Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Craziest Thing Happened....

With Dw and Emmy gone and Ruby out of the hospital,  I have kind of wanted to venture out and explore this beautiful city.

In the back of my mind, I was remembering about a store {Home Goods} that our Abigail had told me about.   When we were wedding dress shopping for Autumn last week-end I noticed there was a Home Goods nearby the bridal store.  I kept thinking how I needed to check it out, since she had raved about how fun it is!

So yesterday morning Savannah, Liberty and I loaded up the little treasures and headed out:  Home Goods here we come!  This particular store was 25 miles from our new home. 

We arrived at the store, unloaded everyone and headed inside.   Ruby seemed immediately like she would like to have her juice bottle so I ran back to the van to get that.  

I know, I know, you're thinking, get to the story Linny, who cares about the juice bottle or how far the store is from your home?  But there is a point to this and I'm about to get to it...

So as I headed back into the store, I found the kids and we started trekking aisle by aisle, oohhing and aahhing at sweet things we were looking at....

We rounded a corner and I glanced back toward the front wall of the store and suddenly I heard:


I whipped my head back again
and there stood one of the sweetest ladies 
I had known in Durango!

I almost fell over and I'm sure my eyes nearly
 popped out of my head!

What in the world was she doing in 
Home Goods in Phoenix, Arizona? 

Now to back up a bit, once upon a time I told the story of this total sweet-lady-stranger here on Our Place Called Simplicity.  I told how I had seen her several times downtown when we pastored in Durango.  I had been so drawn to her and had begun to pray for an opportunity to meet her.   She just looked like she would be a sweet friend.

Some of you might remember the story.

Anyway, I told how
the Lord worked it out that one day we happened to be 
next to each other at a totally random place and 
we started chatting.  I was giddy, 
the Lord had answered my prayers.  

I had such fun talking to her....we even had something in common!  And every now and then we would run into each other at the same was so crazy!
We would stand and talk until she had to get to work.  She was just as sweet as I had imagined and I always looked 
forward to running into her.  

Eventually we became Facebook friends...

In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I thought, "hmmmm, I need to send my friend a FB message and tell her that we have moved...just in case she would wonder why she never ran into me again..." 
but I hadn't gotten to that yet.

And here, 460 miles from where she lives we ran into each other!  
I still shake my head at the graciousness of the Lord.

I was 24 miles from our new home in a store I had never been in before.  I had gone out to the car to get the bottle and came back in....and the Lord had us both in just the right place at just the right time to see each other.  

We hugged and talked....and I introduced her to my sweet little Ruby Grace {and some of the other kids she hadn't met before}...and we laughed and giggled at "What are the chances?"...

When I told Dw last night on the phone he said, "Only God Linny!! Just a city of 4 million people...your friend is visiting for a few days and is in a store, on the exact aisle you are, at just the right moment, 24 miles from where we live!"
me of how much He loves me!

Sweet friend, should you happen to read are loved and missed by this silver-haired lady with the boatload of kids and next time you are in my new city, let's do lunch - my treat!!

{I'm so bummed I didn't take a picture of my friend and so I had to include pictures 
of little girls enjoying each others company.}

16 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. That's pretty GREAT!!!! Love it! A very good reminder HE indeed LOVES US! Thank you for sharing I have a huge smile on my face.

  2. How fun! I love seeing God work in so many ways in your life!

  3. Reading your blog makes me stop and think about where God was in MY day. I'm not always aware of that. I know He IS always a part of our day, but you show me specifics. Thank you for jotting these down here for us all to see and remind us that God IS and always will be in the details.

  4. Oh my goodness if I could print a flurry of hearts I would!
    God. is. SO. NEAT.
    Thanks for sharing this story. Few realize how Everpresent our Father really is and that He is continually working behind the scenes.

  5. That is such a wonderful story and it shows me he is taking care of you in so many ways while your Hubby and the team are away. What a reminder of the way He loves you and shows you in a way that speaks your heart.......such a blessing. Praying for all of you and so happy you are enjoying some precious time together. Love L Florida.

  6. Linny,
    You remind me of my dad, it has not matter where we have been at my dad ALWAYS runs into someone we know. Its really crazy.
    Anyway I am glad you were able to see your friend.

  7. how lovely, got tears in my eyes... and I just loved the pictures that you posted, just absolutely lovely :)

  8. Love how God loves you so much. I know he loves me too. I just struggle with being too "busy" or self-focused or something to "see". Love you Linny from so far away in Indiana.

  9. I love how Jesus is in everything, even the little things that bring us GREAT joy!!!

  10. Oh, Linny! That is so neat and so like God isn't it?

    I had an adventurous morning with my kiddos. Could you please pop over and read about it at my blog? I know your time is precious but I pray it does your heart good to read it!


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.