Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Kitchen Window

Yesterday I took the kids and went to look at rentals.
We looked at 5.

At the same time, Dw left Durango early in 
the morning with Graham 
just after picking up Savannah to come along as well. 

The first home I saw I loved.  I walked in an just thought, "Oh I love this home."  It's got charm, wood floors and a backyard that backs to a wash.  It feels like it was loved a lot and filled with loving memories.

As it turns out, Dw, Graham and Savannah 
were able to meet up with the kids and
 I eventually so that we could show them two of the rentals 
{always like to make men think that they have options}.

Today after much prayer we talked to our realtor and asked if she would make an 'offer' on the rental that I loved.  

So now we wait. 

Not many people are all that excited to rent to
 large families.

We are such a family of traditions, it seems so very weird that we are not in our home, nor are we doing anything we "normally" would do, nor is anything familiar here.

We have Christmas music playing as I type.  My eyes keep filling with tears.  I'm overcome with such great emotions. 

Never guessed when I left our home three months ago that I would not be going back.  I was thinking about it all yesterday.  I had completely forgotten that just before leaving for Africa I was looking out the window at the mountains.  I felt so strongly the Lord speak, "Look at the mountains Linny.  Soak in the view.  You won't be seeing them again."  I thought, "That's weird.  What's thta supposed to mean?" 

 I dismissed it.  Silly me.  I mean, come on.  I was only going to Africa to get Ruby.  I'd be home in about three weeks with Ruby Grace and we'd settle in to a new normal.

Little did I know.
But He did.
And it was HIS voice for sure telling me to soak in the view.

I feel so privileged to have had a mountain home with such a spectacular view.  Not everyone has the opportunity to gaze at the Rocky Mountains from their kitchen sink.  I had always dreamed of living near the Rocky Mountains since I was a young girl.  How gracious of God to allow me the joy.  

I was also thinking about what some of you said.  You mentioned that you thought I need to go back and say "good-bye" to our home.  And you're right, that would be very nice.  

But on the flip side: Two nights ago Ruby seemed to be having a problem.  I suddenly felt what it might feel like to know that I needed to get her to the hospital immediately.  I felt sick to my stomach.  If she had a real problem and I had taken her home to Durango so that I could say "good-bye"...we would never be able to get her to Phoenix or anywhere else quickly.  Her situation is serious and it's life-threatening if her shunt fails. 

It was at that moment, two nights ago, I felt like the Lord said, "Linny, you didn't get to say good-bye to your log home when it burned down, I was preparing you then for this.  I will give you the grace you need not to go back."  It was a powerful word from Him.

And just like the log home, I had to grieve.  Grieving is good.   I will grieve not going home to our wrap around porch, to our big lodgey kitchen/family room and the master bedroom Dw just repainted while I was in Africa bringing Ruby home - BUT I have the sweetest treasure snoozing on my lap in trade for saying good-bye.  And Miss Ruby Grace is the most precious little bundle you'll ever lay eyes on.   A miracle through and through.  

Yesterday I met a woman who works at a local Starbucks while buying a cup of coffee in between looking at rentals.  I was holding Ruby who was sleeping in my arms.  The Starbucks employee was ooohing and aaahing over Ruby.  I told her her story - 6 lbs and 11 months old when Dw and Emma found her in the orphanage.  She was moved and in disbelief.  After going to the car, I asked Emma if she had her ipod.  She did, so I ran back to the Starbucks and showed my new friend the picture of Emmy holding our starving Ruby.   The woman started to cry.  She said she would pray for Ruby's healing.

Miss Ruby's life is changing people everywhere.  She has had a profound influence.  I am beyond grateful.  I gaze at my miracle.  Tears of gratefulness.  I don't know what I ever did to be allowed this privilege by Almighty God.  I get to be her mom. 


Not saying good-bye pales in comparison to 
being Ruby's mommy.  It will all be okay.

