Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Too many months ago I wrote about an idea I knew the Lord had given me.

It seemed like a crazy idea, but you know how it goes...

IF the Lord is who is initiating the idea, it will fly above the universe!

The idea was for artisans and crafters around the world to donate their items to be sold on a web site where 100% of the money brought in for each item would be used to feed the kids on the street through a feeding program. 

And you know what we all know....

God's heart is for the orphan...
and He WILL move on their behalf any time some one has purposed in their heart to minister to them. 

But there were so many logistics...

Where would people ship to?

Who would ship it?

Where we would store it all?

What would we call it?

How would we spread the word?

Wisely, a few of you wrote and said, "Linny, you cannot be the one to receive the items and in turn ship them out!  Your plate is overflowing already."  How right you were and we didn't even have Ruby yet!

And yet, the Lord was forging a way because in California a sweet woman named Kala and her family were praying about a way to serve the orphan together, as a family.

And besides that....they had just purchased a home with a 1600 square foot warehouse at the back of the property.  Wonder whose idea that was?

Isn't it crazy to think that the person who originally built the warehouse on Kala's newly purchased property was really doing so at the direction of the Lord years before?  HE knew that one day we would need a warehouse to store the items being received and in the meantime He was stirring Kala and Brian's heart to minister together to the orphan. 

Amazing God!

Awhile back I wrote about this ministry and many of you began making things and generously donating and shipping them to the warehouse. 

Getting ready for the launch.

Well I am giddy to say that tonight we will officially launch.

It's a WIN/WIN.

People enjoying the skills and talents God naturally gave them....
and donating those same talents and resources to make their items...

And then the folks looking for a gift for someone special?
That gift is purchased.
And out of the proceeds an orphaned or vulnerable street child gets fed.


Tonight I will post the link to the ministry.

So...if you are a night owl on the East Coast...check back...

Cause it's finally








soooooo excited....

{Seems we should be having a party to celebrate the joyous news!}

12 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. Yayy!!! SO happy it'll be up-n-runnin! I LOVE to craft, I'll have to see what I could make!

  2. This is awesome! We just got an email from your hubby, and we are heading to Uganda with the Go Team!


  3. Whoo hoo!! Awesome...can't wait to see!
    Truly amazing to see the Hand of the LORD at work through all of your family!
    Thank you for showing us God!

  4. So Exciting! Can't wait to check it out!

  5. Rejoicing with you!! So excited to see what God will accomplish through this!!!

    Love you, girlfriend!!

  6. Partying in my lone dorm room down here in Texas! This afternoon I met in the cafeteria for lunch with a girl at my college whose family adopted 5 kids over Christmas. We talked and talked and talked about foster care/adoption...a place where both of our hearts are. How good it was to have a conversation with someone who "gets" it. Thankful for the people the Lord has surrounded me with!

    Celebrating at a place called simplicity tonight. No doubt God is going to use this and do exceedingly, abundantly more than all we could ask or imagine!



    {That was a not-often-commenter coming out of lurkdom for a moment of celebration! Ever since your posts on 'why don't you lurkers comment?!' I have tried to be more conscious of commenting, believing that you DO in fact read them all! haha.}

  7. God totally rocks at planning everything for us :)

  8. I make jewelry to help raise funds for adoption and our Go trip in June...I would love to donate to this...let me know what I need to do to be considered. :-)... This is so exciting.

  9. I have been checking and checking and waiting and waiting for this to get up and running!!! Yippee!!!Thank you for this wonderful upcoming website and "Happy Shopping" to all of us!!!!

  10. awesome! :) can't wait to see the site!!! :)


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