Monday, October 31, 2011


I have been peaking into little Miss Ruby's mouth 
every so often to see if I see any kind of 
evidence of teeth hiding out in there.  

So far nothing.


This morning I just happened to peek and 


She has her first tooth coming in.

Only thing is that it is not a bottom tooth - 

It's one of her top ones!

All the other kids of ours got their teeth on the bottom first.

Anyone out there in blog land have the top ones come in first?

I'd never heard of it although I'm sure they can come in any way they want...but...
it looks like it should be through soon....

and today she has been drooling like crazy.

Emmy and I hadn't even noticed
 her drooling at all before this morning.

Such a fun surprise!

Her first tooth is sproutin' and we get to watch it!

Tried to post a picture of our little princess, 
but the internet connection was too slow.
Will try again tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday in Uganda

We have been unable to go to church since we arrived in Uganda.  
I miss church so much.  
I love the people we pastor and 
I love hearing that handsome hubby of mine preach.  
So it has been misery not being 
able to go to church since arriving!

The first weeks I could not leave Ruby in the orphanage without us {precious baby girl had waited so long for a mommy, how in the world could I leave her once I saw her??}.  And Ruby was not allowed to go with us.  Then last week the director scheduled the final paperwork for exactly the same time as church.

So finally we were able to go today.  
Such refreshment to our souls and Ruby Grace loved the worship.  She fell asleep during the preaching 
{undoubtedly cause it wasn't her awesome daddy!}

This afternoon we are not doing much of anything.  
Emma's reading.  
I'm typing you.

I did try to get a picture of little Miss Ruby Grace 
who had started to smile after her bottle.

But as much as she smiled, I was just not fast 
enough to catch her royal highness smiling.

And then Emma started,

"Come on Ruby, smile for Mommy's bloggy friends.

The sooner you understand that this is part of your life now, 

smiling on demand will become so much easier.  

Come on Ruby, smile."  

Thanks Emma for getting her started on that.

And lastly,

this morning we were talking to a young woman 
just before going to church.

She was asking about Ruby Grace.

She also asked if Emma was my sister.


I gasped, "No!  She is my 4th oldest child."  

She was incredulous!

"NOOO!  You could not have a daughter her age!"

"Oh, but I do - and older - I even have grandchildren!"

"Noooo!  I thought you were, ummmm, maybe 32!"

I laughed out loud.


Apparently she had not been noticing when my glasses steamed up from the hot flash I had just minutes before our conversation.  

Ya' know the kind of hot flashin' thingy that makes a gal want to unzip her skin and climb out and run away?

Yeah, that kind.

So embarrassing.

And soooo stinkin' aggravating.

But we'll just keep that little hot flash thing to 
just between you and me, k?

Cause 32 sounds pretty doggone good to me.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

All of Heaven Dances

Last Sunday, after leaving the baby home with Ruby, the three of us went to pick up some supplies.  Ruby had been throwing up more and more and I noticed her fontanel was now puffy {as compared with sunken}.  She also seemed to have a fever.  I decided we better go have her checked.  

They did some blood work and felt that it was meningitis and put an IV port in, which we would need to come and get IV meds put in each day.  

While there a young woman came around.  She was clearly an in-patient at this little hospital.  She just kind of stood and stared.  Before long the nursing staff scooted her out.  Ruby was crying and so I wasn't paying a lot of attention.  

When we were back another day for Ruby's meds to be put in the port, the young woman appeared again.  This time she came right to me and just stood in front of me, not even two feet from me.  She looked to be in her late teens or early twenties.  She is really just bones. She probably weighs 50 lbs.  Emma and I guessed that she is probably dying. 

She was expressionless.  Her eyes looked empty.  Just bones with skin covering them.  Her eyes completely sunken.  But here she stood in front of me.    

I said, "Hi, what's your name?"  She said her name.  It is a name I am very familiar with.  I said, "Do you know what your name means?"  She said she did not.  I told her that her name is from the Spanish and it means 'beautiful'.  I said, "Did you know that God thinks you are beautiful too?" I asked her if I could pray for her.  

She nodded.  

I began to pray aloud.  I asked the Lord to reveal to her just how beautiful she is to Him, I asked Him to wrap His arms around her and allow her to feel His love and I asked Him to heal her.  

She turned and shuffled away.  