He is faithful.  He prepares us for what we need.  He has never failed me.  He won't fail me now. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Friends, Friends and More Friends....

 We had so many friends drop by the hospital while Ruby Grace was in for the three weeks I had to journal about them {besides the ones I already blogged about previously}.  Each sweet friends visit made the time go so much quicker and made the big city of Phoenix feel much more like home then 
we would have thought possible.

When we had barely arrived in the hospital I got an email from a bloggy friend whom I had never met but lives a few hours from Phoenix.  Her name is Channy. She asked if we needed anything.  I told her that if she had any toys her kids could spare, we had not brought any and it would be a real blessing for them to have some puzzles or Legos.

That very day her husband delivered several large containers of Legos and the likes from 2.5 hours away.  How touched we were and how thankful the kids were!

A few days later another bloggy friend, Audre, came for visit and we had such a wonderful time.  Audre also brought some extra fun toys for the kids.  One of the cars she gave 
the boys I have loved playing with - 
so much so that I might even ask for my own for Christmas.  

Although it's not about the toys, such sweet gifts for a bunch of little treasures who have had their worlds kind of turned upside down the last few months and the kids have appreciated them all sooo much!

On my birthday, Channy arrived with her entire family.  They came to pray with us as it was supposed to be Ruby's surgery day.  

Not long after arriving, she handed me a package.  I opened it and to my shock there was a beautiful diamond and Ruby ring!
{Yes, you read that right, a ruby and diamond ring!}

I almost fell over.

Channy and her daughter 
She said she had read the blog post Dw had done that morning and after arriving in Phoenix [remember she lives a few hours away} she and her family had gone hunting for just the right ring. She just   really thought that I needed a ruby ring on my birthday as I was spending it in Intensive Care with our little Ruby.  
I'm still dumbfounded. 

If I had picked one out, it would have been this one.  Seriously, it's exactly what I would have chosen.  And it fits perfectly, imagine that!  Mind  you, I had never met Channy before in person.  Unbelievable to be so blessed by a bloggy friend.

When I showed Ruby's wonderful neurosurgeon my ring he said, "How do you know her?"  "She reads my blog," I answerd.  He laughed, "I think I need to start a blog!" 

Later on my birthday as Dw was leaving to take the kids home, a group arrived.  A mom, Rhonda, and her three daughters and a young family friend.  All bloggy friends coming to help me celebrate my birthday!  And they came bearing beautiful gifts!

I was so tickled. 
{They all read my blog!}
Rhonda & her three daughters, and Delaney {in the black plaid}
all bloggy friends who have already volunteered to help us
unpack the truck when we actually move our stuff.

We celebrated my birthday when Karl, Autumn and Savannah arrived.  Dw stayed with Ruby at the hospital.  
Love my family so much!

Now, if people don't believe that God doesn't care about our lives...listen to this.  We have one set of pastors {at the Baptist church in Durango} who have been good friends these years we have pastored in Durango.  They are senior pastors of First Baptist Church of Durango and they certainly "know what it's like". {haha}

  Danica is one of my dearest friends in Durango.  In fact several years ago during one of the times that Danica and I were hanging out, I said, "Do you ever feel such and such senior pastoring?"  Her response made me laugh and laugh.  She is such a treasure to my heart!  Her husband, Jeff, is one of Dw's dearest friends as well. 
{Their kids are from China and Korea, so that makes our friendship even more special.} 

Anyway, while I was hanging out with Ruby in PICU I was talking to the Lord.  I said, "Okay Lord, I know we are moving to Phoenix.  I know Dw has to go and resign and tell the church, but really Lord, I am so wishing I could tell Danica and Jeff in person.  I don't want them to find out from someone else and I don't want to call them to tell them."   I left it at that, although I mentioned it to the Lord a couple of times.

Imagine my utter shock, when I got an email from Danica on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  She said, "Hey, we are in Phoenix, can we come see Ruby and you guys?  We want to pray with you." They had driven to see Ruby and a family friend who just had a baby.  Nine hours.  Told you they were wonderful friends!  

