Friday, September 30, 2011


The craziest thing happened the other day.

Graham was able to set up mail so that I can type offline.  
Thank you precious son!

Anyway, I was cleaning up the SPAM file and lo and behold I found an email.


The email was from a sweet college student named Brittany M.

It was her email in an attempt to be the 2,000,000th visit to 

this Place Called Simplicity.

I thought, "Uh-oh".  
I never thought of checking SPAM.

I had just arrived where we were spending the night to leave for Uganda in the morning....
and it just never crossed my mind.

Well lo and behold, I checked her time and she was actually the first to email me!
{Except it went to SPAM}

Now, if I was Brittany I would be sad and bummed that mine went to SPAM.

So in an attempt to ease her belated-win-but-didn't-know-it-pain,

I am officially honoring her today and I have already bought the two gifts for our two winners:

Brittany and Erica

Two beautiful gifts made by the precious women of Uganda,
each purchase proceeds go to the 
baby home where our treasure is.
Making it all-around-special!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Concerned

Dear Concerned,

I will choose to believe that most of those who questioned what was happening with adoption were legitimate concerns.   Legitimate as you may be, you were wrong and jumping to a number of conclusions based upon false assumptions.   As a former lawyer, this can be detrimental to your case.  

Linny didn't include all the information but just those things to see what God was doing.

If you really don't know our hearts, you probably will not understand.   Our mistake, not to share more...  or share less... we thought you all knew us well enough. 

I will choose to believe the best about you.  What if you did the same about us?

I will chose to believe that  you were concerned for the extended family and for our little girl we are going to adopt.  

I really don't need to explain the specific circumstances to you but truly "the truth would set you free" from your fears, your assumptions.  

If you knew all the facts, the things on the rumor mill would quite down - as you would then separate assumption from fact.   Many have convicted us without a hearing.   There is a proverb that says one always seems right, until you hear the other. 

We are sad, very sad, and broken that there are those who would question our integrity this way.  Not in 20 years of pastoring or in 11 years as a lawyer has anyone done so.   We have been relentless to protect our integrity, then one post, misunderstood, becomes such a point of contention.  I would never have thought it possible.  Not for one moment.       

So please ask yourself.  Have I convicted them based on a few statements by others?

Maybe Linny didn't word it perfectly, we are sorry for the confusion.  Please forgive us for not communicating more effectively.  

The biggest mistaken fact  passed around is the pictures.   Linn only showed a few pictures - only of our family and kids.  There were none of the "American Dream", no pictures of the house, or cars, none to say we can do better.  Just the kids and a great conversation followed.    Emphasis on great, and kind.

Linny showed the pictures because the relative had only one concern.   She tried to answer that concern by pictures.  End of information.    But that is typical of what has been misrepresented through all the blogs.

We will not continue to respond to the stuff out there, it does no good.  But we wanted to one last time try to have many hear our hearts.   We are ready and willing to be examined by the authorities, in fact embrace it,  about how this case has been handled - all with the utmost integrity.

When we are proved correct, honest, and above board I hope you will all publish your corrections.  We have worked all our lives helping put families back together, do you honestly think that our motive would be tear one apart?

Please reconsider what you all are doing.  We will prove that we were above reproof.  But what you are doing, with false information, is what could harm adoptions in Uganda.   

As to those who think we don't know Africa and need an education in it's culture... just know....

We have 5 kids in Africa who claim me as Dad and Linny as mom.

I flew to Africa to be at one of my sons wedding.  We named the middle name of our grandchild in Africa.  Our African daughter is working with us to help us serve the children and leaders in Uganda.

Linny went to Africa to bathe and dress the street children with a group of ladies for the wedding of one of one of the ministry leaders we serve alongside.

I have met with many leaders in Uganda.  I have trained over 750 on leadership skills in Uganda and 250 in Ghana. (Both sides of Africa.)

We sit, listen, ask question about the local customs, always trying to work within the culture, to embrace the culture and to take care of the children many of these organizations serve.  I understand the strategic need to come alongside.

We take mission teams and hire local contractors to work alongside the teams to invest in the local economy.

We work with a feeding program, soon to take it over, feeding the most needy children of Uganda.  

