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Cast Your Cares...

This is the post.

Please leave your prayer requests below.

I asked for people who had left comments on previous days of prayer and fasting to email me their personal stories {if they were willing to share} to share in an effort to encourage others 
that there is significant power in Prayer and Fasting.  
And crazy as it seems - even more so in corporate 
Prayer and Fasting.

If there was no power, then why did Queen Esther ask the Hebrew nation to pray and fast 
with her before she went before her husband, the king?  
See what I mean!

Anyway here are some real life stories from bloggy friends 
who saw 
God move in a big way after Prayer and Fasting!

For years, my dh and I have had a disagreement.  I have wanted a lot of kids; he is content with 2 or 3.  We had a lot of trouble coming to terms with whether or not to adopt #4.  He really did not think it was smart because we were pushed to the extreme with 3 very small kids already.  But, I pleaded and begged and whined, and my dh finally agreed to the adoption of my sweet Ellie (who is now Daddy's girl, by the way).  So, when I fell in love with a 5 year old little boy who we met on our adoption trip for Ellie, my heart just sank because I knew my dh would certainly not want a fifth child.  And older child, at that, who has had a very hard life and some special needs we are not familiar with.  I could not stop thinking of this sweet little boy, but kept wishing away these thoughts because I knew my dh just absolutely did not want any more children.  I had so many dreams about this little guy, and in these dreams he was my son.  

I decided, a few months ago, that I would pray and fast for this fifth 'child' of mine, for Elijah.  Perhaps, if God is really listening, then this impossibility might not be so impossible.  I had already mentioned Elijah to my dh a few times (and it didn't go well), but I decided to bring it up again after a day of fasting and prayer.

It didn't work. (Or so I thought).  My dh told me all the logical and reasonable reasons why this just couldn't work.  Including the fact that we could not find his file, and that Elijah had not even been made available for adoption in his country.  What could we do, anyway?

I fasted and prayed again, Linny, the next time you asked for your bloggy friends to join you.

That very day I received an email from our contact in China that Elijah had been taken to his physical  -- the very first step on the long road to his file being listed with the CCAA.
(I had not heard from these people for a LONG time -- it came out of the blue).

And after I told my dh about this, he started hunting down Elijah's file himself!  That might have been an even bigger miracle than the email!!   I was beside myself.

SInce then, we have found an agency that agreed to help us find Elijah's file, we have almost finished our home study, and we just received word a few days ago that our agency knows that Elijah's file will be listed in the next few weeks.  Nothing is definite; we are still hoping and praying that this beautiful and gentle little boy finds his way to our family, but a miracle has occurred already.  My dh and I are on the same page about this adoption.  

And, unlike so many other times in my life, I am so at peace with the unknown ahead of us because I know it is in God's hands.  That is what fasting has done for me -- it has clarified that God is aware of our every move and every thought, and that He responds to us.  And then he is in control.  And, thank God for that because His plans are always greater than our own.  More than we could ever imagine for ourselves

On January 30th which was a prayer and fasting day, I wrote on your blog, requesting prayer that something would happen to encourage my sister to make a move; she was praying that God would change her husband.  That night I received a call from my mother that she had been slapped by her husband and called 911.  He was arrested and placed in jail.  So here we are - he is not allowed to be around them for 18 months!  We continue to pray that L (my sister) will realize she does not want to live the life that she had been and she and her son deserve so much better!  She is having to learn how to be a "single" mom and make decisions that she does not want to face.  Please continue to pray for L and A (my nephew).  He is a well loved little guy - who, considering his beginnings, has such potential and God has something special planned for this little boy.  By the way this is my parents first grandchild that they have waited for for many years!

You held a day of fasting and I requested prayer about the graduation ticket situation {to see my son graduate}.  As the day got closer, every avenue I tried to get a ticket failed.  I finally resigned myself that if God did not want me to attend and watch Brock graduate, I'd be ok with that.  And, I was preparing my heart for that also.  The night before graduation, 19 hours before the ceremony my sister in love called me to tell me she had found two tickets for me!  My mom and I attended the graduation!  We had awesome seats, we were 4 rows from the stage.

In September, 2010 I was in Ukraine serving as a missionary to orphans with special needs - or at least I was trying to. I felt very strongly that God was calling me to minister to a group of special needs toddlers at a local baby orphanage but the director would not let me in. Right from the beginning I was told that this director was very difficult to work with. She would allow volunteers to play briefly with the children when they were brought outside but she would not allow the volunteers inside the orphanage. Over and over again I was told that it was impossible, it had never been done, the director would never allow it, etc. but I believed that that was where God was calling me and I was praying that He would break down the walls. For seven weeks I fought an intense spiritual battle where I encountered obstacle after obstacle. I was praying and fasting on my own but then I read about one of your days of corporate prayer and fasting and I was so excited to participate. I posted my prayer request on Tuesday, September 21 and on Friday the walls crumbled and the director allowed me in! (you can read more here: http://ambassadoroflove.blogspot.ca/2010/09/victory.html) From that day forward I was allowed inside the orphanage for hours at a time, no questions asked! For the next four months God granted me the privilege of showering "my" babies with love and showing the workers that these children have value, they are NOT worthless! As a result of the opportunity God gave me to be inside that orphanage, several of "my" kids were listed for adoption and the door continues to be open for other volunteers to minister inside the orphanage. After 7 weeks of spiritual battle, I truly believe that it was the prayers of so many around the world that finally broke down those walls. Whenever I tell the story of how God did the "impossible" and got me inside, I always tell everybody about the believers around the world whose prayers and fasting moved the mountains. I now have a greater  understanding of the power of corporate prayer...

This is going to seem rather silly compared to what others will send in (I know, you want to tell me nothing is silly in the eyes of God!) - {Linny here and actually Mallory, that is exactly what I want to tell you...I Peter 5:7 says to cast ALL our cares on Him. ALL of them.}, but I want to share anyway because it was/is so big to me.  I asked for prayer many times to help me get over the deep romantic feelings I held for many years for my best friend of nearly a decade, Matt, who did not feel the same way about me.  I had a terrible broken heart over it all and it was making our relationship so much more complicated.  I firmly believe the prayer from this group had something to do with what happened next; at the end of last August, I finally accepted the truth about my relationship with him and now I can look at him as JUST my best friend instead of the guy I was in love with.  That is such huge progress and is something that had been burdening me for a long time!! It's so beautiful to finally be free from it! :)

It's amazing how YHWH answered in my *first* (I think it was my first??? I am not sure... at least, first time I have fasted, I guess?) prayer and fasting day with you. It was so awesome. I did a MBM story on it, it is called "Shannon's Georgia" and the story is in here:

Last fall I asked for prayer for our family as we began the emergency adoption of a 13-year-old girl with cardiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis who was about to age out of China's childcare system. We had $100 in the bank on the day that our agency asked us to adopt this girl. I asked for three days to pray about it, and during those three days, God provided ALL of the $12,000 needed to add the girl to our dossier. Over the next three weeks we made every connection we needed to make, every appointment, every document, plane tickets scheduled, child care arranged at home, etc., and by God's mercy, we were able to conduct that adoption in six weeks from the moment we committed to the adoption to the moment our new daughter stepped off the plane. God saved the life of that girl against all the odds. 

Stories by blog friends acknowledging that prayer {and fasting} move mountains!

Join us by placing your prayer request in the comments on this post.
We will be praying over them in the days ahead.

And when you start reading them and praying, you will feel a 
connection to friends around the world.  

106 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Hi Linny and all prayerwarriors,
    i was looking forward to this day,
    i would like to ask prayer for the D family who desperatly need help for their daughter suffering major RAD (i'll try to send the Mama over here herself)

    and i would like to ask prayer for my husband to finally quit smoking, he promised the Lord to do so some years ago but still hasn't and it depresses him,
    pray he would take the step and quit, pray that God would make it easy on him and that it would be so miraculous that all the glory would go to Him alone, that healing in body and soul would come and that it will set him free to be the priest in our home.

    Thank you, and may God bless you in this day.