I'm sure my mouth dropped open as I read Danica's email.

Faithful God.

Always ministering to our deepest desires.

We had such a precious time together around Ruby's bed there in the PICU.  So thankful for Jeff and Danica's loving ministry to our hearts and the ability to tell them in person that the Lord was moving us to Phoenix. 

Danica and Hannah {her daughter}

Jeff talking to Ruby Grace...

Lastly, the other day our friends, Jerome and Tiffany and their three girls came from Durango for the Thanksgiving holiday with their family down here in Phoenix.  These folks are sweet friends.  In fact when the house was on fire, the first person I called was Tiffany....she lives around the corner and I had not grabbed diapers for Elijah and Elizabeth as the kids and I ran from our burning home.  I wanted to know if Tiffany could bring some of her girls diapers to our sweet friend Kim's home where the kids would be hanging out as I watched the house burn.  

It was so wonderful to see Jerome and 
Tiff and their girls here in Phoenix.    

Thank you new and old friends for making our days 
so wonderful! 

You all are wonderful blessings to our lives.  

Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Greater Love...

"No one shows greater love than when he lays 
down his life for his friends."
John 15:13 isv

This is one of "those" posts.  The kind that I have been working on for days.  How to word it just right.  Typing and retyping in an effort to express deep emotions while accurately sharing my heart in words that would also adequately convey my thoughts.

And so here goes....

As always, I would kindly ask that you please not skim. 

When the Lord brought Ruby into our lives back in June of this year {2011} we knew that it was Him and Him alone that had orchestrated this beautiful event.  In fact when Emma and I were in Africa for those 7 weeks, the mama at the baby home who primarily cared for Ruby said to me, "I believe God brought your husband to Uganda at just the right time in order to save Ruby's life."  

There was no doubt in our minds that God had divinely planned the mission trip so Dw and Emma would be able to advocate for medical help for Ruby.  When Emma sent me a picture of Ruby, I was overcome with powerful emotions.  I wanted to rescue that baby girl.  I posted about her need, knowing that you, our sweet bloggy friends would pray.  And even though I had never, ever met her, I laid awake at night interceding for her, fasting days, begging the Lord to spare her life.  I could think of little else, just a tiny six pound bundle on the other side of the world who desperately needed a family. 

When Dw was leaving Africa he said he wanted to be sure that the director of the baby home knew that we did not want money to stand in the way of Ruby's medical care.  We would do anything for Ruby.  Anything.  Anything.  A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. 

Actually when Dw told me that he had gone to the director three times to be sure she understood that we would do anything, I said, "Why don't you tell her that we will even adopt her?"  He had decided he would not tell her that.  He would see what God would do.

So when, without any solicitation, the director wrote to Dw and said, "Pastor Dwight, you and Linny said you would do anything for her, would you even be willling to adopt her and believe with me that God is going to heal her?"  we were not shocked.  The Lord had been preparing our hearts and our home.  We had cried and fasted for God to spare her life.   We had fasted and prayed for her healing.  God had broken our hearts for this precious bundle.   We could not wait to bring her home.  

I kept shaking my head, "Unbelievable God!  You are bringing us the greatest treasure ever! And at our age!  I am overjoyed that you would trust us that much Lord! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this privilege."  

We were smitten beyond smitten. 

In fact the other day Dw said to me, "I can't wait to come up to the hospital.  
I am addicted to her Linny.  Completely addicted." 

Funny how a teeny-tiny {once} six pound bundle can totally change your life.  
And change it, she has!

As we look back on each detail of meeting, loving, caring, advocating, interceding for Ruby we know that it was only God who set all of it in motion.  No doubt we were walking in the center of HIS will.   We have never doubted, even for a split nanosecond that Ruby Grace was Almighty God's doing.  Completely.  

Having several kids with big medical needs, we were more than comfortable with her hydrocephalus, although we really did not know much about it.  Ruby was ours no matter what and we would figure out the medical stuff as life progressed.

