Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Suddenly, It's Almost Time....

Ever had to wait for something?

The fun stuff is a different wait then 
the wait for the not-so-fun stuff.

But none-the-less, 
both are a period of waiting...

Ever had to wait 

so long that you began to wonder if it was ever gonna' come?

Ya' know how it is...

I can remember when I was about thirteen waiting and waiting 
for our annual Grace Baptist Church youth group 
Christmas formal dinner....
and the night before we wouldn't sleep a wink...my friend and I whispering into the wee hours, wondering aloud if those two special boys we liked would be there and giggling at that thought of either of them being brave enough to talk to us
 {yeah, I know, times have changed, but that's how
 it was back in the old days - it was a big deal at fourteen
for the boy you liked to smile at you,
 and if he talked to you? Me-oh-my!}

and then it would finally be 'the night' filled with butterflies and nervous glances and suddenly what took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to come without warning would be gone in what seemed like seconds,  leaving us all to gaze at our bedroom calendars in an effort to wish the days away till the following Grace Baptist Youth Group Christmas formal dinner the next year....


we can remember waiting for Tyler's referral 
from Korea a bazillion years ago....
and then all of a sudden he was in our arms and we glanced away in what seemed like only a few minutes and turned back around and he was standing at the bottom of the aisle waiting for his beautiful bride and our treasured daughter-in-love.....


that not-so-fun wait when Abi had cholic so bad that 
I wondered if she would ever outgrow it....
and in no time, without any warning Miss Abigail 
was cruisin' around the 
furniture bossin' me, I mean, the dog around..
then, I turned around and she was married and bringing home our first grandson, a treasure from Uganda......

All the times of waiting and waiting and waiting
and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting some more...
{and an entire year - or even years pass by}

different kinds of waiting....

but the same feelings and often the 
same sorta-kinda' emotions:

When Will It Ever Happen?

Well that man of mine and I have been waiting....

waiting on something the Lord whispered to us....

something that for a year plus has had us on our knees in prayer, intercession and fasting so that we would hear Him accurately...

A dream only planted by Almighty God - 

after waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting



without really much warning 

it's time....

time to begin to share the news...

and I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight...

Monday, January 30, 2012


I had thought I would do the drawing tonight.  

But Big Dave is not doing well.

Our hearts are weepy and heavy over here.

We continue to contend because we serve a miracle-working God.

Thank you so much for praying with us. 

We will do the drawing in a few days.

Standing in the Gap Together

On Thursday of last week a defender of 
orphan and widow, Big Dave, 
was leaving a bank in Port Au Prince, Haiti.
He had just withdrawn money to feed the orphans in his care.
 As he left, the car he was in was riddled with bullets, 
his money stolen and he was shot in the stomach. 

With strength that had to come from only the Lord, 
Big Dave ran to a nearby hospital.  
Two surgeries were performed.

But things got really bad and Dave needed to get to the States.  Trouble is that med-evac flights are pricey.  And Big Dave and his wife don't even have health insurance, let alone the money to pay for med-evac from Haiti to the States.  

So folks hearing of this horrific situation pitched in and in a matter of hours the money was raised for a med-evac flight.  They thought they would take Dave all the way to Columbus, Ohio, where he is from.  But his situation was deteriorating quickly.  Med-evac landed in Miami and he has been fighting for his life ever since.  

His wife, Nicolle is passionate about the orphan and Christ.  Here's what she wrote this on Dave's CaringBridge site:

Well, I have really good news!  For now, (and I emphasis for now because we are not out of the woods on his swelling) they are holding on the procedure. Which is absolutely a small miracle.  Which we are going to celebrate every small miracle that we get! Woo Hoo! Hallelujah! 

I want to clarify that if you don't want to know graphic details do not read the next paragraph. 

They had already told me that they were going to have to cut David's legs (on both sides) and his left arm to release the fluid.  This procedure is done to save the limbs. When they get so swollen that blood flow is restricted they will cut from the wrist all the way past the elbow and from the ankle past the knee on both sides.  Then they leave it open so that the fluids can escape the body and release the pressure, which is good.  However, It also provides another opportunity for infection. 

I hit a breaking point. I just didn't want him to go through one more thing.  Enough is enough!  God please!  We sent out the urgent prayer request and then it got worse.  They said they were going to have to do all four limbs.  