  2. Dear Linny,
    I had the privilege of meeting DW and Emma in Uganda recently and we had a wonderful time ministering to Praise, a single Ugandan 25-year-old caring for 20 orphans under very challenging circumstances. I think he told you about it.
    I have written an update about her situation a couple of days ago on my blog - she really needs our prayers:


    Will be praying and fasting with you all - especially for Praise and her beautiful children!

    Much love from New Zealand,


  3. Hi again, all you beautiful prayer warriors,

    Please join me in prayer and fasting for friends who have been pursuing the adoption of twin-toddlers from Russia.

    Just as they were expecting to hear about their court-date, they have found out that - through some crazy turn of events - these twins will now most likely be adopted by a Russian couple who have traveled today in order to meet the twins tomorrow and make a decision right then and there if they will take them on or not.
    There is a possibility that the twins will be split up and only one will get adopted by the Russian couple, leaving my friends to then adopt the other twin.

    This is a heart-wrenching situation for Rachael and Jason and their 5 children who've got everything ready to welcome these boys into their family.

    Please pray for them - and that GOD's WILL ONLY will be done tomorrow!

    Thank you so much!!!

    Isabel from New Zealand

  4. Thanks Linny for doing this and thanks for all the prayers as well. We will be praying all day over these situations.
    -Pray we make the right choice regarding my husband's job and for our whole family.
    -pray for my pregnancy news we just found out as we wait to be matched with a birthmom (for over 2 years).
    -pray for the rest of the finances for our adoption

  5. Prayer for peace in the world and for food to nourish all.

  6. Good Morning Linny and prayer warriors!

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my need. I'm 56 years old and single. I am adopting two beautiful girls from China. My travel approval could come any day now and I still have not raised all the needed funds. I am about 9,000 short.

    I stepped out if faith to adopt without debt and so far God has provided. I have saved like crazy, held garage sales, had fundraisers and sold some gold!

    I know God can provided and just yesterday, her "surprised" me with another example of his provision!

    My request is for additional funds, a bonding of hearts for the girls, to each other, me and most importantly God our father.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my burden here. Blessings, Love and Prayers!

  7. Please pray for my mom, J, who is going through a very difficult time. My parents are elderly and my father suffers from dementia. It has been very difficult for my Mom as she has watched her husband of 60 years disappear before her eyes.

    Things seem especially difficult right now because after several months of being out of work and being able to spend lots of time with them, I have started a new job! (Thank you, heavenly Father!) But this has left my Mom without a daily emotional support she has relied upon.

    To really put things over the top, last week she found a large lump in her breast. Her doctor thinks it popped up too quickly to be anything other than a cyst but she has to wait until next week for any testing. The last two days, when I have seen her, she has just seemed to be on the edge of despair.

    Please pray that my Mom will experience a peace beyond understanding, that she will experience His comfort in a very tangible way, that she will have wisdom for the decisions she needs to make concerning her and my father's lives and that she will give the one who stalks us like a devouring lion a swift kick in the butt when he preys upon her mind!

    Thank you so much for your prayers.

  8. Please pray for His Word to be like a shining light, His Sword of the Spirit upon His people to bring them to their knees with open hearts and confess any hidden sins that they have, so that He can heal them and their marriage or relationship. Please pray for peace, wisdom and protection for those who are bringing His message of holiness across. Please pray that His temple (our bodies) are treated holy with full understanding.

    Thank you... I will pray for all the prayer requests the day after tomorrow as I have to be out all day tomorrow and it is night now (in Australia).

  9. Linny, Please pray for my husband and I as we go on the Go team trip with DW and EMMA the first week of June. Through pray and fasting the Lord is leading us to adoption..God has told us to go I will show you your son. We at this moment need the finances to go...please pray that they money will be here by the end of April and that He will show us our son so we can bring our sweet little guy home in the months ahead and that all the finances for the adoption will be there too...God has open so many doors already,,so God be the praise..We are beyond excited to go on this mission trip with your family..Praise God for this opportunity to teach the word Of Jesus and to love on the people of Uganda..Love to you and your family and all you do.

    Sherry and Craig

  10. Please pray for my sons, Isaiah and Kadeem. I adopted them from the foster care system in Denver when they were 7 and 9. Pray that they will have a life changing encounter with the Savior, that He will redeem them and they will walk in His ways and serve Him all their days. Pray that they will be freed from the grip that marijuana has on their lives right now.

  11. Please pray that God will move us forward on our adoption that has been in our hearts over 2 years now. We have 2 major obstacles to get through in a short amount of time.
    Also please pray that God would reveal in perfect clarity where my daughter is (what country). I know this is something He will reveal with time, but my mommy's heart just wants to know.

  12. I recently lost my job and am in need of God's direction on how to proceed with my life. I believe in the power of prayer and group prayer even more.

    Thanks for your wonderful uplifting blog and God bless you and your wonderful family in all you do.

  13. I am continuing to ask for prayer for reconciliation with my 19 year old son Brock. It has been 2 1/2 years since I have hugged my boy, 2 1/2 years since I have heard his voice. I just want to hug my boy and tell him I love him. I continue to write to him regularly and tell him that I love and miss him.

    Blessings to you all,
    Freedom Hollow Farm

  14. Great Friends of our family are suffering from ALS (Lou Gerhigs disease). Doug the Dad is in the end stages of this and is taking a hard hit with this. He was fine one day and on a vent the next, he has now gone to a trach and is really having one problem after another. This family is a TRUE example of a Godly family. Both the Husband and Wife are very strong in their faith. THey have 3 young children who have seen their dad suffer the effects of this disease for 6 years now and I just pray for Gods healing, and Grace upon this family as they move forward. May HIS will be done and that this family suffers no longer. Thank you mighty prayer warriors..the family is the Berkemeier family.

  15. I can't fast because of medical reasons, but I will be praying over all these requests in the next couple days.
    This time, I have two praises. I've prayed in the past for financial blessing (materialistic sounding, I know!) and in the last year, God has set a fire in my husbands heart to become more financially responsible. We've started following Dave Ramsey's plan for financial freedom, and though we have a long way to go, it is very freeing if in no other way than being a huge stress relief.
    Another thing I've prayed about is the teenager we took in over a year ago. God asked us to take her in; I know this. She's a good kid, but it's been very hard especially on me. I became very bitter toward God for asking me to do this, then (in my view) leaving me high and dry. I guess I was expecting a huge blessing because I was obedient. (I know! How could I be so arrogant?) So, I've prayed that I would be able to have a love for her, and though I have a long way to go, and she still annoys the crap out of me, I'm not bitter at God anymore. I have a hope that one day I'll get another little boy (what I really wanted; no part of me ever wants/ed a girl!) And I also have a hope that one day this will all be worth it.
    Sorry this is long, but I also want to share 2 prayer requests in addition to these 2 praises.
    Please pray for my 5 yr old son (and us) as he will be having another hip surgery in April. I'm not worried about the surgery (we've been through this at least 4 times since we brought him home,) but the recovery is always horrible. He'll be in a cast from his toes to his chest for 5 weeks, and he doesn't sleep well at all when he's in the cast (waking at least every couple hours; and I do not deal well AT ALL with lack of sleep.) So, please pray for those 5 weeks after surgery.
    My other prayer request would be that we could adopt again. I have a dream that we can go back to China to get another little boy, but it's a financial impossibility for at least the next 2 years (and we've been waiting and saving for almost 2 yrs.) Please pray that God would give us wisdom about that process (whether there is a different path he wants us to take (like foster care system, which I have some personal hang-ups about) or if he just wants us to wait (my poor little boy has been waiting over a year for a little brother that he prays and "saves" for all the time.))
    Thank you so much for taking the time to bring my requests before God!

  16. Oh Boy,I need this more than the air I breath!!

    i seriously thought that maybe I should just email you Linny and have you post a personal request for me. but then I got to feeling like we are family out here and no one is going to judge me here.

    I've repeatedly asked for the same request every single time you have done a day of fasting and I'm going to start out with the same request... that my husband Peter find steady work that will supply what we need to live as a family. Without worries of losing our home! We have 5 children at home.