Well when Emma and I were in Africa we took Ruby Grace for surgery at the hospital in Mbale, about 7 hours from Kampala.  I cannot say enough good stuff about the hospital, the staff and the care of Ruby. Before her surgery they even came and prayed over her!  Wow.  

In the midst of being there, the neurosurgeon who was working on Ruby said something that kind of took me back.  He said, "You know that Ruby will need to live in close proximity to highly specialized health care for her whole life."  Hmmm.  Really?  

The next time I was talking to Dw I told him what Dr. John had said.  He was equally shocked.  Wow.  Really?  

We tucked that bit of information away to process another day. 

The spiritual warfare that Emma and I encountered to get Ruby out of Africa was more intense than anything I had ever experienced.  I stood in disbelief and thought, "The Lord's plan for our little bundle must be so powerful because the enemy is desperate - he does not want her home."  

Upon arriving in Phoenix we went straight to the hospital that night.  Of course, as most know, they admitted her immediately and we were there for 3 weeks.  On the first Monday morning when we met with her neurosurgeon and he showed us her CT scan, he said, "You know Ruby will have to live near highly specialized medical care for the rest of her life."  Wow.  There it was again.  

We asked him what he meant.  He told us of a patient that he has who has hydrocephalus.  They live in Lake Havasu, AZ.  He explained that when the shunt has a problem, they do not have 3 hours to get to Phoenix Children's.  Time is crucial and so they have to air-lift this little one to the hospital.  And yes, this little one has had to be air-lifted in on several occasions.  Really?  A three hour drive is too far under these circumstances.  Wow.  

We were dumbfounded.  

Durango, Colorado is a wonderful community. 
 They have a beautiful basically new hospital, 
but they do not have highly specialized medical care for hydrocephalus.  

And so we knew what God was calling us to do.  

Lay it all down.  

All of it.

Even pastoring.  

For Ruby Grace.

We have been senior pastoring the River Church for seven and a half years now.  We love the people we pastor!  Love, love, love them. We love the privilege of pastoring!   We love the privilege of influencing people in their walk with God.  We love the opportunities we have had in our Four Corners community.   

BUT we love Ruby and we know, without a doubt, that God brought her to our home.  

And so it is with great joy mixed with very real tears that we lay it all down for Ruby.  
We have senior pastored for just over 20 years now. 

This morning, Dw will be standing on the platform at the River Church and sharing with our church at both morning services all of this and then he will share his resignation.  Ruby needs highly specialized care and we are moving to Phoenix.   

In fact, the likelihood of Ruby and I even going back to Durango is slim at this point. Maybe we will be able.  But probably not.  Dw and the kids will most likely pack up the house and move us.  

I knew it was the Lord directing me to book our flights out of Phoenix.  Most of the time we fly out of Albuquerque, but I felt like He was saying, "Phoenix this time."  When booking our reservations, little did I know that we would literally be landing at "home" when we arrived back in the states.   That Almighty God was orchestrating each step of this journey.  

People asked me why we didn't fly out of Denver and land there for medical care.  The answer was simple: SNOW.  The likelihood of snow when we were returning or leaving is real about 8-9 months of the year.  And to get from Durango to Denver {8 hour drive} would be a likelihood of snow in the mountain passes and often snowstorms there!  We love Phoenix.  It just made sense - now we know why 
{and the altitude is much more suitable in Phoenix for Ruby as well}!  

So, we are embarking on a new journey.  A new season.  We would appreciate your prayers.  Leaving senior pastoring is filled with powerful emotions.   We knew that one day senior pastoring would come to a close, we just didn't expect it to be now.  There is much work ahead.  A rental. Moving.  Our home to sell.  And the list goes on.  

We are thankful for God's faithfulness over the years.  

He goes before us.  

And we cannot ever thank Him enough for laying down HIS life for us.  