Emma's and my heart broke for her.  We knew nothing about her, but you know how the Lord just does that? 
Giving us a glimpse of her need for love and His deep love for her.  

We went back to the guest house and I couldn't sleep.  Ruby was very sick and restless.  And this young woman was on my mind.  I prayed and prayed that the Lord would allow the young woman to live through the night.  The Lord had given me an idea.  I prayed that He would direct me to find what I needed easily.

The next day we had to take papers to the Embassy early and so we left the guest house at 6:45am.  After delivering the papers to the Embassy, I was walking back to our car and there, across the street from the Embassy I could see a store.  In fact it's called "The Embassy Supermarket" and right out front I saw exactly what I needed - flowers!

I asked our driver if we could stop at the store.  Outside was a little stand with buckets of flowers.  There was even a beautiful bunch of red roses!  I was so tickled!  They had a vase and I paid a sweet Ugandan woman to make a huge fancy purple bow {my favorite color!}, which she did with ease and tied to the vase.  

We then drove to the little hospital.  I asked if I could go back and see this young woman.  So Emma, Ruby and I went to her room with our flowers in hand.  

When I got there she was sitting on the edge of her bed.  I called to her.  "Hello ______, do you remember us? Can we come in?"  She nodded.  I showed her the vase filled with the huge bunch of red roses.  I told her how I had been up most of the night and I had prayed a lot for her and how I wanted her to know how much the Lord loves her.

I had been praying and knew what the Lord wanted me to say.  I asked her if she had ever asked Jesus to come in to her heart.  She had not.  I slowly and simply laid out the plan of salvation.  I explained how the flowers were a gift to her.  But the flowers were not really hers until she chose to receive them. She could leave them outside her room and see them, but not until she opened up her hands and accepted them would they truly be hers.  I told her how she couldn't do anything to get them.  They were free.  Just for her.  But they were not hers until she opened up her hands and received them.

The same way God offers us His son.  Free. We just have to ask Him to forgive us for our sin and then receive His free gift.  

She began to share about her childhood.  Immediately the Lord revealed to me something from when she was very young.  I spoke to her about that.  How God's heart was grieved at all that she had had to endure in her young life.  And how desperately He wanted her to accept His free gift of His son's payment on the cross.  

After much talking and sharing back and forth I asked her if she would like to invite Jesus to come into her heart.  She said she would!  Right there, this precious dying young woman, prayed to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior.  Our hearts were overflowing with joy!!  The difference in her seemed almost immediate!  I promised we would come back to see her and I gave her my phone number.  

My heart was leaping with joy!  I could not wait to tell Dw and I could not wait for my mom to hear.  My mom is one who will share Christ with everyone she meets.  She has led people to Christ in parking lots, stores, on park benches.  She has been such a good example to me!

What I didn't mention was that in the midst of me sharing Christ with her, all of a sudden, a woman appeared next to me.  She was from India.  I was kind of stunned that she was standing there so close to me. I thought maybe she had overheard me softly talking and was coming to scold me!  But she said, "I can hear you talking, my husband is in the room next door, and what you are saying is beautiful."  I said, "Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior?"  She said, "I do!  He is my everything!! I could not live without Him."  And she shared briefly how her young husband had been diagnosed with cancer.  I asked if she would mind if when I was finished talking with our new friend, if I could come over and pray with her husband.  She happily agreed.  

Anyway, after spending time with the young woman, I talked to the doctor.  It's true.  She's dying.  She has refused to take medicine in order to die quickly.  The doctor asked if I could come and talk to her more.  I said I had already told her I would be back!

We then went next door.  I met the kind husband of the other woman.  I had my oil with me and I asked if I could pray and anoint him with oil?  He was so eager!  I laid hands on him, anointing him with oil and asked God to heal him.  We exchanged emails addresses and I took a picture of his wife and Emma, Ruby and I.  She was just so sweet.  They live in Uganda, where her husband has a very important job in a major company here.  She invited us to come to their home.  She said she would send her driver for us! 
 We may do that some day.

When I went out to the nurses station, the nurses asked me, "Did _____ talk to you?"  I said, "She talked a lot!"  They said, "She never speaks.  Not a word."  I assured them that she had indeed spoken - a lot!  Emma and I could not believe that they said she never speaks. 
 She had talked and talked to us!