    God has been providing for us somehow. Small odd jobs here and there. Peter is an internet marketer. But many bills continue to go unpaid and just now the one and only job he was working on cancelled so he won't be getting paid anymore and there is nothing on the horizon.

    The new request I have is for my children. The last few years have been so difficult on them. They know we are not like their friends . My children do without a lot of things. Not just material fun things but things like new shoes. they have to wait for things they need. The stress is getting to them and their behavior is changing. They fight constantly. And are mean to each other. Andrew gets upset so quickly now and has become even more sensitive than he usually was. They lash out at Peter and myself too.
    My oldest has ... it seems given up on God. And this is what troubles me the most. Her best friend has just proclaimed she is an atheist, seems like this is the "in " thing with teens this year. And my daughter although never saying that , has started to act it. She just sits in church. She looks like she is being led to the slaughter. We are Catholic and it is just a simple sign of respect when you walk into Gods home to kneel and say a prayer. Just say hello, I'm here! She won't. And i know she would never be there every Sunday if we didn't go as a family. I feel like I'm losing everything I hold dear to me.
    Please pray for us , my kids. This has been the hardest request to write out. I feel like I am letting my kids down.

    Thanks Linny!

    I will be praying for you all today too!

  17. I am de-lurking just for this. I’ve commented here and there in the past (usually very rarely – once a year or so), but I’ve been reading for years. I’m 17 years old. Recently a lot of…life, I suppose, has been on my plate. A really big issue is my relationship with my mom. I’ve moved in with my dad primarily as of Valentine’s Day, but I still see my mom here and there. Nearly every time is a struggle in some way. I held in a lot for a long time, and on top of that my mom isn’t all emotionally healthy, which has caused issues with us. And my brother and step-mom and sister and dad are all caught up in it and it has turned into a huge mess. If you guys could pray that my mom and I would improve our relationship that would be great. Also, if you could pray for a few financial issues for my family and an our-house-should-be-being-built-but-the-government-is-causing-massive-and-expensive-delays issue. My dad also really badly hurt his knee a few days ago and the wound became infected, so if you could pray for speedy healing. And on a more teenager-ish note, I had someone I had thought was one of my closest friends admit to me that essentially I don’t really mean much to her. This last thing sounds rather petty almost, but it’s hard to describe briefly. It just is weighing heavy on my heart because this friend meant a lot to me and now I realize it was all one-sided and I won’t have her around anymore.
    I guess this is kind of a lot, but prayers would be much appreciated. All this on top of school and looking for a job can be overwhelming. But I know God can do all things.

  18. I have been praying and fasting every Tuesday for the last 6-8 weeks. I'm blessed and honored to join all of you today for this corporate day of prayer and fasting.
    My weekly prayer has been focused on our family's adoption, and the adoption process in Ethiopia which seems to keep on extending. I know we will have our child in the Lord's timing, but we went into this with a 10 - 15 month wait from sending our dossier, to now it's 18 - 24 months. We are planning to use this time to raise funds so that, Lord willing, He will provide for our entire family to travel to complete our adoption and bring home our 4th child. There are many children there that could be paper-ready, but are awaiting clearances. We are praying that these clearances are given so these children can be referred to their forever families.
    Also, we are praying for our senior pastor. Last July Pastor Dave was diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor and was given 2 months to live without treatment. The tumor is in the front of his head, crosses the mid-line of his brain, and is the size of an egg. His main symptom is extreme dizziness resulting in falling down.
    Pastor Dave chose to fight and had 6 weeks of initial treatment with radiation and chemo. He has had 1 week/month of maintenance chemo since, which last week was the final treatment. The good news is that, by God's grace, Pastor Dave is still preaching on Sundays! However, the doctors are concerned with his latest MRI scan. He has a new "spot" inside the tumor on the mid-line that the docs think (think?!?) is just fluid. Considering the inoperable nature of this tumor they are waiting until the next scan (4-6 weeks) to determine whether to change chemo protocol or to await worsening of symptoms. Pastor Dave's wife needs prayer too as she copes with the unknowns (major understatement!).
    What this means for our family.... my DH is our church's worship pastor. He has been preaching on Wednesday nights for Pastor Dave since July. The congregation is looking to him to take over in the event of Pastor Dave's death. We pray for my DH to be ready, but are in agony that he may be given the church at the expense of our shepherd. We desire to be available however Pastor & family need us, as well as available for the congregation. This has been our toughest season in ministry. Thanks for praying...
    Grace & Peace,

  19. We are waiting for a precious child to enter our family through adoption. I ask that prayers be made that we will be matched soon. I have not been sleeping well and feel like I won't rest well until the call comes. This will be our fourth adoption and ninth child and sometimes I worry we won't be chosen since we have a large family. I thank you for your prayers.


  20. I feel alot like your first story. I too have been praying for another child and my dh seems to have all the logical reasons why this isn't a good idea. I have asked him one more time to just pray about it. Please pray that his heart will be moved as I know God has called us to more children.

  21. Please be in prayer for our adoption to be completed in a time frame only God could do. We are adopting a medically fragile child from the foster care system (out of state). We went to meet him this last weekend and he is so very precious but in urgent need of coming home.

    He lives with family now and she is doing the best she can but she works 10-12 hours a day. He also lives in a place where he is being denied therapy because he lives in a city that is overwhelmed with kids needing therapy and if you don't show major improvements then you don't get therapy.

    Our little man is non-verbal and is unable to use his arms and legs and he needs to be home where we can fight for him to get the nutrients and therapy he needs so desperately.

    Our little man is also supposed to be moved to a new home in the next couple of weeks due to his caretaker no longer being able to really care for him (she doesn't have anyone to help her). Please pray that someone will step up to help her so that he doesn't have to be transferred right before being adopted.

    THANK YOU!!!

  22. Freedom for my brother from his extreme meth addiction is one of my heart's cries today. He's 40 yrs old and without a job and is no longer a functioning member of society or family. It's destroying his teen children and our family and has nearly destroyed my father physically. My parents have been raising the children for years but now my father--who is far too sick and crippled to work--cannot keep up with the bills. A large amount of money was needed this month to pay major bills...
    So the second request is for God to pull through financially for my parents who have done all they know to do.
    The final request is for my father--who underwent double knee-replacement and is in the rehab hospital. His recovery is painful, tedious, and slow and he needs God to raise him up.
    This entire situation is one big mess of fear, frustration, confusion, and heartache. And without the miracle of freedom, provision, and healing...this is a doomed situation for everyone involved.

  23. I rarely comment but feel like I should be joining the fast today. We have been trying to sell our house off and on for 2 years. Currently we have been on for 9 months. We feel that God has opened doors for us to move to a new area of town but we need to sell our current home first. Please pray that he would bring a buyer quickly and that his plans for our family Would be abundantly clear to us. We have 3 young boys and the uncertainty has been hard on them also, especially the oldest.
    Thank you all for praying and I look forward to praying for you all today too.

  24. I just found out i'm about 5 weeks pregnant. I'm having some bleeding & also low progesterone. That particular hormone is important to keep the baby. will you pray that my medicine will start working soon? Also for a healthy pregnancy and baby? Than you so much!!

  25. Our family is currently adopting two children from China and we are finding mountain after mountain. We have peace right now but we most certainly are requesting prayer that our daughters dossier is logged in shortly and that we receive LOA for both children soon.

    We also pray for physical protection for our daughter, specifically, as she is in an orphanage with extreme forms of abuse (torture).

  26. Asking for prayers for my sweet roommate who is struggling with faith and the ability to be real with those closest to her. She is opening up slowly, and God is about to do a powerful work in her life.

    Also for my sweet baby and daughter-in-heart Aumbi in Zambia, Africa. She has Downs Syndrome and other conditions that come with that, and survival is a struggle for her little 6-month-old body. Prayers for strength and growth for her.