We joyfully {yet through very real tears} lay down 
our lives for Him and 
for our precious little Ruby Grace.
How thankful we are that He has the next step 
in mind already too. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Sign Says it All

Yes, indeed.

We are almost home. 

And the little ones are over the moon excited - 
they got to feed her a little bit ago.

We are "home".  
Dw and Graham left yesterday for Colorado so friends graciously picked Ruby and I up and brought us to where the kids have been staying. 

Just takin' it very, very, very easy 
and lovin' on our precious treasure.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Surprises This Thanksgiving....

Thanksgiving this year was such a beautiful day.

Dw and the kids came up early so we could watch the parade together {just like we do at home} and then we watched Green Bay {Graham's long time favorite team}.  

Dw had gotten a new puzzle for all of us to work on
 since we are great puzzle lovers!

Just hanging around as a family and loving being together....

About a week ago a woman who works here at the hospital asked what we were going to do for Thanksgiving.  I told her I had no clue, especially since home is in Colorado.

She said she knew of a synagogue that made meals for people on Thanksgiving and delivered them.  She wondered if we would be interested.  We were humbled to tears that a group of people, 
who had never met us, would care enough to make a boatload of meals and deliver them to our gang.


Here's the sweet and generous folks who delivered 9 {delicious!} Thanksgiving meals to us at the hospital.  Secretly, I had been longing for cranberry sauce {my fav part of the meal}...I even prayed that they would have some...and not only did they have some - it was my very favoritest kind - chunky!  
{My mouth waters as I type about it.  Such a blessing from the Lord!} 

We were excited to actually meet them and spend some time together visiting in Ruby's room.  Wonderful people {now turned friends} - whose kindness and sacrificial love added a beautiful blessing to our Thanksgiving day. 

Thank you all so very, very much!
You guys rock! 

Before long our close friends came to spend some special Thanksgiving time with us.

Dane and Laura were part of our church leadership until they relocated to Phoenix in August.

{You who were stopping by our Place Called Simplicity when Tyler and Sarah got married two and a half years ago will remember Dane and Laura's generosity in opening their home for Tyler and Sarah to get married in it.}

 Dane and Laura 

After Dane, Laura, Sam and Luke went on, Dw took the meals down to be microwaved in the visiting room down the hall.  
While we were eating Autumn and Karl 
Skyped in from Bob and Vicki's where they were 
enjoying Thanksgiving day together.....
{so fun to see Bob, Vicki and Derek too}

After dinner more sweet friends came to visit....

Steve, Kathy and Claire

And then Justin, April, Ben and Josh came for a sweet visit.


 Such fun to have three of our dearest family friends come to see us in the hospital on such a beautiful Thanksgiving Day!

A beautiful Thanksgiving enriched by precious people who came to make our day extra special at Phoenix Children's....
We are so abundantly blessed....
Thank you all who made Ruby Grace's first Thanksgiving 
such a special day!

We are so blessed!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful...

Last night I was almost giddy as I thought 
about Thanksgiving in the hospital today.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  
Yes, I even love it more than Christmas. 
I love the traditions that we have to celebrate it
and I love that we spend a day just being thankful.

So although we are unable to really partake in our annual traditions, 
I was giddy that we could celebrate this 
Thanksgiving in Phoenix Children's Hospital.
Giddy that we have a our precious baby girl "home" and healing.
Giddy that Ruby has had four (one in Africa} 
successful brain surgeries.
Giddy that even though Ruby had serious 
complications over last week-end, she is healing.
Giddy that we would be entrusted by God
 to parent little Miss Ruby Grace {at our age!}.

And as anyone who has been stopping by our Place Called Simplicity for any length of time knows...
this year was not without it's deep trials and struggles.

July 17th forever changed everyone who loved Karl Hujus. 
And yet, to see what Almighty God did to spare Karl's life.
Only Him.