We help out women in their micro businesses so they can keep their children.

We work with a local boys band from the streets - bought them uniforms twice over the years.  They then go out and earn money so they don't need to sell drugs.

We have helped raise money for orphanages and homes to buy land to house children coming out of drugs and off the streets.

We have physically helped build a number of homes, kitchens, schools... etc.

We love Uganda more than most and want the best for all of Uganda.   We love the country, support those in authority, and love the people.   Our actions and investment have proved our love.

We are not perfect but we are learning.  I hope this clears up some of the confusion.   

We are done responding to this situation and am so sorry it happened.  You can't imagine the grief we have felt over this and the heart ache it has caused. 

I really do want you to understand our hearts and our actions.  You must understand our hearts to understand our actions. 

Please question what you hear or read!   Do they have a track record or 25+ years loving the orphan - like we do?

We absolutely would do nothing to harm international adoptions - in fact we are one of the biggest advocates.   Again we are sorry for all the grief this has caused all of you.  We gave some facts without all of them which led to assumptions.  Please forgive us.

We do not question your walk with Christ.   We will not question your intentions.  Please just know you were wrong in assuming you knew our intentions or what really took place.

May the Lord bless you and may He show you the truth, and may He decide.     dw

PS:  No comments will be published on this post.  We are done looking back, we are moving forward.  

Finally - the Update You've All Been Waiting For!!

Dear blogger friends....

I feel I can call you friends even though its Linny's blog!! 

We have been wanting to write this for awhile but I kept thinking I

 wanted to express this just right. Then I realized just write what has 

been on our hearts all along. 


Those two words don't seem like enough but its what we have. 

We have seen God move in such a mighty way in our sons healing 

and you have all been a part of that. 

Thank you for letting God use you to pray for a stranger. 

Thank you for listening to His promptings. 

Thank you for loving us through our great Dad. 

Thank you for the encouraging words, letters, cards and pictures 

that have come from all over the states and across the world!!! 

We have been AMAZED. 

Karl has astounded the docs here. He has made such a rapid 

recovery that the doc wants to bottle

 a part of him and give it to other patients!! 

We have been given a discharge date and 

look forward to being

 home again. 

I'd like to end this with a line from a letter that Karl got today. 

I think it sums it all up.......




With His love and Blessings, 

Bob and Vicki   

P.S. will send more updates if this works!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Thank you all for your prayers and kind comments.   It is so good to know how many people love us and believe in us.

A few people signed in to bring their judgment upon what Linny wrote.  They were mean spirited and jumped to many conclusions.   Conclusions without knowledge, without us saying many things that are going on,    I'm going to take the liberty of removing those before she awakes.   I don't understand, if you don't like what's written, don't read it, and move on to another blog. 

Seriously - I still can't believe it?   You were extremely unkind, negative, and hurtful.  So this is addressed to those few.  I shouldn't be surprised that the counter attack from a day of prayer and fasting comes from within.

To the negative ones, I'm in awe that you know the  little girls history who we hope to adopt, where she was found, the amount of abuse that was hers, really?  Really you know?

Do you know what would happen to her?  The use of an adjective to describe the grandma has been used by everyone to distinguish who was being talked about.  We go to the slums, we are starting a feeding program in the slums, we play soccer with the boys,  love on them, hug them, dressed them for a wedding and try to rescue a few with another ministry.   We love the children on the streets, in the orphanages, and anywhere you find them.  It would be hard to find someone who loves them more.

You judge - WE GO.

We did not arrange a meeting, God did.  Tell him.  Yes, this Dad, Husband and protector is ticked.   More than I can even communicate. 

And Linny may want to shoot me when she awakes, since she was sick all day yesterday.  We have no wrong motive, we were asked by one place to adopt and we were sought after in another.  We love kids - that's it. 

We are very public about what God does in our lives.  Why?  Because it is the power of testimony to increase faith cannot be underestimated.   We love the orphan, do not judge us. 

You are wrong,  May the Lord decide!  Pray for us, I'm praying for you, dwight


We will modify this post - simply to say the following...   

Yes indeed, He is mighty to Save!