  27. Hello everyone,
    Please pray for me! About 6 months ago, I moved from Iowa to Shreveport. In Iowa, my husband and I were The Outreach Ministry directors and I served as a worship leader in a church we helped plant.
    When we moved to Shreveport, my husband immediately got orders to deploy, but Praise the Lord, because we were able to find a church soon before he left.
    Its been about 5 months, and I am now very involved in our new church (another church plant), but I feel as if I am being attacked from all sides....as if satan wants to prevent me working, serving, and helping to plant this church. I have felt attacked this way before, but never this big.
    I have taken over the First Impressions ministry, and am beginning the transition to becoming the worship leader. This Sunday is my first day to lead.
    During the last 3 months, the closer it has gotten to this sunday, the more obstacles have been put in my way. My daughter has been sick every two weeks, then I will get sick. Not just cold and flu, but pneumonia, ear infections, bronchitis, food allergies. Please pray for protection and healing to take place in our bodies! Also, I just found out our roof will need to be reshingled. My husband's truck is in the shop, because his transmission died. My refrigerator broke this week. And my van, started smoking under the hood yesterday, and is in the shop. Also, my laptop broke this week too! I have faith in God's provision and He consistently proves that he is faithful. We have already recieved a check for exactly the amount of the new transmission and I received a check in the mail from a friend the other day for 500, which can cover a refrigerator. Praise the LORD!
    So, now...I am at my dad's house. An hour away from my own home, church, and the work that needs to be done this week.
    I need prayer for protection. I need others to stand with me as I say to the devil that he has no authority in my life. I need prayer for healing in me and my daugher. Please pray for finances to be rebuilt, and for these obstacles that the devil is throwing in my way to be moved. Please pray that my van will be fixed this week and that I will have a way to church Thursday night and Sunday morning. I don't know why and she will not tell me. Lastly, please pray for the peace that surpasses all understand to be put on my husband's heart, who is deployed right now and does not need to be stressed or worried about us at home. thank you!

  28. We are missionaries who have worked overseas for 24 years. Some time back we sold a home and invested in some rental property for our retirement. The properties are now underwater and with the payments as they are, we can't keep them without using up everything we have. We have applied for a loan modification. We could do it if they made some resonable adjustments. Please pray that we would find favor in their sight, and that we would be given the help we need to keep the properties, if that is God's will. We know our future is in His loving hands!

  29. God is so very faithful and I will be praying and believing for mountains to be MOVED!!

    My husband earned a bonus at work and the CEO last minute decided to cut it...that was my money to travel with the Go Team in June. Please pray that almighty God will provide the finances as my heart cried out to GO!! I know my help and security does not come from a job, a bonus, or any other source...it is only through the Lord Jesus Christ!!

    We have stepped out to help a young lady and baby in need in our local community but are having difficulty with homestudy approval for the 11 year old we are trying to adopt from the Philippines. Please pray that the Inter Country Adoption Board will accept our written appeal to be able to adopt as the young lady and baby will no longer be in our home when our son comes.

    Last one:) I have a condition called fructose malabsorption...inability to absorb fructose in any form. (fruits, veggies, wheat, dairy, sweeteners....) Every time I eat or drink I have severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms. God is my healer and I am believing for HIM to restore my body to function in the way HE intended when HE created it!!!

    Thank you bloggy friends!!!

  30. I ask for blessed prayers for a sweet 12 year-old girl who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. She went to the doctor for something that she thought was a minor issue and after a blood test was sent straight to the hospital. She is being told that she may not leave the hospital for 6 months. Her family is in desparate need of prayer.

    Also in our small community, a father of a young family passed away very unexpectedly last Friday. He was only 35 - and his wife and two children (ages 8 and 6) are experiencing great loss. Please pray for God to sustain them.

    Lastly, I would covet prayers for my family. My teen-ager is at a time in life when things are getting difficult, confusing and lonely and bad choices are getting easier to make. We are trying to just love her throught it, but would welcome being covered in prayer.

  31. Love every single one of you & will be praying for y'all. <3

    I recently applied for an amazing job opportunity that would allow me to actually be paid to live in Uganda... plus it's a job where I'd get to be pouring & building into the lives of young women. Seriously, it's close to a dream job & very rare to come open. A lot of details seem to be straight from Abba. Please pray that Abba's will will be done and that if He desires that I am hired, it will happen. And, if not, that He will show me, clearly, what He wants me doing, for the time being, once I get home to Uganda.

    Please pray that Abba will lay the groundwork for me to be able to find and form a relationship with the birth family of the little boy I was hoping and longing to adopt all this past year.

    I have been on medication for an anxiety disorder since 2005. While I still have some anxiety, it has improved so much since then. I would like to go off of my medication before I move to Uganda. Please pray that I will be free from my anxiety disorder.

  32. Prayers that my husband would bend his knees to God and his eyes be opened to his great need for healing. Protection for our family from what dwells in him now.

  33. Please pray for our family. I feel in my heart that there is so much more that we should be doing. We have adopted three daughters from China and my heart aches for a little boy from China. I feel like we have so much love to offer another child who needs a family, no matter the special need. Thank you.

  34. Thank you Linny - Please pray for my husband who is dealing with fear and anxiety. We are asking God to free him from the fear - he doesn't even know what he is fearful about - just fear itself.

  35. Please pray for my friend who snapped mentally and is suicidal. He ran away from his wife and two kids last night and was attacked by the police dogs because he refused to surrender his shotgun. They might transfer him to a suicide ward today. He loves Jesus but needs freedom from the darkness of depression.

    Thank you.

  36. I have never fasted but after spending hours reading I will be fasting today too. You see my husband told me about a mountain that needs to be moved for us to bring home a sweet little boy who had been lost on the list. I was distraught at the size of his fleece, but God knows doesn't He. I went to my office to read up on my blogs AND the very FIRST post I read was yours Linny about the fast and moving mountains.

    So please pray that the mountain moves and we can bring baby Tao home.

  37. Thank you for offering this and praying. A gift of untold, unknown blessings.

    We are in a hard place. Seemingly harder each day. He gives us moe than we can handle, and I still struggle every day to just give the struggle to Him. After adopting as a single mom, I was laid off. Financially we were fine for a long time as I was sort of prepared. We have been given a great gift of healing together my son and I, and being able to be with him (and Him). Now the pressure is on. Schools. Family. Society. Financial expectations are everywhere. My stress is taking its toll. It's hard to hear God in the midst of cacophony inside my head.

    Please pray for clarity. Please pray for energy to keep moving. Please pray for his Joy and Peace to overwhelm us for that is surely our strength. Please pray ... Please give him thanks for his great and true mercies provided to me every. single. day.

    Thank you everyone.

  38. I have a couple of things.

    My husband is in the process of applying for a new job. He has passed the required placement exam. Now we're waiting to hear back about an interview and of course a job offer! :-) We believe this job is his in Jesus' name and call it in!

    Also, our family (my husband and I and our 2 kids) received word last week about some changes in our life that we're having to make in the next few weeks. I can't elaborate as to what because my husband has asked me not to say anything just yet. But God knows what I'm talking about. I would like you all to agree with us that God always provides everything we need BEFORE the need is ever even known. He has the perfect "thing" lined up for us and we need wisdom and instruction to find it!

    Praying for all of you!

  39. I will be joining in this day of fasting and prayer and praying over all the needs listed here. If I could ask for prayer for my husband, Mike, to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. I find it harder and harder to be in an unequally yoked marriage as my spiritual growth continues. Also can I ask for prayer for my father and brother's relationship. I've already lost a sister due to challenges she faced with a relationship with my parents and my brother is starting to head down the same path. I don't want to see that relationship broken. My father needs to step back and let his children live their lives - he can not be in total control of them and my siblings need to extend some grace to my dad (he does the things he does because he loves us all so much). Thanks everyone! It is an honor and priviledge to be part of a day of prayer such as this.

  40. These stories are SO encouraging- thank You Lord! Pray and believe with me for mountains to be moved in some HUGE things that God is going to do. Please pray for God to give me wisdom and discernment. That I keep my eyes on Him! That I stay humble and give all Glory to God. Pray for spiritual protection and for miraculous provision from Him as He goes before me.