Karl and Autumn came last week-end for
 two nights to visit and meet Ruby.
They were able to bring our Savannah
 {oh how I hated to see them all go}.
And yes, I kept hugging Karl.  I told him, "I'm sorry, Karl, for the rest of my life I will be hugging  you more than most.  You're just gonna' have to get used to it." 

I asked Autumn if I could finally{!}post a picture of Karl.  
Emma's been going to do a photo shoot of them 
since Karl's been out of the rehabilitation hospital...soon! 
 But in the meantime, 
here is a sneak peak at our Miracle Karl!


when Jubilee's ear situation was discovered in August the surgeon in San Francisco said he needed us there 'yesterday'.  Yes, it was serious.  Little did we know that when he got in to operate they discovered that it had eaten her mastoid all the way to a sliver away from her brain.

Another nick-o-time miracle.

Sparing the life of our precious Jubilee Promise.

So this Thanksgiving you can see why I feel so giddy. 
Ruby Grace's life was spared and she is healing.
Karl's life was spared and he is alive and healing.
Jubilee Promise's life was spared and she is healing.

No doubt, we have some extra special 
miracle reasons to celebrate!

What about you?

Please share what you are especially 
thankful for this year.

I would love to rejoice before the Lord with you....
Happy Thanksgiving from Phoenix Children's where Ruby has been smiling and cooing this morning,
Mommy and Ruby 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movin' On Up...

Late yesterday Miss Ruby Grace graduated out of PICU.

Being in a regular room {and it is soooo quiet} is such a blessing. 

Yesterday we were allowed to slowly raise the head of the bed to a teeny bit of an elevated position.

Before long her heart rate became tachycardic, her head started to sweat and she started to cry.

There is still enough air in her brain that it appears we will have to take the movement to a sitting position very slow.

Ruby's wonderful neurosurgeon left for a well-deserved family vacation.  At one point he had threatened to take Miss Ruby along with him.  Our little miracle has certainly moved many hearts along the way in her journey.
Our precious baby girl, we are so thankful for you. 

So we are here.
Rejoicing we are out of Intensive Care.
Snuggling together.
Tucked in.
Taking it slow. 
Really s.l.o.w.
Praying for continued healing.
Thankful for each of you joining in lifting 
up Miss Ruby before the throne of grace.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MRI's and stuff

The power of prayer!!

Miss Ruby had her umpteenth MRI this morning and they found that much of the air in her brain had dissipated.  

Yippee Jesus!

So now the plan is to gradually raise her head.


We tried this morning for an ever-so-slight upward move with the bed {remember she had been in an opposite position, feet were raised} this was just a teeny tad of a upward move. 


Before long she cried as though in some pain, her heart rate kicked up and Ruby started to sweat.  

She was given some pain meds and her bed lowered to flat 
and she was happy again.

Her heart rate keeps kicking up off the charts though.

So I guess the word would be!

Thank you for praying.
The prayers are, no doubt, working!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Incredible Power of Prayer

Ruby was the most like herself that she has been since 
she entered the hospital 2.5 weeks ago.

She was cooing and smiling....

and then right out of the blue Ruby asked if 
we could take some fun pictures and post them on 
her Sp*cial Ops hero big brother's Facebook wall
{she's heard so much about him and 
hears mommy pray for him all the time}

And so like how in the world could I resist her sweet request?

And if that wasn't enough, of course Ruby wanted big sister Abi to have a special note as well.  Ruby's heard so much fun stuff about her, and she love, love, loved meeting Autumn last week-end, so now Ruby really can't wait to snuggle with Abi as well.  

So I helped her make some signs and snap some pictures 
and then post them from my Facebook account.

We all can't wait till big hero brother is able to check his Facebook.  
{Been pretty difficult to have internet connection this 5th depl*yment. ugh.} 

Giving Thanks.
Rejoicing in the smiles.
Still praying. 
Testing tomorrow.

Monday Morning - Lil' Miss Ruby

Ruby's neurosurgeon came in this morning.

Ruby was awake and ever so slightly interacted with him. 