Yesterday my phone rang.  It was her.  I could not believe the sound of her voice.  I asked her if she had thought much of asking Jesus into her heart since we had been there? She said she has thought a lot about it.  Her voice sounded so perky!  Hardly the same girl.  I asked if she had talked to the doctor.  She said she told him that she wanted to take her medicine now!  She asked if she could speak to Emma.  After Emma talked to her, Emma agreed - we could not believe the life in her voice!

Who would have guessed that part of the Master's plan was to have our paths intersect at a little hospital in Uganda with a dying young woman who desperately needed Jesus?  Who would have dreamed it?  You know sweet friends, I am more than ready to be home.   YET, God has each of us exactly where He wants us, if we are willing.  If He needs me here to share Christ with a dying woman here in Uganda, then I happily rejoice.   What a privilege!  All of heaven dances!  And one day, if you know Jesus Christ as your Savior, you too, will meet this young woman on the other side of eternity, and you can hug her and tell her that you remembered hearing her story, and even perhaps that you prayed for her {hint-hint}......

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Friend Leo Godzich

Yesterday night I learned that a friend of ours 
went to be with the Lord.

His name was Leo Godzich.  Leo and his wife Molly have a worldwide marriage ministry called NAME {National Association of Marriage Enhancement} based in Phoenix, Arizona.   

We had had Molly and Leo come and teach a 
marriage conference at our church this spring. 
 I think I even mentioned it in one of my posts.  
It was awesome!

While at our church we talked with Leo and Molly about Uganda.  They had ministered a great deal in Uganda and upon learning Dw and I have also spent a great deal of time ministering in Uganda, Leo suggested that one day Dw and he team up and come together to Uganda to minister. 
 Dw was really, really looking forward to that!

Anyway, between Wednesday and Thursday Emma and I spent 7 hours on Jjinga Road here in Uganda waiting for Ruby's passport.  Little did we know that just a little ways down that very Jjinga Road, our friend Leo, 
had lost his life that very day in a 

Leo had just flown into Uganda and 
was doing some marriage conferences here. 

We are stunned.  
The world is stunned. 
And yes, the world at large has lost an awesome man of God, a man of integrity, passionate pursuer of holiness and advocate of healthy marriages and families.

Please pray for his precious wife Molly, and their three daughters.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just One More...

Can't help myself.

Have to post just one more....

{Who am I kidding?  
Like I will show you just one more - 
I'm addicted to her.....can't help myself
Do ya' blame me?}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being a Mama {again!}

I've been thinking about it these last few days....  

The crazy ways God moves.  

He does extraordinarily, out-of-the-box, 'who'd have thunked  wonderful' things every single day around the world!

He sends us precious unexpected gifts 
just because He loves us so much.

He moves in random, unexpected ways

and He seems most often to love, love, love to surprise us.

Did ya' ever notice that?

We're walking along through life and all of a sudden -

He orchestrates something totally unexpected.

Just like He did a few months back in our lives.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would be nearing 53 and bringing home a little baby girl.  
A teeny-tiny baby girl at that!!

Never ever would we have imagined it.  

Don't get me wrong, 

we were willing,

we just didn't think that's how our lives would
 look at almost 53 and 56.

And the crazy thing about following Christ 
is that His plan is all His and it becomes an amazing adventure!

So when we are truly submitting to Him, we are saying,

"My life is yours Lord.  Do with it whatever you will.  
We will joyfully obey you, no matter if we planned it or not."

And so it was back in June.....Dw and Emmy were leading the team and Dw kept calling me with updates on this little baby girl who was near starvation and basically dying. I began to fast and plead with the Lord for her, her life,  begging for her survival and earnestly asking for His touch of healing on her.

And in the midst of fasting for her I felt like the Lord began to whisper "You know she's yours."

And when He whispered that, I started pleading 
with Him that she really, 
truly could be ours.

I didn't tell Dw any of it.

{Why spoil the surprise?  
It was His plan to reveal!}

So when the director wrote to Dw and said,

"Pastor Dw you said you would do anything for the baby, would you be willing to adopt her and believe with me that God is going to heal her?"  we knew it was all Him, cause just prior to the trip, it was not on our radar.  

He was paving the way.

Opening doors we hadn't dreamed would open.