  41. I am currently in the process of moving back to Mali, Africa to begin a ministry to street kids. I have to raise funds once more, this time more than double as this term will be for two years. I also have an overwhelming amount of college loan debt that I'm trying to pay off as well, and I really feel as though God is asking me to just trust Him, that it'll be gone. Would you join me in praying that financial obligations will not be a hindrance or worry any longer, and that God will provide just as He has done before.

  42. Please consider praying for our baby girl, Adelyn. She has episodes of apnea and bradycardia and they really scare us and make us worry so much about our little 6 pound treasure. We are praying God will completely heal her little body.

    Thank you friends,


  43. I would like to request prayer for one of my pastors and his family. They are completing their second adoption from Uganda. The Ugandan courts have given their permission but their visa request has been denied by US. immigration. They have 19 days to gather the neccessary information to reapply for their daughter's visa so that she can come home to the states. To make matters even more frsutrating for them, they just got word that their daughter has been diagnosed with the measles. Please pray that their visa request goes through so that their daughter can come home. You can read more of their story here:

  44. Thanks Linny for doing this!

    1. Clarity on our next adoptiona and financing.

    2. Clarity on me staying home, homeschooling, and how that will all fall into place. Wisdome to make the decisions GOd is leading us to.

    3. Prayer for my parents and finances. Father is very sick and insurance is super exp....

    4. Prayer for our non profit we are just starting and for Linny and DW's too!
    Thank You all.

  45. I would like to request prayer for the Kansas Legislature. The governor proposed eliminating the state adoption tax credit ($3,000 to $9,000). We are working on a domestic adoption. This tax credit would make a big difference to us.

    I am very disappointed in our governor, as he is pro-life and an adoptive parent himself.

    Please pray for the Kansas Legislature and the governor to protect this tax credit.

  46. Praying and fasting for all of you!
    I have 4 requests today:
    1. God has been birthing and shaping a dream in my heart and lately has been stirring the dream. Pray for great wisdom concerning this.
    2. One of the dear young ladies from our youth group, whom I consider to be like a daughter, has decided that she is gay. We have talked very honestly and openly about it. God has made it very clear to me that my job is to LOVE her unconditionally. I have told her that I firmly believe this is not God's best for her. I am praying for these chains to be broken!
    3. A dear friend of mine is struggling with depression. She is blaming it on hormones and will not seek any help, but it is affecting every aspect of her life. I pray for freedom from the bonds of depression.
    4. We are planning on starting the adoption process again in June!! :) Pray for God to make the path to our child clear to us so we know which direction to go.

  47. please pray for my husband and me, and our little one in africa. please pray we get our court date this week tomorrow even. please pray all three of our hearts are prepared for each other. please pray i am not anxious about the plane ride. please pray that our court will go well and we get to come home soon with our little boy.

  48. I'd like to share an answer to prayer from the last prayer and fasting. Last time, I asked for prayer about health insurance and our domestic adoption process. Typically, Medicaid covers the baby between the birth and when we get custody (a few days after the birth). I found out that our health insurance is one of the few insurances that covers the baby from birth. What a blessing!

  49. God is doing wonderful things in my family's life! We have just begun the process to adopt a little girl from Ghana with a cleft lip and palate. We have been working on getting an emergency medical visa so she can come to the US and get the 3 surgeries she needs ASAP. Her emergency medical visa has not yet been approved, however.

    This is our first experience with adoption and we are super excited but a little overwhemled at the financial aspect of it. We are beginning fundraising projects and God has already shown his faithfulness even in this beginning stage! Thank you, Jesus! Please pray that God will provide the $15,000 we need to bring our little girl home to us. We are claiming it in Jesus' name. I will also be lifting the other prayer requests up today with the rest of you precious ladies...

  50. I have two large financial needs that need to be met in the next couple of weeks. I've been unemployed for 10 months.

    I believe God is leading me to go forward with the dream he has put in my heart instead of going back to my old line of work. Praying I have clarity, direction for the next step, favor, and provision.

    Also I'm going this summer on a medical missions trip to Asia. It's a hard area to go to. The team needs prayer for physical and spiritual strength.

  51. Linny~

    My name is Tamara Michel, and I am on the road to de-lurkdom and I have a very special prayer request. My good friend who has 5 children, has a 9 year old son named Fletcher (her 3rd child), who was just diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), which is a genetic eye condition that leads to incurable blindness. She and her family are in need of prayer. She feels her husband is in denial, and she needs guidance as to how to proceed in obtaining aid for her son. I told her I would pray for him and the family, but thought of you and thought you could help spread the request for prayer.

    Also, My friends mother who has cancer.

    Thank You,

    Tamara Michel

  52. Thank you so much for doing this! Please pray for my 27 year old friend who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is at the University of Virginia Hospital and started chemo yesterday, just 4 weeks after her diagnosis and major surgery to remove her ovaries and all visible masses. It is devastating but we still have hope that our great and mighty God can heal her.

    I will pray for the other requests as well. Thank you!

  53. Hi All - Praying and fasting with you all today and believing God for answers!

    My request is for my house to sell. I've had it listed for about 6 months and have had a few interested enough to take a look, but none that have made an offer. I'm looking at moving out of state (from TX to AZ) but cannot do so until the house is taken care of. Also praying for His guidance over the next steps after the house sells.

    Thanks so much and can't wait to hear all the stories of prayers answered!

  54. I would like to ask for prayer against what I perceive as spiritual warfare. In September we brought home two seven year old boys from China to double our family to four. All has gone so well that we started thinking about adopting again. However, right about the same time as those thoughts and discussions started taking place our 9 y.o. who had been home from China for five years started flaring up with frustration and anger and issues during our homeschool day. She has always dawdled and had a hard time with getting any answers checked wrong, but now these issues have escalated big time to the point of resulting in daily fits of anger that sound so awful (demonic sounding!) and are so, so draining on me and the rest of the family. The end result is that it's making us think twice about adopting again since we suddenly feel like we can't handle the ones we've got. I think this is the evil one trying to prevent us from bringing anymore children into a Christian home. I pray for strength, guidance and wisdom in this battle for our daughter's heart. I pray that this trial will bring us closer to God as we rely on Him and that our family relations will be stronger, not weaker. And, of course, I pray that we will also once again be excited about giving other children a loving home.

  55. Please pray for finances for some big bills I have in taking care of my three on my own. I need some big things covered soon. Wisdom and direction on His plan for us, where He wants us. A job or way to make some money and not leave my little ones. Also that God would move and help us to adopt again as we have a heart for adoption. That we would hear his voice. Also fo my friend Matt that he would pass his boards and be able to begin his ministry. Praying for all. Lori

  56. Praying and fasting with all of you today!

    Linny, it's mostly only because of your answer to Mallory (who thought her request sounded silly) that I decided to post my prayer request. Because it's not a huge thing, and may sound silly to some, but it's huge to me. :)

    For so, so long (actually, since before my now-11yo daughter was born), I've wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Our finances just won't allow it. Please don't think I work just so that we can support extravagant habits. We don't have cable, we don't drive expensive cars, we don't buy expensive coffee drinks (ha), we live in a very small house, etc. It's just that my husband's job (which he loves) doesn't pay enough to support us without my income. I have prayed and prayed and prayed for YEARS, asking God to make a way for me to quit my job (or even work from home), and I've never heard anything from Him....not even "no". Just...nothing. I've recently begun to pray that if it's not His will for me to stay home, that He would change my heart and take this desire away.

    Thank you all so much for praying for everyone here - I love this prayer community!

  57. This is my first time commenting on this blog, and at the rate I'm going, it may be a miracle that it even posts. In case it does, I would like you to pray that our family has financial peace, learns to take the time to hear God speak and then to actually listen & act on what he says.

  58. I love prayer and fasting day, love praying for everyone and knowing that others are praying for us!

    We are grateful and humbled for God's amazing provision in our adoptions -- story mentioned above in Linny's post.

    And now we are overwhelmed with the responsibilities of parenting (we're SO not "natural" at parenting, more so than anyone we know), medical appointments and bills for our four special needs kids, the loss of my job in three months (I'm the sole bread winner), our probable need to move to a new community where we'll have to start fresh (we wish we could stay here one more year while our new children settle in), my husband's need to write his dissertation in the midst of all this chaos, and our own health and depression issues as we deal with all the changes that have taken place in our family in the last four years since we began adopting internationally. It all happened so fast!