He is quite taken with her
{as is almost anyone who enters her room}.

So the plan is:

No testing today.
Don't move her.
Don't move her.
Don't move her.
Tomorrow tests to see what is happening with the air in the brain.


The prayer vigil was so effective with Karl's healing that a sweet bloggy friend, Mindy {a member of the Knee Team} took it upon herself to start one for Ruby Grace.  Thank you sooo much Mindy for inviting friends to sign up for prayer times on behalf of our littlest treasure, just seeing the Knee Team names has moved us with emotion.

Here it is:

Thank you, caring friends, for continuing to pray for our daughter while holding up our arms during this long and difficult season.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday's Update

Don't you just love how much God loves us?

Last night when Ruby was having her trouble, it was late.  
Really late for most.  I thought, "Who's going to pray Lord? 
 We need our friends to pray for Ruby!"  

As I mentioned, I texted the kids and a few friends who 
I knew would pray and who I knew wouldn't care 
if they were woke up by getting a text from me.  

Eventually both Dw and I were able to post on Facebook and 
yet I wondered how many would see it and pray.
{Dozens left comments before too long had passed!}

But just like the faithfulness of God....
guess what He did?

Listen to these comments left by sweet bloggy 
friends on the post this morning:

The Gotch 5 wrote:

I am praying for each of you. I don't know when all of this took place but at 2am I woke from a dead sleep and began praying for Ruby Grace. God has a plan for Ruby Grace. So sorry your heart has to go through all this. 

Courtney said: 

I could not sleep last night and now I know why. The Lord usually allows me wakefulness in time of need. I prayed for Ruby and am fasting today and will continue. I am so thankful that you have prayer warriors lifting up the needs of your precious daughter. Thankfully she is also a daughter of the King of Kings and ALmighty Healer and Comforter. I am honored to lift her up today. Invading the throne on her behalf... Much love Courtney

and then 
<3 robin left this comment:

It’s amazing when you love someone you don’t know and you pray earnestly for them; the Lord confides in you and gives you special insight on how to pray specific. Without sounding weird or creepy, with all honesty inside me, the Lord woke me up at 12:35 PST and I came to the couch, sat in the dark and prayed for Ruby. My heart was overwhelmed with prayer for her. The Lord specifically told me to pray in the area of seizers. I’m not even sure if I am wording this right or not. However, it was laid strongly on my heart to pray against seizers. I stand amazed at how He is speaking to me regarding Ruby. I love this child and I pray for her with all my heart. I will continue to pray for her. I will pray for your family as well. For strength for DW and you. I am at the throne for you. Hebrews 4:16 “Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

Can you believe Him?

If need be, the Lord will wake people up all over the 
world just to intercede for someone in need.
{My gracious, I absolutely love that about Him!}


Truly amazing. 

Anyway, an update:

Ruby has had a peaceful day.  

Oh, I almost forgot!

Get this!

They did the EEG for most of the night and this afternoon they took the leads off because, "there is no seizure activity being seen."  

Yippee Jesus!

Robin, you were praying specifically about seizures 
and there were none recorded. 

Do you see what prayer accomplishes?

a.m.a.z.i.n.g. God

He's always, always, always completely faithful.

Ruby is still on full strength oxygen. 
Flat on her back. 
Head mid-line position. 
Bed tilted opposite of normal.  
Keeping her mellow and 
thankful that 24 {of 48} crucial hours are over.
Tomorrow more tests to see if there is any change.

And as I was typing this Ruby just woke up.  
I had been holding her hand as she slept
{typing one handed is a real trick!}  
I started telling her how much I love her. 
And then I leaned over her and started kissing her.
Heather, Ruby's nurse, was in here and saw.
Ruby got a pleasant look as I gently kissed her all over. 
Precious baby girl, she knows Mommy loves her so much.

Please keep praying for her healing
If you should wake in the night and she's on your mind?
That would be His idea and you know what to do!!