Making our paths straight.

And we were beyond thrilled.

But it hadn't even been in our realm of thinking.

Adoption - yes!

Tiny infant - not really.

But God!

He just stinkin' loves to surprise us like that!

We have laughed and laughed.

Who'd have guessed?

And so here I am, just about to turn 53 walking around Kampala carrying my teeny-tiny 12 pound treasure....and I couldn't be happier.  

I feel like I am young again.
{A quick check in the mirror reveals otherwise. haha}

But it is amazing what caring for my precious little 
one does to my soul.

Remember that scripture?

"The fruit of the womb is His reward."

Funny that it doesn't say whose womb.

Just the fruit {children} of the womb are His reward.

But sadly, the Western church doesn't get it....
pastors and leaders to begin with just ignore it....

Picture this with me....
Can you imagine it's bonus time at the office and 
your boss calls you in...

"Sit down in my office here, pull up a chair, 

I have a wonderful bonus here for you.

It is meant to bless you for the rest of your life..."

What if we said, 

"Ummm, no thank you.  

Not a chance.  

I have my own plan and 
it doesn't include or need your bonus."

No one in their right mind would do that!

Yet thousands of nice, polite, well-meaning Christians every day ignore the needs of the 163,000,000 orphans around the world.

"I have my own plan and it does not 
include your idea of rewards Lord."

That's what His word says though.

Children are His reward.

He could have said, 
"A house is my reward.  
Or a big bank account is my reward."

But He didn't.  

He said Children were His reward.

In fact in the context of the wording, 
When I think of "fruit"...I don't think of a single piece.
I think of a basket of fruit or a bowl of fruit or a bushel full or a orchard full.  

That's what I think of when I hear the word "fruit".  




And so it is with the rewards from Him....
Bowls that are full.
Trees that have sagging branches.

And so today, as I think about our precious little Ruby Grace I think of the joy this sweet baby-girl reward from the heart of the Father is to us.  A reward given in love.  A reward given generously.  A reward that was created in His image.  A reward that is the greatest valuable {next to His son} He could ever give us.  
And a reward that we didn't expect.
I was telling Emma yesterday, "Emmy, I cannot believe I have the privilege of being Ruby Grace's mommy. I couldn't be more thrilled. I couldn't be any more proud of her.   I want to show her off to the whole world!  I want everyone to see what a delight to my heart she is.  I want the entire universe to know that she is a treasure.  A precious gem from the very heart of God.  Created in His image and with a very good plan."  

I want the world to see that hydrocephalus is not scary.  Challenging health aspects?  No doubt.  
But so amazingly and joyfully perfect.

And as Dw and I have always said, 

"Most kids if given the option:
'Old parents or no parents' would opt for the old ones....

so here we are again....

Lovin' this teeny-tiny unexpected treasure...
and gazing into her gorgeous Ugandan eyes leaves me giddy 
{even with each middle of the night feeding}
and we are forever grateful for this reward sent from the very heart of Almighty God.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smilin' and Stylin'

This precious baby girl is lovin' being in a family.

She has begun to smile regularly
{check her out}.

She's gettin' it. 

We're for keeps.

Forever and forever.

I had to show you guys the full effect.

Jean skirt.

Pink shirt.

Gorgeous skin.

Can you see her smile?

Isn't she precious?

Ruby Grace - we love you to the moon and back!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Precious Treasures

We are so thankful that Emma is feeling much better!
Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Little Miss Ruby Grace has an IV port in her little tiny hand 
and we have to put medicine in each day.
Please don't stop praying!!

Ruby loves to suck her index finger on her right hand...
 soooo sweet!

Humbled, honored, completely overwhelmed with thankfulness
 and beside myself with glee. 

Fifty-two years old and lovin' having the 
privilege of mommying my sweet Ruby-girl.

Thrilled that we get to love this treasured gem forever. 


Could she be anymore precious?? 
"He makes the barren woman to be at home,
the joyful mother of children."
Psalm 113:9

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ruby needs your prayers!

Quick Update:  Linn took Ruby to the international doctors today.   She has been throwing up a great deal and has a high fever.  We know that she has an infection in the brain.  They gave her an IV and are treating her for Meningitis as a worst case scenario.  

This of course is very concerning to us and we are updating you so you can pray specifically.