And that's why we call Him our Miracle-working, Mountain-moving, Awe-inspiring, Gasp-giving God.  Please join us and be part of this miracle-in-the-making!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You all are so funny!  Your comments have had me laughing and Linny too when I read them to her.

But guess what?   I talked with Linny an hour ago.  The drive home took 4 hours, not 2+ and then the internet office was closed.  So.... she has written the post but won't be able to post it until tomorrow morning.   

She was exhausted from the long ordeal - pray for strength as the fumes are awful as pollution control is not existent.  It  can wreak havoc with the best of us, not to mention with someone with all those auto-immune diseases. 

Best estimate - she will post about 11 - 12 o'clock Mountain time.... or, then again, maybe not!  Patience PCS'ers Patience! 

I know this... tomorrow we need to fast!  Just sayin... dw


You will not believe what just happened.  So get ready for Linny's next post.    Linn didn't ask me to post this, but I have to write something, though my post is really nothing, the story is about something that is so amazing you will be compelled to praise God!  I want to tell you, I really do, but I can't, or shouldn't, or whatever!

The miracle God just pulled off rivals most we've ever had the privilege of being part.  I was in tears as Linn shared with me what had just occurred.  I'm still shaking my head 30 minutes later.

It's Linny's story and she tells them so well -------- you are just going to have to wait.  Do you hate waiting as much as I do?  My mother always said to me when I left for a basketball game, patience is a virtue.   Well I just didn't much care for that virtue then, and I'm not so great at it now!   So consider this working on that virtue for you!  :) 

Let's hope the internet is up tonight in Uganda. (That would be within about 5 to 6 hours if it works.)

For those who hate when Linn baits you, now you can hate both of us! 

Have a great day all you PCS Sydrome people, this story will not disappoint you!   dw

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Good Day...

We had a good day over all.

I got to the baby home and nestled with our little treasure while waiting for the director.

I needed her medical records copied.

And so we waited.

She is lovely and beautiful and a treasure.

I cannot stand it when I have to go do something else.    

So we finally got the papers copied.  

Then we needed a photo for the announcement in the papers asking if anyone knows any of the relatives of our little treasure.  We got to walk with her to Mengo to get her photo taken.

You guys would have loved it. 

We went into a barber shop, which turned into a beauty parlor and at the very back was a passport picture taking room.  I wanted so bad to take a picture.  I absolutely love, love, love all the informality.  It's just 'whatever'.  

She had to wake up for the picture and it turned out pretty sweet.

I made sure to have extra printed so they can be ready when it's time for her Ugandan passport.

Then we had to return her to the baby home and head to the attorney's office.

We sat and worked on all the papers and affidavits for THREE hours.

A mad dash back to the guest house where TWO Fed-Ex packages had arrived.

One from Kathi at Chinese Children {I'm telling you, that woman rocks the world!}

and the other from Whitey with more legal documents.

Then Emma and I ran to the baby home to love on the babies and so I could hold Ruby till bedtime.

Last night I had such unbearable homesickness.  

Emmy was already asleep and seriously, I had to stop thinking about the kids and the big guy....

I didn't get to sleep any in the car today, so I better get headin' to bed.

Tomorrow the plan is seeing Miss Ruby Grace
Heading to the attorney's office with more papers and
Then driving to Jjinga to see our Sarah Jane.

The other little treasure's  situation is not just a mountain but the entire track of Himalayans.
We need God to move them.
And amazingly, God has given me some promises that she will come home.
I am thankful because I have confidence that can only be from HIM.

Our son LuTaayaa said, "God is mighty to Save!"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday in Kampala

We are hitting the ground running today.

SO much to do.

I'm sure some people wonder what takes so long.

Here's a synopsis of the day:

Copies are needed. 

Lawyers offices don't always have copiers.

So we hunt for a copier.

There are no Office Depot's.

We hunt. 

And it must be a color copier. 

Stopping at a few places.

No, there is only a black and white one. 

Finally we hear of one! 

It is down a crazy street.

In a warehouse type building.

At the very back in a little tiny room.

The paper isn't normal copy paper.

George negotiates a price for the copies.

Really, it would make you smile.

I tried major hotels.

Nope, no color copier.

Then we needed some photos printed.  

I had forgotten to bring a flash drive.

Note to self:  Never leave home without a flash drive.

