Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wanna GO?


Yes, I'm talking to you!

Wanna' GO love on a bunch of precious orphans?

Wanna' GO spend time with some orphaned boys {and girls}
who live on their own on the streets of Kampala slums?

Wanna' GO help with some projects that will help 
change the lives of orphans forever?

Wanna' GO feed the kids in the International Voice of the Orphan feeding program?

Wanna' meet some of the Elijah Hope treasures that 
people around the world are praying for?

Wanna' spend a couple of weeks with a team of courageous and selfless orphan lovin', world changin' folks? 

You are invited to join two seasoned team leaders -

*Dw and Emmy*

Dw's been leading mission's teams for the last 
10 years to countries around the world and Emma 
has been leading teams for the last 4 years...
combined experience of 14 years.  

Dw and Emma take the mission seriously.

Dw and Emma take your safety seriously.

Dw and Emma take the global crisis of 
163,000,000 orphans seriously. 

You will never be the same again.

Trust me.

Processing applications now for the June 2012 trip:

June 1st - 15th, 2012
{possible second trip June 16-30th if the first trip fills}


$1,300.00 team cost
{room/lodging, 2-3 meals per day, water, transportation,
guides, translators, projects and all team expenses in-country for 2 weeks}



Check out the GO Team page and 
download your application today.
You can find the application at the bottom 
of the GO Team page by clicking here. 

If, after printing and reviewing your application, 
you have questions, please email:

11 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. What does the 1,300 go towards if not airfare?

  2. Hi,
    Praying over this trip if my 17 yr old daughter and I will be able to go!

  3. I really want to go but I am praying that we will be in China getting our girl!


  4. I wanna go so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could double my pay at work! ))): I wanna love on all those kids like theres no tmw ): If only i could raise enough money really really fast. I guess i'll keep saving and wait for the next trip ):

  5. Praying that it will be a great trip for everyone going. They will never be the same. We just got back from Haiti and my live is changing...

  6. It has been my heart's desire to love on littles in Uganda for MANY, MANY years!!! Our church is VERY missions minded and takes many short term trips each year. I was looking forward to one in Ghana this fall but unfortunately it was cancelled:( I have no idea what God will be doing adoption wise in our family between now and June. If I am approved for the trip and have to back out due to an that ok? Also, can you share more detail what the team will be doing? Thank you!!!

  7. my hubby and i will be praying.....we just adopted from ethiopia last year and we are in LOVE with uganda and her people!!! not to mention we have orphans in our hearts.

  8. I would love to go but I am not healthy enough (limited mobility!) Hug many for me!


  9. I SOOOOOO wish I could go. As a single mom of 5, it just isn't my season in life. One day....

  10. I cannot wait for June!
    I think i did mess up my application (I didnt scan the original) :(

  11. Yeah....we are going we can't not wait to see God move.


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