Linn just called in the middle of her night to tell me that Ruby has been throwing up throughout the night.   Thank you for your continued prayers.  dw

In My Arms {f.o.r.e.v.e.r.}

This morning I was granted total custody of Ruby Grace since I was able to give the official document. 

Some homes allow immediate custody by adoptive parents. 
 This one does not.  

Anyway, the papers were signed and I ran to change our littlest African Princess.  

We had brought the sweetest soft pink romper for this very monumental occasion. 

So adorable.

 I dressed her and picked her up.

Several came to where I was dressing her and 
said their good-byes...

and I turned to leave

and this precious little bundle who throws up multiple times a day promptly christened me and herself.

Emmy snagged a picture.

I could not stop laughing.

The timing was impeccable.

But my joy overflows.  

She is now at the guest house with us. 

And this Mom of Many is tickled p.i.n.k. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

University of Trials Update

We all know that we life has us all in the University of Trials as we learn and grow and then learn some more.  But there should be a summer break too - right?  We are desperately needing that summer break... I think you all understand.  But as of yet, we must be getting our "Masters" for the extra classes and trials! :)

As to Linny she was doing much better on her ankle today.  It was painful, but she was able to walk.  Emma started off our phone conversation when she answered the phone and said, "Mom broke her foot in 5 places."  "NO Way!" I responded.   Emma insisted for quite some time.  Then she finally laughed and said she was "just kidding".

Just kidding!!????  Emma I've been home without mom for 5 weeks, don't "kid" dad!!    I will repay saith her Dad!

Linn is still experiencing quite a bit of pain, but is able to keep moving.  She had to walk ---  so walk she did.  By evening it was swollen again.  She told me to thank all of you for your prayers as they made a huge difference. 

It seems like we are constantly in a battle to get Miss Ruby home.  Several other things have happened which puts more roadblocks in the way.  Someday she will write the story but for now we will continue to "pray through".   They are just like so many of our other trials - almost beyond comprehension, but the Lord must consider us worthy of the "The Masters" class. 

It would appear almost impossible to have Linny come home by the end of next week, unless God breaks through.  Linn asked for you to "please not quit", but to continue praying till they get home. 

Every imaginable and unimaginable roadblock seems to come up.  Every day this next week specific things must happen to enable her to leave.  Pray, pray and fast for her, Emma, and Ruby.

(Linn is at a point where she literally aches to hold our children again.  You moms know what that is like, she hates going anywhere without the kids, I'm blessed for a Friday morning date so you know, this 6 weeks is painful for that momma's heart.)  

We know you continue with us in prayer until Ruby comes home! 

Love to all, dwight for Linny Lee

Friday, October 21, 2011

A quick prayer request....

Those of you who know the landscape of Uganda know that much of it requires you to walk.  A lot!

Last evening it was unusually dark as she began  to leave the baby home.  They have paved a small portion of the driveway but she could not see where it ended.  As she stepped forward off the driveway she rolled her ankle well under herself.  She said she heard it pop!  Not a good sound to hear when you need to use your legs much of the time.    She still has a lot to accomplish and could really use being better by morning.

I just finished talking with her as she was headed to bed.  She asked that I ask you all to pray.  There is quite a bit of pain and swelling.  She alos said it looks like a  "pop-cycle stick" under the skin.  So we could use one of those quick miracles from the Lord for healing as she sleeps.

Thanks, I know you will!   Dwight

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ruby Grace is Ours


The news we had been fasting, praying, pleading

 to hear

Ruby Grace



I skyped a few minutes ago with Dw and all the kids
{and S too}

and little Miss Ruby even smiled for them.

She was cooing

and amazingly 

I was able to translate:

"I can't wait till I'm home with all of you.

I love you all!

I can tell we're gonna' have a blast!

Yippee Jesus!"

Can you believe she knows already how to say "Yippee Jesus!"?

We are weary beyond weary, but there is no doubt, 

this Mom of Many will not stop thanking 
the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  

Yippee Jesus!

*celebrate with us*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

dw - with a little bit of dis and dat

Hello Bloggy friends, followers, and lurkers,

Thank you for being such a support to my wonderful wife and Emma while they are in Uganda.  I'm sure your prayer support is rockin heaven and God is taking notice of the fervent prayers of all of you.  Your comments mean so much to keep Linny going and to encourage my heart as well.  Each one is a blessing.  May the Lord multiply his blessings back to you!!!