There was another group in the TICU waiting room.  Their pastor was shot while she was in her house sleeping in her bed. So, we all gathered and prayed and in the middle of that the doctors called me back and said that they are going to only do his left arm.  I was actually celebrating that.  Then they said they are going to hold for now.  Woo Hoo!  Hallelujah!

For so many reasons it is absolutely essential that the swelling in David's body start to decline! Please continue to pray.  Prayer changes things

And so here we are, bloggy friends gathered around 
the world in prayer {and fasting} asking Almighty God 
to move on Dave's behalf.  

Many of you have serious concerns too.  
We have concerns.
Please list your prayer concerns in the comments on this post 
and many of us will be praying through all the requests. 

No doubt, corporate prayer changes things!  

Standing together from Phoenix, Arizona...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow....

Yesterday I went to Market on the Move again.  
We have gone every week since we joined.   
Remember me mentioning it a few weeks ago?  
It only cost a hundred dollars per year to join 
and then we can go every single week 
and pick up 60 lbs of produce for free!! 

Some of you asked that I post each week what we get.  
I probably won't be able to do that each week, 
but thought I would show you what we have gotten 
the last two weeks.  Three weeks ago Ruby 
was in the hospital 
{having just had her 5th brain surgery}.  
Dw went that week on his way to be with us in the hospital, 
but we did not think to get a picture.  

Anyway, here's last weeks:

The delightful news is that we all LOVE spaghetti squash!

Here was what Liberty and I went and got yesterday:

{that's even bags of romaine and spring mix lettuce and 22 lbs of teeny-tiny tomatoes
 and an entire case of vine-ripened tomatoes}

Even three bottles of fruit soda - which tickled Liberty, who enjoyed hers as she and I drove back from picking up all this stuff!

Wonderful, yummy, bountiful blessings from the Lord!!

We have been able to share with friends some of the time as well. My bloggy-friend-turned-real-life-friend, Eve, who "happens" to live around the corner from me calls me the Veggie Fairy {actually kind of like it}.  As long as she doesn't call me Bob or Larry, 
I'm okay.  

 Single moms we know are thrilled with our sharing!

Anyway, today was a wonderful blessing.  
Isaiah's best friend at church came over for 
dinner with his Nana.  Such a sweet visit and we all 
love, love, love our church. 
 The kids are all getting involved 
and we are connecting with folks - 
such a tremendous answer to prayer!

Lastly, I will, Lord willing, have an update on Big Dave soon.  This morning the update was that he had made a speck of progress in the right direction.  Thank you Jesus.

I will write a post right after midnight for you all to leave your prayer requests on.  Many of us, around the world, will be praying through each request.  

If you left a prayer request on yesterday's post,
 please leave your prayer request again
 on tomorrow's prayer and fasting post.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monday January 30, 2012

Things with Big Dave have been a roller coaster. 

 It reminds so much of Karl. I keep crying. 

About 2 hours ago Nicolle released a message that things were
 improving with baby steps {teeny-tiny baby steps, 
but none the less improvements}.  

Big Dave is in a drug-induced coma....
he has been truly fighting for his life.

Just a few minutes ago there was an emergency prayer request -
 urging people to pray that the pressure in Dave's body go down. 
 I'm not quite sure all that that means, but it is, 
undoubtedly, very, very serious. 

What would we do without the body of Christ praying for one another?  Thankfully the internet, twitter, blogs, CaringBridge, Facebook, etc., allow information and prayer requests to be passed along in record speed!

Personally, I couldn't sleep last night.  Dave and Nicolle were heavy on my heart.  I kept praying and checking for an update.  Miss Ruby didn't want to sleep either.  She talked a good portion of the night.  

So I'm wondering....

Many of you are struggling with things.  We need a group fast again.  Dave needs a mighty touch from the Lord.  How about a group day of fasting and prayer on Monday?


January 30, 2012

Many of you can attest to the power of prayer and fasting.  Many of you have written to me how fasting regularly has changed your life.  We need a miracle for Dave.  Many of you have mountains that need to be moved.  I will leave the comments so you can request prayer for specific things.

Would you be willing to join with us?

Friday, January 27, 2012

OUR Little Guy is FIVE...

Where in the world has the time gone?  
He is our quiet guy.  
The one who doesn't say much, 
but is always thinking and when he speaks - no doubt, we all listen.
He is very wise!  
He is extremely funny and loves to tease us all. 