Tiny little instrument.

We drove for about 20 minutes and then walked for about for a long time to hunt for one. 

Across streets that are filled with people, motorcycles carrying people and vans of people.

Women walking with baskets piled high on their head.  

Then we had to find a photo shop that would print.  

And no one, and I mean no one is in a hurry.


Not even for a second.

Each task seems daunting. 

It takes almost all day.  

I love Kampala and I love Uganda.

But next time I'm gonna' see if I can squeeze a color copier into my suitcase.

It might work

Introducing... {in my arms}

She is gorgeous?  She loves her mommy - oh yes she does!

The mamas have all been shocked...

She has drank her bottle to completion each time I feed her.
{never has done that before}

I'm guessing she's figured out that I go with the big guy 
who rescued her and she loves me too!!

So thankful I got the picture uploaded. 

Running down to feed her again.

I am hopelessly smitten.

Can't wait till she is in my arms on that plane.
America!  Look out. 
This beautiful princess is coming home and Jesus is gonna' heal her and the story SHE will tell is gonna' be amazing.

PS Emmy thinks I'm hogging her.
I let her hold her twice.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Linny Lee!

Hello PCS followers,

I have had enough emails, facebook notes, and threats, yes threats - you know who you are -  that I thought I should get a quick update out before working on my message!  I know my priorities.  Take care of Linn's blog then, and only then, work on tomorrow's message! :)

Linny continually tells me how beautiful and how special Ruby is as she cuddles her, feeds her & loves on her.   She is our girl.  Get her home Momma - get her home!

Today she decided to go to the attorney's office again and see if they would meet with her and continue to push the paperwork.  After a long wait they met with the attorney for 3 hours.  They went over detail upon detail building a case for our little girls.  The attorney even drafted the affidavits as Linn sat with her to expedite things for Ruby.   The biggest mountain for Ruby is time - we need her home - NOW!
I will be Fed Ex some additional documents for her on Monday - but there is some preliminary work that could have.... should have... been completed by others that may hold us up.  Prayer here please!

As for Sarah,  the Mountains only seem to get larger.  We need break through - we need cooperation - from extended family, we need a huge miracle.

If you've followed us for any time you know this about us, we don't give up.  We get weary, we get discouraged, we get close to knocked out,  but we get up off the floor.  Saunders do not give up, ever.   It's not in our DNA - we know God is (how does Linny say it -most of you know it better than I) the miracle working, mountain moving, gasp giving God! ( I think I forgot one)

 The mountains are large but we know their  creator.  The waters are rough but our God says peace be still.  The storms are pounding but God is our refuge.

Let's be honest - Satan hates the orphan.  Do we really think he is going to give them up without a struggle.  No way.  He will raise hell to stop kids from coming home.  We know our adversary, we know his tactics to discourage, and his plan - to take these kids captive for eternity.  But Jesus overcame and his children were created to overcome as well!

You see adoption is more than giving a child an earthly forever family.  Adoption is the ultimate discipleship.

Adoption is about introducing them to the one who planned their rescue in the first place.  That they would know Jesus, that they would live for him, that God's plan for their lives would be discovered and lived out.  That's what this is all about. 

So we are not surprised  Satan hates God's plan and throws everything against us.

Neither should you be surprised when you live out God's plan for your life that you will be attacked.  So we take up the shield of faith to extinguish every fiery dart shot at us.  Take it up with us will you.  We really do count on all of you going to battle with us in prayer.

Oops, this was supposed to be a small post - I guess the preacher in me got out!  Be encouraged, God is in this battle to win!  dw

PS:  Pray for Emma she was very sick yesterday (Sat. in Uganda)  If she feels good enough they will head for Jin Ja today to see our Sarah!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

From Uganda....

I am always amazed that I can be typing from Uganda. 
 Thank you Lord, for such a privilege.

The flights were great, at times pretty turbulent {and you know I'm not the excited flyer}, but I felt like the Lord was paving the way and was also our rear guard.  While I didn't sleep much on the plane I read my Bible tons and He spoke specifically about some things in this journey to bring our two girls home and for that I am grateful.  His word is powerful and it makes our faith confident.