    We need to find our rest, our provision, our wisdom, and our future all in God, and we want so much to hear from Him in the midst of it all and know that He is just as much the God of our developing family as He is the God of providing financial miracles for adoption. We especially need His wisdom in parenting our 14-y-o and our 4-y-o, the two "more challenging" of our four.

    Thank you for praying!

  59. I'm excited to participate for the first time in this corporate day of fasting and prayer.

    I would like prayer for a job for my husband.

    Right now I'm supporting us with my full time job. I'm so thankful for the job, but our earnest desire and plan is to begin the adoption process in 9 months (when we are old enough). It will be very hard to get enough money to even think about beginning the process if we're still only supported by my job. We've been praying for a job for him for over 6 months.

    Pray that he would have motivation to continue the search. It can be very discouraging.

    Pray that my attitude would be one of grace and understanding, that I would continually remember that God is so good, and He has provided for us graciously.

  60. I am praying and fasting today. I am having a hard time putting into words why I am joining in today... My family feels called to adopt and also pursue vasectomy reversal. We have connected with an Christian agency to adopt through foster care. All of the steps to complete this process overwhelm me. I feel fragile, if that can make any sense. Saying "yes" to this "calling" has engaged my heart so strongly and I think I fear not being able to complete or carry out what we are wanting to do. Please pray for God to reveal the next step or clarify which direction to go in this process.

    Thank you, Linny, for connecting us together in the Power of the Holy Spirit. You are loved.


  61. Linny and Friends,

    I could use prayer for answers with health concerns. I've lost almost 30 pounds the last couple of years for no reason. My doctor is concerned and doing tests. Please pray for answers and health.

    Also, I just suffered my fourth miscarriage and am really struggling with this and the finality of it. Just need God's guidance and wisdom regarding the future and peace not to stress.

    Could also use prayer on making a decision for schooling for our five year old son for the fall when he is to start kindergarten.

    Feeling very lost and in desperate need of prayer right now. Thanks to all who will pray.


  62. MY prayer would be direction for my family. If we are being called on the mission field, that we would know without a doubt. That both my husbands calling (street preaching/evangelism) and my love for the orphan would work in harmony together. That the Lord would use us powerfully in our gifts in order to change hearts and lives all for the Glory of Christ. That He would Take care of all our needs here, in order to leave. Thank you for your prayer. Really. Thank you! growing4hisglory.blogspot.com

  63. I have scrolled down praying for all 58 (so far) requests and just wanted to first say that Mallory and Valerie in TX - I don't think your requests were small or silly at all! and Linny is right, neither does our Father! :) Mallory, I have walked that path before and I am thankful He has brought you to where you are now. :) Valerie, your desire to stay at home with your children is not silly at all and I am praying with you that you will hear from Him in one way or another.

    Such a priviledge to fast and pray for everyone today!

    My request today is for my job. I just tried to write it and it was turning into a novel, lol, so I am trying again.

    I was a nanny for 5.5 years for one family, who sent their children to school this year and no longer needed me. I loved those three children like they were my own and leaving them was excruciatingly hard. The best way I can describe it is like getting a divorce and losing custody of your children and only having visitations every now and then. Anyways, God has now blessed me with a part time nanny job for two sweet boys. However, I am finding that my heart is afraid and being slow to open up and bond with these two this time. So please pray that I would be able to set all fear of the pain of saying goodbye eventually aside and would just be able to love them to the best of my ability.
    Also, I need a second job since this one is only two days a week. The problem is that the place the mom is working is being super slow to give her a regular schedule. Pray that they would give her a regular schedule so I can even begin looking for a second job...so I can move out of my parents' house (where I've been staying for a little while) and once again have a place of my own. I assumed I would look for another nanny job - and I still will - but I feel like God is possibly wanting me to do something different so just pray for clarification so that I am doing exactly what He wants me to!

  64. My prayer request is concerning adoption.

    After two years of prayer, my husband and I have decided to start the process. God has already moved mountains in the hearts of my husband and I, and we pray he continues to do so financially as well. We currently have no money to fund our adoption, but we are trusting GOD to provide.

    We are also praying for clarity on where our future child/ren are.

    Please pray for overall discernment and wisdom throughout the entirety of this process. We are super excited to grow our family.

    Linny thank you for your blog, your words of encouragement have spoken to my heart many times (I am tearing up just thinking about it)!!! GOD is faithful and good all of the time!!!Thank you! :o)

    1 John 3:18 "Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth."


  65. We are still praying for my husband to find work. He retired from the military 2.5 year ago and has been told constantly he doesn't have enough experience (as if 20 years in the military is not experience). We have had to fall back on his GI Bill and he has been blessed to be able to go back to school. He has since earned his Bachelor's Degree and is now working on two Master's Degrees. Throughout this time, God has taken care of our "Daily Bread" as we walk out this time in our lives. But as you can imagine, 2.5 years of struggling has taken its toll on our marriage and family. It has been a long season and we are praying that God has some amazing blessings in store for our family.

  66. I would like everyone to pray that the HHS mandate regarding contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization be eliminated from health insurance program requirements.

  67. I have never fasted before. This will be a first for me, but knowing that all you prayer warriors are doing it with me makes it seem manageable!

    Right now my prayer requests center around our pending adoption. The case seems a little bit complicated at this point and we are still waiting for the lawyer to accept our case and for things to begin moving over there. We are confident that God has brought us this far and He will continue to bring us through, but we feel like we have been waiting at a standstill for awhile, and we just would love to see little baby steps moving us forward, at least, so that we know things are on track. We know that everything takes long over there, but it's hard to know if there is anything we can or should be doing on our end to bring our child home sooner...

    Our prayers are:
    - that the lawyer accept our case and begin the processing
    - that our I-600A is completed at UCSIS soon
    - that those that are trying to oppose what we are doing are not a problem/factor at all
    - that financially God will provide us the means to complete the process and travel
    - that His will through all this is done and that our testimony is strengthened.

    Thank you to everyone who is praying with me today!

  68. I have two prayer requests.
    1. My husband needs a new job. The job he has right now is great for paying the bills, but it's not using my husband's abilities at all. He is coming home bogged down and it's really bringing his Spirit down. It is really hard to see him like this! His feelings about this situation are also affecting his view on other things.

    2.We are trying to get pregnant with our second child. Our first was a surprise so i'm not familiar with waiting to find out so i'm getting anxious. Please pray for a baby to be in my tummy and for my heart to be patient and wait for God's timing.
    Thank you!

  69. So many thoughts jumping around my head but I will just ask for prayer for the one that is most heavy on my heart right now.

    Everyone in my family except my dad (and older siblings but that is a different story) wants to adopt again. I SO see why my dad doesn't want to adopt again right now. It makes a LOT of sense to just wait, or to even just leave it at one adoption. My parents are older, we don't have any money at the moment, and my dad just switched to an exhausting new job (hello night shift!). If you could please pray that God will either move the mountains (and change my dad's heart. He is willing, he is just very logical!) OR that the rest of us would be content with how our family is right now.

    And if you want to pray that God would lay it on my dad's heart to adopt two specific boys I have held in my own arms, that would be grand. Because that is what we are all rooting for at the moment. ;)


  70. My prayer request is two-fold:

    1. Please pray that Sierra Leone, West Africa would open its doors to adoption again very soon. There are many families waiting to bring their children home and sit waiting in limbo.

    2. Please pray for our family concerning the mission he is placing on our family concerning orphan care. Pray that my husband would be on the same page as what God has revealed to me and that he won't allow fear to keep him from boldly moving forward.

    Thank you.

  71. My husband is self-employed and due to circumstances beyond our control we are having to "pay in" a very large amount for income taxes this year. We do not have the money, and we are praying that God will supply this need in our lives. Thank you!!!

