Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Never Once

We left our home this morning at about 3:30am to take 
Emma and Dw to the airport.

Sure is sweet to live in a major city with a major airport.  
Pretty amazing actually.

You know sleeping just doesn't really happen in the ICU 
or in the hospital for that matter.

This mama is pretty weary.

Today the kids and I have laid low.

I think actually I might be sleep-walking.

Last week was something else...

For starters, each of the kids significant others came to visit, as well as our friends from Ghana who were attending the Pastor's  conference at our church.  Several nights we had 18 people eating and sleeping here.  

Dw and Emma were also getting ready to leave for Africa and all the while we knew something was going on with our days consisted of, "Is Ruby awake?  How long has she been sleeping?  Has she eaten anything at all?" 

Finally, the mid-week trip to the Emergency Room to see what was wrong followed by lots of tests, but hours later sent home because nothing looked too out of the ordinary and she had perked up at the ER, making me {almost} feel silly.   {Don't you hate when that happens?  "Honest doc, she was definitely not like this at home!"}

But the next morning after that trip to the ER, she just would not wake up without a boatload of effort.  

And for the next three days she was lethargic 
beyond anything I had ever seen.

But Sunday was the worst.  

On Sunday I tried everything to wake her.  Her exercises {no response}, food {no response}, her bottle which she loves {didn't want anything to do with it}, a massage {no response}, more exercises {still no response} and finally a bath, in which she started to cry and then fell sound asleep.  

About that time, Graham's friend came to visit.  This young guy is 16 and loves the Lord deeply.  He has spent a lot of time at our home as his parents are good friends and had been part of our church in Durango, so he's seen Ruby a lot.

Seeing Ruby totally unresponsive and watching me trying with all my might to wake her, he finally said, "Is she in a coma?"  

That was it.

Graham said, "Mom, let's take her" and away we went.

We know Ruby is fragile, but this past week, again, reiterated just how fragile our little treasure really, truly is. 

Yesterday, on the way home from the hospital, Dw and I met with our friend, Molly.  She is the widow of Leo who was killed in a car accident in Uganda while Emma and I were there bringing Ruby home.  Do you remember me mentioning it?

It was a sobering time as we talked of Leo's time in Africa before he was killed.  I can't remember if I told how Emma and I had sat with Ruby for 3.5 hours on the very road that Leo was killed on the exact same day he was killed.  Knowing that still causes me to shake my head in bewilderment.   Leo and his team had also been staying at the same place Emma and I were staying
although we hadn't crossed paths with him there.   

No doubt, all of life is fragile.

So today, fresh home from the hospital, after a very difficult week, feeling pretty tuckered, knowing my precious husband and daughter are heading to the other side of the globe to minister,  the Lord reminded me of a song we recently sang at our church.  

I found it on You-Tube and thought it would minister 
to some of you as well....

the words are sooo powerful!


A song of God's faithfulness.
Let it minister to your soul as it has mine today.

PS Dw is writing on the IVO blog as the GO team's trip unfolds...
you are welcome to follow their journey by clicking here.

20 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Heard that song last week for the first time - IT IS MY NEW FAVORITE!

  2. Praying for the team and praying for Ruby and all you at home!

  3. I know how you are feeling-(sleepy). One time when Annie was in the hospital, I sat up and "spoke" to a nurse while asleep with my eyes open! I didn't realize until I waved her away saying I didn't need the room vaccummed. Then I woke up! lol Def a first for me!

    I also completely get the silly feeling! I think our babies do it on purpouse to make us feel that way! Everytime I have taken her to the ER, (which turned into hospital admittance and shunt surgery), she would get there acting totally normal. Yep, I felt pretty silly. Until CT proved I wasn't crazy!

    When you get a little sleep and find the time, email me. I want to talk to you about supporting Emma in her ministry in Africa. I want to show you what I was thinking and see what her plans were as well.