The attorney could not meet with me until Saturday.  But God gave our son Lutaaya the boldness to encourage persistence and we met her last night.  {Not Saturday, but Wednesday!}

Then today I was supposed to meet someone from her office to give them on paper.  They called and asked if I could come to the office instead.  We headed straight there.  Things in Uganda always take a longer - but since we love Uganda it's ok.  

The traffic has been the worst we have ever seen - like LA!! 

Anyway, it took us a half hour to get to her office and they we waited for an hour and a half.

In that time I kept falling asleep {the problem of sitting still}.

When we went in to meet with her partner I recognized her.  

I said, "Didn't you work for so-n-so? "
{our attorney with Elijah and Elizabeth}
She had!  She had gone to court with us for their process!
How cool is that?

She then told us all the things we needed 
for submission to the courts.
{And trust me, there is tons of stuff!}

We spent 2-1/2 hours with her!
ONLY GOD as they were not wanting to meet till Saturday.
This way Dw can gather the stuff and get it shipped to us.

About 2 hours into our meeting {and me furiously writing down everything I needed Dw to send me - including the court orders in the adoption of Isaiah and Jubilee} someone from her office said, "Someone is here from Redeemer House."  {This is where Sarah Jane is.}  Our attorney kind of jumped and said, "Send them in."

A beautiful young African woman appeared,
her name was Mercy.  

I said, "Hi!  I'm S's prospective mom."

She said, "Oh!  S is out in the waiting room."

Friends you would have laughed!

I literally gasped and burst into tears and dove over Emma's chair, losing one of my sandals in the process.  I could not believe, our daughter was just feet from me, when her orphanage is 2 hours away! Mercy later said, "I noticed you lost your shoe." haha

S, as it turns out, had seen Emmy and I when she came in {the door to the office had view of where we were sitting} the second she heard her name she peeked around the wall and seeing me diving over chairs had came hurrying to me/us.  

I threw my arms around her and stood and cried and cried.

Then she sat on my lap for about 1/2 hour. 

We took pictures too.  I will try to post them soon.

She was so shy and sweet and seemed so pleased.

They had come to town to bring her adoption papers.  A family member is putting up a stink about her being adopted {although they do not want to care for her}.  
Please pray for this obstacle to be removed.

And we learned that she just turned 9.  
We had thought she was 10.  But she just turned 9.
Jubilee will actually be older than her.

Lastly, little Miss R is darling.
You would all love her. 

Emma said her head is significantly larger than it was in June.  
She cannot hold it up and it is heavy, heavy, heavy. 
She needs to get to America so they can get rid of the infection and get her shunt put in.

The orphanage director said that the bones will never go back down once they have gotten so big {so thankful that God is bigger than that too!}.  And really, I can't bear that thought.  

R. coos and coos and told me to tell all of you that she is so thankful you are praying for her.  
She asked me to ask you not to stop?  

Seriously, she is a rare gem and I cannot wait to have her home with S. and all the rest of the treasures.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uganda - The Mountains Grow

This is Dwight subbing in for Linny.  It's been awhile since she had me post.  (Those who remember my posts know I have real trouble staying out of trouble.)  :)   

As most of you know she's in Uganda now and at the current place she's staying there is no internet available.  Pray a place opens up for her to move tomorrow.

Linny just arrived today & she got to hold and love on our little Ruby and as she says in the post below she was smitten.  

Because Ruby is not doing well she was able to persuade the lawyer to meet with her on her first day in Uganda - thanks to one of our sons, Lutuyaa, going to bat for us!  That alone is a miracle as our lawyer had insisted on Saturday - but in our case - every day is urgent for  Miss Ruby.  (first Uganda miracle)

However, when Linny met with our lawyer she learned that the mountains had grown on both fronts for both girls.   We were informed for the first time that they need 6 original signed and notarized copies of all our documents.  Wow, really?   Sure - that's easy - no problem... of course it takes time and then to Fed. Ex. it is not a 24 hour deal - so the mountains grew.   Time is not on Ruby's side!

(For Sarah, apparently their is some problems with some consents from distant family... so that mountain grew for us as well.)

So heere is what Linny and I know and where we put our trust:

First, the mountains have grown.

