Monday, February 13, 2012

A Very Rare Privilege

I was going to do a Memorial Box Monday post today, 
but feel instead I should share my heart and 
 this prayer need with you all, 
so Memorial Box Monday will be postponed till tomorrow!

Yesterday Joyce Meyer was the speaker at our morning and evening 
services at the church we now attend in Phoenix. 

On a side note: Joyce ministered to Dw and my soul
 like we could not have imagined.

My precious friend Kathy H. wrote on my Facebook 
post yesterday morning regarding hearing Joyce:

"May she speak God inspired truth into your lives! "

 Whoooa Kathy.  

That was a powerful, prophetic word.

It was as though Joyce had been reading our personal mail!

Anyway, Joyce Meyer was at our new church to kick-off the 35th Pastor's Conference that our church sponsors and is attended by pastors and leaders from literally around the globe!  

In fact a couple of weeks ago we received a phone call from our Pastor's assistant.  She asked to set up a meeting because our pastor,
 Luke Barnett, wanted to meet with us.  


We were very honored.  The church is a huge church.  
We weren't exactly sure why he would want to meet with us.

Anyway, as it turns out Luke asked us {and other ministries, including a new foster care ministry} to come on stage and briefly explain to the thousands of pastors and leaders in attendance tonight about our new ministry:

We were thrilled beyond words!

Luke Barnett and his dad, Tommy {who has pastored the church for the last zillion years until Luke just took over} have hearts for the hurting, the poor and the vulnerable both locally and internationally and are embracing the launching of our new ministry.

Having senior pastored for the last 20 years, we clearly understand the enormous responsibility 
of Senior Pastors and 
Leaders to lead the body of Christ.

We are honored that tonight we have been given a unique opportunity to briefly share our hearts with the thousands of pastors and leaders in attendance.

I know that most who stop by our Place Called Simplicity have a heart for the orphan.  I also know that Dw and I and our family have never been given such an opportunity as this before.   

We also know that far too many pastor's hearts have not been stirred for the orphan 
{and foster care}
crisis globally.  

We know that God's word is clear:  

God's heart is for the orphan.  

Pastors and leaders hearts must turn to the orphan {foster care as well} in order to truly be doing what He's called us to do.

Caring for the orphan is not a 'fad'.
Feeding for the orphan is not a 'faze'.
Adoption is not a new 'trend'.  

Almighty God used adoption as the parallel for what He has done with us through His son, Jesus Christ.

The global crisis of the orphan and foster care cannot be ignored any longer by pastors and leaders.

I am asking if you, our bloggy friends, would pray for us as we briefly share our hearts tonight with the pastors and leaders in attendance?  We understand the enormous responsibility we have.  We also understand what a beautiful privilege this is. 

Would you pray that God would be moving on Pastor's hearts already - before any of us even begin to speak?

That God would be luring hearts out of complacency?

That Almighty God would use the pictures shown tonight to break the hearts of all in attendance?

That even the hardest heart would be broken!

That tears would flow....evidence of God's move on hearts...

That the Lord would use His Holy Spirit to work through what is shared tonight to move pastors into courageously leading {or unashamedly supporting others who are willing 
within their body to lead} 
when they return home?

We are humbled and grateful to be joining a church that loves the orphan, the vulnerable children, those in foster care, 
the needy and the hurting.  


Would you pray?      

30 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. What a wonderful opportunity! I am praying that the Lord leads your words and the hearts of those in attendance!

  2. This is a wonderful opportunity! Definately praying!!! I wish I could be there to hear. :)

  3. Yes, yes, yes, will pray!!! oh please, Yahweh, let all the pastors truly be Your hands and feet and do the things that matters to You!!!!!

  4. WOW! That is awesome...praying for this!

  5. Joel and I will be praying. We listen to Joyce Meyer every weekday during lunch! God is moving mightily in your lives in response to you both surrendering to HIS WILL for you lives. You are such a wonderful example for all of us. Less of us....more of JESUS!

  6. Wow! God is using you two in tremendous ways!!!

    Hearts will be touched tonight! I am certain!

    I am most certainly praying!

  7. Praying for you!!

    (also...the song playing on your page when I clicked on it today is "Amazing Grace" I sit here nervously wondering when I'll be giving birth, this song gives me such comfort! Especially because it's the inspiration for our new baby's name! Just what I needed to hear at this very moment!)

  8. Praying - God is ready to do something big.... walk in it!!!!

  9. Of course!! I have chills. AMmazing how God orchestrates such great opportunities in His perfect timing!! May hearts be moved and seeds planted tonight.


  10. Amazing, Linny! I will be praying!!

  11. Just totally rejoicing at how the Lord so beautifully orchestrated this and the timing could not be more perfect. Oh God is just so good!!! Praying praying for you while you share.

  12. Praying… Lord, break our hearts with the things that break yours!

  13. He is already moving hearts Linny!
    He's already there!

  14. I'm thrilled about this God given opportunity! Praise Him! Can't wait to hear an update!

    Love you,


  15. Oh Dear Linny,

    Praying for you guys through big tears after reading this. So thankful God has opened this door for you to share. As we have opened our home to foster treasures this year I keep being slammed in the face with people's complacency when they question what we are doing. Caring for God's orphaned children is not always easy - there have been many trials already but the joy it brings is beyond explaination. Lord please break the hearts of those you would call to be your hands and feet!!!

    Love, Lisa K.

  16. Looking forward to hearing how it went! What a wonderful opportunity! :)

  17. What a privilege to have Joyce Meyer at your church.
    Praying for your speaking tonight.

    I wonder if you received a private email message from me?

  18. What a privilege! I always love, Love, LOVE how God raises up the humble! Such a testimony of faith and doing what you know that God was calling you to do and He provides the opportunities for His name to be glorified. I am praying that hearts are moved and that His words through your lips will resonate in the spirits of all who are there and hearing God's heart!

  19. I am praying as well. I am the Senior Associate Pastor at our church and my heart has been stirred for orphans. I have been advocating, supporting financially and last year began opening up our home to foster children. I wondered if you would be willing to share more about your foster care ministry that was started at your church. God has stirred my heart and this year our church will be starting a foster care and adoption ministry. I am seeking wisdom about how other churches have engaged in this ministry.

  20. Praying that the days ahead will bring pastors and leaders to action... that the words you've delivered to them will be watered, and tended to in their hearts till they bud and eventually grow ten-fold to bring a mighty big harvest!

    Praise God for orchestrating every divine appointment to be the voice for the name-less, face-less, statistic child who cries in the middle of the night with a tummy ache wondering if someone hears them. May these children know that they are His Children. When we are in the presence of the least of these, we are in the presence of royalty of The King.

    May God's people never forget that not only is everyone able to do something every day for the orphan, but that we are commanded to, myself included. May I never be too comfortable to miss His greater calling.

  21. What an amazing opportunity! I have been praying for you guys, as I know the passion in your hearts can speak louder than any words. I pray people were able to see and hear that and get excited over loving these precious children. And seeing them through the eyes of Jesus! I am real excited to hear how it went. Is there anywhere online we can listen to sharing? Many prayers! Thank you for being THAT voice!

  22. Prayers! I always knew I would adopt, but God spoke to us at a summer camp in 2008.

    The speaker said, "There are almost 200,000,000 orphans in the world and if only 7% of the Church would adopt there would be no more need of orphanages."

    My husband and I were sobbing and we heard loud and clear that God wanted us to forgo trying to get pregnant and to adopt all of our children!

    Praying that are many sobs of obedience tonight!

  23. here are two babies that need the word spread


It's always good to hear from bloggy friends. Bless you.