  72. Loving our time of prayer and fasting! We have a big decision to make that could be life changing and we just need peace and direction. My husband, son, & I moved to the country almost 2 years ago (we started building our home on family property). My husband has since changed jobs and it's been hard financially. We felt like God told us to move back to the city, but at the same time we really love the country. About a month ago with wisdom decided it seemed like God wanted us back in the city. Over the last month we have really felt torn b/c we love the country. We just want to be where God called us. A job offer is in the works in the city (just not the perfect job, but better then the 1 here).

  73. We have been praying for almost two years, seeking for God to move a huge financial mountain that has kept our family from being able to move forward with an adoption. We have done everything we are able to do, turned it all over to God and have been waiting on the decision of our mortgage bank for 5 months. In that time I have had a great sense of peace that He will not only move mountains, but that the outcome will go beyond our expectations. The situation is frightening, but we have laid it all at His feet and have such peace. There are hints from the bank that a decision is finally coming. Would you please pray for His will to be done and for a favorable outcome and that all glory will go to Him!

  74. Linny, your timing is perfect. (I should say His timing is!) I was thinking ahead to Tuesday and planning to fast today (my second time ever!), now I get to multiply it by doing so with all of you! I'm a first-time commenter, recently discovered your blog and stayed up way too late several nights reading back through your archives. Love your heart!

    My fasting prayers are thus:

    1) My husband wants to be done adding kids, but God has given us SO MUCH and I have such an open-armed vision of parenting however many children God brings our way, but I want us 100% on the same page if we adopt again. He has such a loving heart that I think I could talk him 'round, but I want GOD to direct this if we're to do it, not me.

    2) My brother is what you could call a prodigal Christian and he got married this weekend to a very sweet woman who is decidedly atheist. I am praying fervently that God will draw my brother irresistibly back to Himself, and draw his new wife as well and that they would become passionate followers of Jesus!

    3) I'm only 30, but in the last month I've developed some mild but worrisome symptoms that might indicate I'm developing one of the legion autoimmune diseases that run in my family. I know that God would be with me every step of the way and that He would grow me through it and use me for His kingdom even if my body were wracked with suffering, but to be honest I am afraid.

    Thank you for giving us all space to share, and to everyone who prays - thank you. It is so sweet to know we are all together in this, thank you God for giving us the church!


  75. Please pray that God will show us where He wants us to be, and what work He has planned for us. We are struggling with having too many opportunities to choose from. This decision could potentially have us leaving our awesome church home, where we have found family away from our blood family, who are so far away. Am praying for the other prayer requests!

  76. I would love to join in! We are asking for prayer for the funds to adopt a 5 year old boy.

    Looking forward to praying with all of you!

  77. What amazing timing, I know it was God. I have been on maternity leave since January after the birth of our 2nd beautiful daughter. By the end of the week I have to decide whether I am going to return to work on April 2nd or return when the new school year starts in the fall. I want to stay home with my girls but worry about how we would make it financially... I know God has a plan so I am praying he shows it to me by the time I have to turn in my official decision.

  78. Our family would appreciate prayers for wisdom as we seek the Lord about another adoption. Lifting you all up in prayer! Many thanks!

  79. We are entering into another adoption as well. Would love prayer for His blessing, guidance, and faithful hand upon the process. Thanks friends! Praying with you.

  80. 1) My parents are starting the process to adopt an older child that is about to age out of the system.

    Money is tight, so, I'm praying that the funds will come when they are needed so I won't lose my new brother to the streets of Eastern Europe.

    2) My sister and her husband are struggling with infertility. I pray that they will either conceive or that her husband will have peace about moving forward with an adoption instead.

  81. Please pray for my mom who is at the end of her battle with pancreatic cancer. She defied the odds and made it 13 + months, but now she is in hospice care and is fading more everyday, she has suffered greatly. She is ready to go home and is just waiting on Jesus. Please pray for Jesus to have mercy on her. And please pray for my family as we go through this very difficult time. Thank you.

  82. This is my first time participating in one of the days of prayer and fasting.

    Mallory, I'm quick to think that my requests seem silly too, but yours was the one that resonated with me because I am in that situation now.

    Please pray that I will be able to let go of feelings for the guy that I dated almost a year ago. I have thought at different times that I am getting past it, but then I will become angry and sad about it. We still have a lot of contact with each other because we attend the same church and Bible study. Thank you all!

  83. Hi There all my sisters and brothers in Christ!

    I am proud to be a part of the prayer team! Please also add our family to your prayer list.

    We've found a fantastic social worker in another part of our country with whom we had an amazing interview just over a week ago.

    There is a very real possibility that she might be the connection between us and the child God has chosen to bring into our home, the one we have waited and prayed for for so very long.

    We have longed and we have prayed and we trust and believe with ALL of our hearts.

    Please pray for the legal process, for information that will be passed on from our previous sw, for favour with the panel who decides, for favour with her(our new sw) and for her acting in God's perfect Will. For wisdom and decernment for the people who will make the decision of which child to match with us.

    Please also pray for our precious new baby, that God will already minister to this little child in his/her sleep so that he/she will know us already when we finaly meet and become the family God has always intended us to be. ALso for our little big-boy's heart to be ready for his sibling.

    Thank you very much. Blessings to you all!

    Love, Mel G xx

  84. My prayer request is the same as last time that my Daughter and her boyfriend would get married they have been living together too long also that they would get saved. I do have a praise the Lord did give my daughters boyfriend the job we were praying for. AND he agrees that it was because he was prayed for that he got the job!

  85. Linny:

    This is, perhaps, not really the intent of this post, but my prayer request would be that the Lord would give someone a prophetic word for me about a topic of the Lord's choosing. Something He knows would be meaningful and helpful to me as His daughter. He and I might not want the same things, ya know? :)

    Is that an OK kind of request to make?

    PS Thank you for letting me ask.

  86. Which path should we take? Is adoption the right path for us? Prayers for us to see clear the response from God. Thank you so much for doing this with us...you are such an inspiration to us all.

  87. I wrote out a comment earlier, but I guess it didn't go through. I don't know that I've ever commented before, but I couldn't pass this up :) I have a few prayer requests.

    I am 21 years old. I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety for about 10 years. I'm on medication, but there are still times that I really struggle. I get SO frustrated when people suggest that praying more or believing more will "cure" me, but I do believe that God is the Healer and that He can free me from this!

    I am currently in treatment for a sexual addiction. It's a daily battle. I have recently taken some pretty drastic steps to eliminate temptation, which was really difficult. It's still hard every day to remind myself that I am doing this so that I can be well. I've tried a million times to stop on my own, but I need God. Would you please pray that He will free me from this? It's killing healthy relationships and my anxiety is so much worse as a result. I want freedom!!

  88. Please do not grow weary in praying for my beloved 22 year old son's salvation. He is such a blessing and a great person. He just needs to see his need for a Saviour. His name is Ethan.
    Also, my 26 year old son, is starting to put more of his faith and security in money instead of the Lord. Very distressing to me.
    I will pray for others.
    Thanks so much Linny. I am always so grateful and humbled to have others pray for my children.

  89. I read through most of these prayer request and know that I'm lifting prayers up for everyone! After reading some of these I don't even want to ask of rmine, but I know all are important. So here are my request.

    Thanks to God for all that He will do in each of our lives.

    1) Quitting my job. I'm so scared even though I sorta think God is telling me to. Although I would love to quit i'm so nervous. I'm afraid if it's not God telling me than I"m giving up a lot.
    2) When should I quit my job?

    3) MY husband and his job. He will be training on a really hard position.

    4) Lead us in the steps we should take with adoption.

    I have more but those are the ones that are most important.

    Thanks everyone!

  90. Hello prayer warriors! I would very much appreciate prayer to keep my marriage together. God knows how much it will take. Also, my 28yo son has quit his ft job to move at the end of the month to Los Angeles to 'find' himself. I'm asking a prayer of safety for him. I ado ask prayer for my ds17 who is dealing with anxiety issues and has stopped wanting to go anywhere...not even out of his room.

  91. Hopefully it's not too late to post a request! I've been lurking for quite awhile. I read in Google reader and it's not easy to comment since I'm not on a computer.