Second, I will do everything I can tomorrow to get all paperwork done... realtors, banks, employment letters, doctors.... etc....  but we need favor in many areas. 

Third, we have at least a few mustard seeds of faith left - combined with your prayers and faith we are in a good place to command,  "Mountain, be thou removed...." 

Finally, God is sovereign, He is in control, and He will move those Mountains!  Bye bye mountains

But time... time is our enemy - so pray for Ruby - pray for favor - pray for speed!

Will you join us in faith (Hebrews 11:6) to ask God to move our mountains?   

We promise to join you in asking God to move your mountains - just let us know what the request is - OK?  We know you have our back in prayer and we have yours!

Thank you all for listening to this Daddy's heart who wants to be on the front lines in the battle.  That's what us guys want to do,  but this is Linny's hour.  Pray that like Joshua she would be strong and courageous and be victorious.

You all have been such a resource of love and encouragement to Linny, myself and our family - you probably have no idea! 

God bless you!  Dwight

Disclaimer:  (Linny is the writer and grammar expert.... my forte was math - I know, I know you can tell!) 

In Uganda

I only have a minute, but I have snuggled with our little Miss R. I am smitten.  

She has a fever and yet is on meds of some sort. 

I need wisdom.

Big wisdom.

I am going to try to go drop in on the  lawyer now. 

Much to tell, but not enough time.

It's 3:00 pm here in Kampala so I best get moving.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for Autumn,
I only peeked to see if you guys had given her a sweet birthday time...
For Autumn, yesterday was a difficult day.

They say TBI's are a roller coaster.  Yesterday was a not-good day.

My heart grieves on so many levels. 

Please pray that I will have God's wisdom for Ruby.

And please continue to pray for Karl {and Autumn}.

From Uganda...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Only Blue-Eyed Princess

It is early morning in Colorado....

September 20th...

One of our most favorite days of the whole year...

The day we got a phone call from 
Aunt Beulah already 22 years ago

Aunt Beulah called to tell us,
Mary, her neighbor, had had her baby....

It was a girl.

I had secretly longed for a girl...
my heart was overjoyed!

September 20th, 1989 happened to be the first day of Autumn....

And the name we had years before picked out for this precious bundle, if indeed Mary had a girl?

Autumn Elizabeth

We felt it was an extra special gift from the Lord that it was also the first day of Autumn that year.

I remember the local newspaper near where my in-laws lived had the headline:

Autumn Arrives!

Yes, indeed. 
Autumn had arrived
OUR Autumn had arrived! 

After years of waiting faithful God had brought us another treasure.
My heart was overjoyed.

I was a baby wearer long before baby wearing was "the thing"....

And I would walk around with Autumn on my chest singing to her:

"You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you,
oh Autumny, I really love you....oh yes, I do....

Here it is 22 years later
and we couldn't be more proud of our precious girl.  

Autumn works long hours as a supervisor for the airlines.

She starts her shift at 4:30am.
Works for 6 hours.
Comes home for a few hours and then goes back for 
between 4 and 8 more.

She is diligent, persevering.

Fiercely loyal.

Probably the most forgiving person I have ever met.

In spite of many difficult circumstances in her young life, her attitude has been stellar.  

She loves.


And since Karl's accident?

She has not left his side, except to go to work.

Daddy and I couldn't be more proud of you precious blue eyes!
{Twelve kids and only one blue-eyed of the bunch - Miss Autumny!}

And today, being far away from this treasure girl of 
ours on her birthday is hard.

We make such day long celebrations on birthdays - sooooo-not-fun to be on the other side of the world and unable to celebrate with you Autumny!

I have prayed all day that it would be a great day for Karl and you.

That you would be reminded of just how much the
 Lord delights in you.  

That you would have a quiet confidence that
 faithful God has your back.

So on this day of that we celebrate YOU - our daughter!

Would you be willing, sweet friends, to leave a comment wishing her a happy birthday and encouraging her heart?
{You guys are the best at that!}

I know it would be huge for her.

And it would be comforting to me.

And from the other side of the world:

I love you Autumny - most!
It's not even close.
Yes, huh.