  4. Linny, this song couldn't have come at a better time. My nephew in law is only given a 50% chance of surviving his pancreatitis. He has had 2 surgeries with at least 2 more. THANK-YOU FOR SHARING!!! I will share this with them as well. Know I will pray Dwight and Emma over and back. love and hugs, Ellen of Illinois

  5. I love this video!!! This totally blessed my heart as we prepare ourselves the journey of bringing home a medically fragile child. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you Linny!! That song was indeed a blessing. This week has been a hard one about the fragility of life, but I am standing with you to declare that He is faithful.

    When He gives, and when He takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

  7. sending prayers for the team! I am so glad Ruby is doing better now. It is rough when you know someone wasn't doing so well at home and is better at the hospital. That happens to me every so often. I have some chronic conditions and the last ER visit was like that. I was so dizzy and lightheaded at home but after being at the ER for 4 hours, it improved. This was after 2 full days of not being able to get up very well because of the lightheadedness.

    I hope Ruby is more awake this coming week! She is so precious!


  8. Praying for rest for you in addition to praying for the rest of your family!

  9. On valentines day, my High School english teacher shared this song with me. It was days after getting the news that one of the precious children my team had worked with for 2 months in Zambia (last fall) had passed away in a tragic accident. For the days following, the words God gave me were, "He is faithful. He IS ALWAYS faithful." Never once. I was so thrilled to see that title on your blog. Thank you for sharing and reminding again.

  10. Praying for you- and praying for precious little Ruby. I have cried so many tears (mostly the 'praise Jesus!' kind of tears) reading your blog for the past 3 months! That's right, I am a 'lurker' coming into the light! :)

    Also, I wanted to ask you, I emailed IVO about your June GO team probably about 2 weeks ago and haven't recieved a response yet.

    ALSO- The Lord has spoken to me that we are going to adopt from Uganda! Just wanted to let you rejoice with me in that... I know your heart must love to hear about more Uganda adoptions, so I thought I would share! :)

  11. hope you are able to get some much-needed rest!

  12. Wow! What a powerful song! I am in tears as I listen to it.. PTL! I can't wait to share this song with my sister-in-law who is dealing with a severe drug addiction. She's has turned to the church & God for the first time in 27 years for help to overcome, but is really struggling in many ways! I really think this song will minister to her in a big way! Thank you!!! Bless you!

  13. it has been on my heart to pray for you and sleep- being a mom of just 3 little ones and the combination of one of them or all of them waking at night can be tiring i imagine that you are forever sleep deprived. praying for peaceful rest even if in a short amount of sleep! thank you for the encouragement of this song! - much love, Keely aka MamaEli

  14. Beautiful song! I can only imagine how exhausted you must be. Will be praying for strength...emotional, physical and spiritual...and last but not least...super well behaved children! Ok, maybe you're not like many of us, but that is one of the top things that drives us tired moms

  15. What perfect timing to hear such a powerful song. My heart is heavy for a family today who are missionaries to Cuba. One my friends has a sister who is a missionary to Papua New Guinea and is friends with this family. They were in a car accident on the 20th of this month and their precious 3 year old daughter, Azlynn, went home to be with Jesus. Their testimony through this has been amazing (three people have come to know the Lord since the accident, and Lana Cretzman has been able to share Jesus with her nurse), but my heart is heavy for them today. Thank you for sharing this song and your passion for the Lord, even in the tough times. Here is a link to the story about the Cretzman family...

  16. Praying that the Lord will refresh you as only He can - praying for a time of peace with all concerned as Dw and Emma are away. Praying for strength, wisdom and energy as you care for all those at home. So glad Graham is there with you! Blessings sweet friend. Love you.

  17. thanks Linny,

    I simply needed that today!


  18. Linny,

    I don't even know you, yet you encourage me so much EVERY DAY! I don't have medically fragile children, and yet there are days when I feel like running away from the blessings God has given me. Then when I feel like I'm stretched to the breaking point God leads me to you, and I am encouraged. Thank you. Know that our family prays for your family often. You are always on my heart.

  19. Thank You for the song!It encouraged me greatly.Praying for all of your family. Janet

  20. I LOVE this song!!! No matter what is going on and no matter how ever long it takes HE will be faithful.


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.