Linny wanted me to update you on Emma.  As of yesterday she had a high fever, chills, sleeping, hard  to wake up, and was throwing up... very much similar to malaria symptoms.  Our sons thought she had malaria and so we were preparing for it.

However, PTL, it's only food poisoning.  (I never thought I'd say PTL my daughter has food poisoning, but compared to malaria.... just sayin...)   They have given her medication to knock the bacteria out of her body!  Linn says she doesn't look very good and has lost some weight, which Miss Emma doesn't have to lose.  Linny says she is going to fatten that girl up before she moves to Uganda next year!   (I have volunteered to lose some on her behalf since I have plenty to spare.)  So please keep praying for EmmaLee Joy to recover fully!

Well folks it's heading toward the end of week 5 - hmmm - that's a long time, since in 33 years, this summer's trip of 3 weeks was as long as we've been a part.  I talked with Ty*er the other night and told him I would make a lousy soldiers wife!  And my hairy legs probably wouldn't look good in a dress!  :) 

As for each mornings activities - the golden hour, the first hour of devotions and riding the bike, is then followed by moving things to the dryer from the night before, then a new load of wash, maybe the dishes, then feed the kids, line up schooling expectations, Skype linny, pick up the house a bit, then to work.... ok,  I'm tired and it's only 8:30.  So if you are single with children, you are my new heroes.  Just as in many cases, you have no idea until you walk in someone else's shoes! 

So to you, who do this day in and day out, may the Lord renew your strength, may your day be blessed, and your joy filled by the Holy Spirit!  I will be specifically praying for you today - your job is difficult and I want you to know that the Lord is pleased with your diligence and perseverance through life's difficult circumstances!

So that's about it, time to have the kids go to bed... oh yea... it's only 4:30.... um eat - no too early... umm.... clean up.... no I'd have to supervise.... hmmmmmm - just keep playing kids!

Thank you for reading my thoughts on  a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat! 

Have a wonder-filled day!  dw

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eight Ministering Angels

Yesterday we were returning from the baby home and we were stopping at the front desk to get our room key.  Just as we went to step inside the building a woman was leaving.  She did a double take and stepping back said, "Linny?"  

I looked at her trying to place her face.  

She explained, "I stalk your blog.  My name is Diana."  

Made me laugh.

I hugged her and we both giggled - 
so unbelievably sweet of the Lord to cross paths unexpectedly 
with a bloggy friend in here in Kampala.

We talked for quite a long time.

She is here leading a team of 8 from a ministry in the States.

They were leaving today.

I mentioned that our little treasure resides near.

This morning she came to me.

She had talked to her team and they had rearranged their schedules so they could minister at the baby home where our treasure resides.

How sweet is that?

So today they spent time ministering to 50 little treasures....

Later we met up again....

and I was talking to some of her team {precious people!}

and as they were leaving to go on to another Ugandan city I got teary-eyed.

It was so wonderful to talk to this tenderhearted orphan-lover named Diana, Allison and others on her team.  
I hugged some of them good-bye.

Emma is very sick so I went to our room and 
moments later I heard a voice quietly calling my name...

I went to the door.

It was Diana.

The team was just about to pull out of here but decided to see if I would come out so they could pray over me.

I told them how hard it has been to be 'silent' with my prayer warriors with all that is happening here and how alone we have felt with people not able to know how to specifically pray.  Diana acknowledged that it was the enemy of our souls {indeed!} who had orchestrated events to put "the gag order" in place with the frenzy of much a-du about absolutely nothing, no doubt!  She suggested that I just share vague bits so our true friends who care could pray specifically.

Then these eight folks were sweet ministering angels to our weary souls as they joined together, laying hands on me and praying with power and conviction very, very specifically about our needs here!
How good of God!

And here I am going to share very vaguely...


I have typed and re-typed and re-re-typed 
some vague prayer requests.
But I just can't do it.  I have erased.  Reworded.  Erased. Reworded.  But for some reason, I just can't leave them.
It is too risky.

But I am comforted that the God of the Universe can whisper secrets {our prayer needs specifically} to each of you...
{according to Psalm 25:14}

Ask Him what to pray specifically.
He will tell you - I'm sure of it!