Two flights down.  One to go.
On a long layover, Emma and I decided to do a little sightseeing.
Extra special privilege.
And found a free wifi to boot!
Yippee Jesus!! 
Love you Whitey and kids!! xo

Monday, September 19, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

I got a text message this morning at 4:40am saying our flight had been delayed for 2.5 hours.  We had a 6 hour layover on this upcoming flight before heading to Europe, so it's good there is some leeway.

I was just talking to Dw and I was telling him how hard it was to leave yesterday.

Each mile we drove I dreaded being one more mile 
from the people I love most in the whole world.

I'm gonna' share my heart here.  

I'm a homebody.

Plain and simple.

If I lived in the middle of 1,000 acres and could have our groceries dropped in, I'd be good with that. I love going to church, but that's about good for me.

I love being home with my treasures. 

Some women are gad-a-bouts.

Not me.

If I have to run to the stores, I can't wait to get home to my kids
{the big ones and the little ones alike}.


My primary love language is quality time.
My second is physical touch.

Keep the ones I love here and keep 'em close. 

Then I realized as I was driving yesterday that no doubt I am feeling that
 home body thing even more than usual.

I just ran to Denver on Tuesday.

Five days prior we had been gone to San Francisco for two weeks.

The week before going to San Francisco I had had to take Jubilee and
 the girls to Denver for Jubilee's testing.

Two weeks before that we had been gone across the country to hug the neck of Tyler before that yellow ribbon went up.  We had been gone for 10ish days.

Just prior to leaving to see Tyler and Sarah we had 
literally had gone to Farmington because of Karl being in ICU.

When I put it all together, no wonder this home body girl is having withdrawals leaving!

The little ones were sobbing yesterday.
They didn't want mama to leave. 
The didn't want Emma to leave.

I think sometimes people don't realize that kids who have been adopted have already had to deal with a boatload of rejection issues.  It is naive to think that even those adopted as toddlers would not have to struggle with separation from those they love.  

I could hardly bare it yesterday.

I wanted to take my little treasures and run away.


Please pray for that.
Our flights.
And favor within Uganda.
There are MANY mountains that must be moved.
We know HE is going to do it.
I just want to hear clearly His voice to know what to do.
Off to the airport for the first leg of our journey.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

And the 2,000,000th Hit Was....

Emma and I drove 10 hours to fly tomorrow toward Africa.

At one point {when we got some cell service} I asked Emmy to sign on from my phone as we drove 
and see if we'd gone over 2,000,000?

We hadn't.

But now we're here and about to crawl into bed....

but before I do,

I had to peek....

and no doubt, a whole bunch of you had a whole lot of fun....and exactly how many times did some of you refresh that screen, huh?


There are 56 emails referencing the 2,000,000th

So help me here, how could almost 56 people hit the 2,000,000th at the same time?
I am not a computer geek...
is there someone who can lend their insight or thoughts?

Now some of those are double emails, where some people send
 the email that they won with the follow-up 
{tricky sweet friends, very tricky!}


the very first email that arrived had both the 2,000,000th picture attached and her picture too, arriving at 7:28pm MST.

The official winner is:


 a college student in New Brunswick, Canada!
{Seriously, isn't she beautiful, such a sweet, tender smile!}
Miss Erica - you did it!!
You rocked it sister!!

And frankly, I get a stinkin' kick out that a college 
student is coming by our Place Called Simplicity...

Thankful for each of you who made this
 monumental event possible!

All praise and honor and glory go to the Lord Jesus Christ, the one who opened up this privilege - He is 
my Savior, Healer and very Best Friend - the one who set me free from the torment of my past, the one I will never be able to thank enough, yes, indeed, He alone is worthy of all praise. 
Yippee Jesus!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gettin' Close...

Dw though that I ought to remind everyone..

We're getting close...

And probably somewhere tomorrow or early Monday morning we 

will hit that

 2,000,000 visit mark.

Here's the post explaining what to do if you are the 2,000,000th..


sooo fun for this silver-haired lady...
{yeah, I know, I don't get out much - haha}

Who exactly will I be bringing a present home from Uganda for?

And what country will they be from?

And that my sweet bloggy friends,

 is so very stinkin' fun for me to ponder....

Off to jump on the trampoline with the kids before Emmy and I begin our journey tomorrow...