    Please pray that my husband will be hired on as a permanent worker soon. He works at a car factory and is required to be a temp with low pay for three years. His three years are up this coming October, but there is a chance he could be hired in sooner or not hired on at all.

    We have been in limbo waiting. Once he is hired on we would like to move to a bigger house and I would like to adopt. He is still unsure about adoption. We have two kids and also hope to have another biological child soon.

  92. After going through all of the above my heart is so full.
    I have two requests.
    #1. That my mom is healed and can come home from the hospital. She has been there for 5 weeks. We were looking at her being able to this weekend but they found active MRSA in her wound. Now looking at up to three more weeks. She is very depressed.
    #2. That I will financially be able to go on a mission trip. God has laid this so very heavily on my heart. This is sooo far out of my comfort zone and out of my current financial range. "BUT GOD" right?
    Thanks in advance for your prayers.

    Linny...thank you for for letting your family be an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. You and yours are always in my prayers.

  93. Jess from Germany asks for prayer:

    I'm happy that we all can pray and fast together. I will pray for you and fast with you.
    I have three prayer requests. Sorry for having so much.
    1) Please pray that God gives me clarity if I shall go to the Uganda trip in June. My heart aches for it, but I just don't know if it is Gods will.
    2) Please pray that God gives me also clarity about starting a certain apprenticeship in september or not. That He reveals His plan to me.
    3) Please pray for my relatives, that they will find to God. It is very complicated. But Satan controlls them more and more, it seems that almost all are bonded. It breaks my heart to see this. They are desperately needing God.

  94. Although it is late, I have been praying {and fasting} and forgot to post my personal request.

    Would you pray with us for Ruby?
    1. her eyes to see.
    2. freedom from anymore seizures ever.
    3. the ability to hold her head up on her own.

    She is such a delight and these answers to prayer would be miracles! Thank you for praying with us for our treasure. xo

  95. Please pray for my husband and I. We are Americans living in England and are emotionally, physically and spiritually tired. We are thinking its time to move home, but we will need my husband's job to be transfered there (or we need the money and a new job back home!). Prayers for him as he is so stressed and is really disliking his current job. I think God is calling him to church ministry, and so we pray for peace and patience during this time of transition. Its a big step and one we're unsure of how to take it. He will be talking with some pastors/church leaders in April when he travels home. I pray that those will be enlightening and he will know more whether or not this is something that he should jump into.

    Please pray for me as I'm struggling with seasonal depression (although its spring now and I'm feeling a little better!). I also had a miscarriage last fall that I am still mourning, especially as we come up on the due date. I would love to have another biological child, so I'm praying for peace for me, waiting for God's timing!

  96. I've come to this post late but will fast tomorrow. Please pray for some healing for myself.

    And for my sister who is in a struggle with her x-husband over custody issues. She needs wisdom and peace for whatever happens.


  97. Linny, Ellen here from Illinois. My nephew (in law) is only 40 and has been in the hospital in Loveland, Colorado going on 10 weeks with Pancreatitits. He has had 9 or 10 surgeries to keep flushing out his abdomen from particles of his necrotic pancreas. He already is a miracle to be alive but has such a long road ahead of recovery. Only by God's help has he lived this long. He will be in the hospital they said at least 2 or 3 more months and a rehab center for 5 ot 6. WOW. His albumin levels need to increase to help his body heal. He has been very confused and vomiting. Pray for complete healing of this young man. His full name is Mike Mullin. I shared the gospel with his wife Jessica when they were giving him only a 20 % survival rate and she shared it with him what I said. Thank -you so much. love, Ellen Wylie

  98. Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

    Please pray for our family as we are making many important life decisions. We know he will lead and guide us in his perfect timing.

  99. I am late in getting my request here, but I need to do it, knowing that others will read & pray just as I have. My Mama lives in ARK. and I live in MINN.. I have been feeling like I should move down to be near her. I need her, as much as she needs me. In order to do the move, I want to let go of most of my belongings and start a new life there. That means selling many items and having a couple garage sales. My biggest issue is my lack of physical energy to do these things. Please, pray that I will start having some energy to do the work that needs to be done. I need around $2000 to make this move. I have $0. I have lived long past the time my Oncologist gave me and I really believe that I will be alive for a long time. But, I need to be close to my family. I live a lonely, very isolated life and I struggle with depression and anxiety. Mostly anxiety about leaving my apartment. I only go out for groceries and for medical appointments.
    I also need to feel that I am here for a Purpose! Oh, He has given me so many Gifts! But, they are not being used and that is heart breaking! I want to feel like I am a part of His people...Not APART from them. I have such a Servants heart and am a Giver and there is so much pain in not feeling useful. I would really like to be a part of a family with children. I was a nanny for many, many years and thats when I was the happiest and most fulfilled.
    I DON'T know that moving to ARK. is the right thing to do or the place I am supposed to live. But, it is clear that I am not to remain where I am. So, pray that He shows me the path I am to take. The unsettled, feeling useless feelings are not a good place to be.
    I have read and prayed for the requests above mine. I look forward to seeing how He Blesses all of us with Answers to our requests and gives us Peace, if our prayers are not answered in the ways WE think are best. With Love ~ Jo

  100. Prayers needed for our three youngest children. We recently adopted and all three are having a hard time finding their new niche in the family. there are many smiles and giggles, but also many tears and tantrums. lord, help us, please!

  101. I haven't ever commented before I just started reading a few weeks ago and got so caught up in all the wonderful encouragement and God moving mountain stories that I read through most all the old posts!
    Could I ask for prayer for my family's adoption? I can't share many details but suffice it to say that we need God to MOVE to bring my two new sister's home.
    Thank you SO much! I am praying for many of the other requests as well.

  102. Just saw this on my DIL's FB page and though you and your family of all people could pray for this young man ...



  103. Please pray that my husband's heart would be opened to anotheradoption. We have 5 children, two who are adopted and since meeting our daughter three years ago, I have felt led and drawn to adopt again. He feels that we do not have the time, the money, the energy, etc. for more children.

    Only God!!

  104. I am asking for prayer for an answer to my husband's job seeking/a move to North AR soon. Recently my husband and I have felt a strong urgency to move to a very rural area of Arkansas and into an old (fixer upper) house that would be large enough for us and our 4 children. It is a foreclosure and we could not only afford it in itself, but afford to slowly fix it up and pay off debt. We feel that the Lord has told us to be fruitful and multiply on His terms (and not our own) and while we are living our lives according to this, we are out of space in our current home and cannot afford to purchase something bigger anywhere near where we now reside. Not only do we LOVE North AR, but we feel that it will afford us the ability to be more self-sufficient and grow together as a family. My husband has applied for a job with a large company in that part of the state and we're waiting on a call so that we can move forward. We are seeking an answer from God very soon.

  105. I am pleding for some prayer, for my foster child and his sibling. There is going to be Hopefully the last court hearing on Wed. to determine if the Judge will finally terminate parents rights after over two yrs, in foster care. These biological parents have so many scary issues, sexually abusing children, physical abuse, neglect, drug and alchol abuse, manipulation, liers, stealers etc... Please please pray for the decision to finally be make to save these two youngest childrens lives. Their other 4 older siblings are with other family, but the two youngest need to rights terminated. They have endured way to much pain and dispare for their young lives, but they can be saved. Please pray for the Judge to terminate both parents rights and finally give these kids the permanent safe loving forever homes that they both desire and deserve. We have had our FC for over 17mths now and we would love to adopt him, I do feel it's God's plan for that too happen, he's happy healthy and thriving now in his safe and wonderful loving home, we only want the best for these childen and need this to finally be done or their sake. Over two yrs in the system for someone who's not even three yet, is really sad (even though he's well loved and cared for) he needs it too be offical and have it legal for his forever home.. and we all can move forward without being scared these kids will go back to such distructive bio home. These kids need a chance to have the wonderful childhood that they deserve and we know we can give it to him, please help fight and pray for these innocent children..Thank you from my sweet little one and from us..<3

  106. I know I am late but I have one. Although it is small, we are going on a class trip this week. I get VERY homesick. Please pray that I will have peace throughout the trip. Thank you!


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