

  10. Tears, tears, and more tears here! Why am I so often moved to tears of awe and rejoicing when God moves mountains? Haven't I gotten it yet that HE ALONE is able to do IMMEASURABLY more than all we ask or imagine???

    What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing.

    What about a fingerprint or fingerprint card as the symbol for this miracle?

  11. hello Linny, what an awesome story! 8 minutes... you should have a little 8-branched menorah (used for Hanukkah/Chanukah) for your Memorial Box... it's the story of the miraculous provision of the 8 day continuous light from the story of Maccabees (the feast of dedication/feast of lights that Jesus attended in John 10:22). Just 2 days ago my friend shared about the 8 being a "new beginning" and I googled it up and it can correspond to a new life in Messiah (God made everything and rested on the 7th, Sabbath... 7 being His number, and it's possible that 8 is the start of eternity after the Great White Throne Judgement?).

    By the way, your mclinky link isn't showing? :( :)

  12. p.s. the mclinky link is showing now, it didn't show before but it's working now. :)

  13. I *love* God's timing! Nothing is impossible for Him!

    And for a memory box item? How about one of those little topsy-turvy sand time keeper thingies that you get with some board games? Sorry I can't remember what they're called.

    Oh - HOURGLASS! An HOURGLASS! It can represent time, and is kind of in the shape of an 8!

  14. I think that you should find an infinity symbol - the sideways lying "8" - for your 8 minutes and for God's infinite love and grace...

    Praying for you and your family

  15. Oh, what a story! Tears of awe and thanksgiving!! Almighty God!!

    And as far as a symbol--8 minutes makes me think of the 8 seconds of rodeo--is that how long they are supposed to stay on a bronc? or a bull?? can't remember. . .don't know if that helps at all, but it's what came to MY mind! :)

  16. I think you should get Autumn to do a finger print on something and write the date and time she did her actual fingerprint and the time of the call from the officer.

  17. your box totally needs a black 8 ball :0) so encouraged {as always } by this!

  18. So amazing! The first thing I thought of for your MB was a stopwatch! The old-fashioned kind, not digital. :)

  19. What wonderful timing! It is AWESOME how God moves in our very lives!
    I like the idea of Autumn's fingerprints (just the 8 fingers, as someone suggested) on a card or back of Ruby's picture. Did Ruby need a passport picture? If so, maybe that could be copied & enlarged enough to fit the fingerprints. If your memory box isn't large enough, a small picture of Ruby with even ONE of Autumn's fingerprints would be enough to remind y'all!

  20. I love these other ideas but I will still share what first came to mind: a magnetic number 8 from a child's set.

    I love this idea of the Memorial Box Monday! Thanks for the encouragement.

  21. Awesome! Awesome!!!Our God reigns!

    I would even vote for something with Autumns fingerprints.
    I think it´s not only a Ruby-miracle . It was even to show Autumn that god is in control, to encourage her.
    She has a very important role in this story.

    It´s just amazing what he has done.

    Love and blessings from germany

  22. Wow. What a WONDERFUL story of God's timing and love.
    For the Memorial box - maybe a toy block with a number 8 on it?

  23. Lots of tears but no words for this one...

    Love you Guys!

  24. How about the face of a small pink watch because time was of the essence. You can set it to the exact time you got the call. Or a stopwatch would be nice too.

  25. so gald to see a memorial box post, I had been thinking about it a couple of weeks ago and thinking that I missed those posts. It is great to be reminded of His faithfulness and love for us.

    These posts always make me think of the things I would put in my memorial box if I had one.

    Well my Aunt lives in Phoenix so if I ever come for a visit we will have to meet up

    Thanks again!

  26. WOW! You are amazing God! Janet

  27. What an incredible story of God's timing! And some great suggestions of how to represent it in the Memorial Box.

  28. What an amazing encouragment and a great reminder of gods faithfullness to yor family and of his love and provision for the orphans and the 'least of these'.

    Also a great encouragment to contiue walking in what we know God has called us to do trusting that he will move mountains to fulfil His plans for our lives

  29. Love the thought of Autumn's finger prints in Ruby red.

    And praise God for the Adoption Angels he has working at Immigration. Just last week I went a week early for my finger print appointment, just to reschedule it. It was 3:15 and they close at 3:30, the janitor was already vacuming, don't you know those sweet ladies said let's just do it now! God is so good!

    Linny-thank you so much for your sweet words. I now have a much more urgent prayer request. If you are willing.

  31. Reading this has made me cry once again over baby Ruby Grace. God is awesome and moves mountains (in as little as 8 minutes). I still have the unhealthy (and healthy) picture of sweet little Ruby Grace to remind me why I do what I do. :) Praise Jesus. This officer is proud to have been a part of the process to save Ruby Grace. I watch in the background but I still am in awe of all that was required to save one little life. (Please don't post this on the comments, but wanted to let you know that I was once again moved to tears.) God Bless.

  32. I have something that would be PERFECT!! It would represent not only Miss Ruby Grace, but all of those children waiting for a Forever Family!! I send you a photo and you can tell me if it's appropriate. Love you! ~ jo

    Oh My God-Ness!! You won't believe the "word verification" I have to type in for this comment!! It is "blessad"! Pretty close to Blessed if you ask me!

  33. so awesome!!!!!!! he is a might God <3

  34. Oh, Sweet Linny! We have been through H-e-l-l, literally warring with demons since we began our journey to adopt TWO PRECIOUS sons with spina bifida, waiting for us in China.

    While others doubted we should be spending and raising money for a mission trip to work with orphans in Africa, at the same time, we continued on.

    Since November of last year, God has sent our family $50,000 to complete both adoptions and for 3 of us to go to South Africa. But, during that Africa trip, Satan began to work overtime on our family.

    God Almight has remained Faithful and True.

    Your story brought tears to my eyes.

    As our God continues to make the crooked paths straight to our Drew and our Zeke, he surely was moving mountains for Ruby Grace.

    I'm so glad you have set aside a place where we can share our miracles. Please do another MM box post next week. I have something rolling through my mind!

  35. Today I wrote my first Memorial Box Monday post. I am really excited about doing this. Here is my post:


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.