He was named after the great prophet who was known as the prophet who "prayed earnestly".   If a med-flight is overhead he will quickly say, "Mom, mom!  Look!  It's a med-flight, we better pray!"  He is becoming a prayer warrior.

His middle name is after the great advocate of the orphan -
whose orphanages cared for 
10,024 orphans of Bristol, England
in the 1800's.   
He already loves the orphan.  
He remembers what it was like to be one. 

He told me that he remembers being at the orphanage and being so hungry that he would eat dirt.  He remembers big kids taking his portion of food too.  I told him how sad my heart is that I didn't have him from the day he was born.  

Our littlest boy-treasure.
Five years old now.

He was asked what he wanted for breakfast and had two requests:



Ice Cream

Normally we do breakfast food, but he doesn't ever ask for much.  We couldn't resist {and yes, we have started a new phenomenon in our house - ooopsie.}

I intended to post his birthday yesterday....
so although his birthday is over, 
if you de-lurkers and friends would be so kind to wish our little man a very happy birthday, he will smile his shy little smile and grin with each birthday wish read. 

Happy Birthday 

Elijah Mueller

We are so thankful that God 
brought you home to our arms....

Cause we needed you so badly!

 We love you forever and ever and ever...

{If you haven't read Elijah's story, 
it's on the sidebar under Special Posts - 
Our Wild Adventure parts 1-7}

Update on Big Dave....

I am so thankful for so many of you adding to the prayers of so many others for Big Dave.

His wife, Nicolle, has set up a CaringBridge site for him, 
where we can all find updates regularly.  Click on Dave's name to enter his page on the CaringBridge site - Dave Bompart.
If you are not a member of CaringBridge, it's free and super easy.

Today Nicolle was interviewed {along with his surgeons} 
by a TV station in Miami.
This is the link to the TV interview. 

His situation is 'critical'.  Please continue to pray with us for complete healing.  You guys were amazing with Karl's accident and what a joy to see all that God has done!  

In Florida Right Now...

Dave and Nicolle Bompart regularly serve in Haiti.  In fact Dave has been in Haiti working on an orphanage.  Thursday {in Haiti} Dave was leaving a bank where he had picked up cash to work on the orphanage and buy food for the orphans, when someone apparently saw him, riddled the car he was riding in with bullets and robbed Dave.  He was shot in the stomach/chest.

Dave had two surgeries in Haiti, if I understand correctly, but suddenly was not doing well due to bleeding internally.  Money was raised to med-evac him back to his home in Columbus, Ohio for surgery.  But he was unable to tolerate the trip and was landed in Miami where he was rushed to yet another surgery.  His condition is not good and much prayer is needed.  
He is on a ventilator and fighting for his life.

Dave and Nicolle, true defenders of the orphan - needing our prayers.  Please join us in prayer for Dave, Nicolle, their two children, the surgeons and the medical professionals who care for Dave. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

News From the Boss-man

 After seeing and reading many of your comments

the boss-man made an announcement:

"Linny, you cannot possibly give away just one Memorial Box....

You have to give away a few...."

So there you have it.

He's forcing me to scour Phoenix for Memorial Boxes



I couldn't be happier.

So the hunt is on, praying already, as I go this week-end

I will choose the winners on Monday.

And can I just say, the smile has lingered as I have read through your comments....

Love that 

Jane - you de-lurked cause I asked so nicely.
{I had a hunch that gun-point thing wasn't gonna' work, so I'm glad I tried the nice approach.}

Alicia - Hold your hubby to that trackin' down thing....cause it sounds like fun!

Jolene - *HA* your comment truly made me laugh out loud.

GA Foster Mom - hoping to make it over to your neck of the woods this summer and so I'll be holding you to what you said!

PatientlyWaiting - so glad you two went with them...and look forward to the day you can see what the Lord has done in Ruby's life!  You will stand a.m.a.z.e.d!  Faithful God!

DeAnna - thankful the persistence paid off!  xo

Sarah {Megan's sister}- love your sissy so much, look forward to meeting you one day...Grandma's here, right? 

Michelle:  Sounds to me like you and Diane will both just have to 
mosey over for a visit with your sissy....

Rachel!  - Finally coming out of lurkdom and you are my 'neighbor'.  It is about time! what in the world have you been waiting for? =)

PAfarmgirlinCT - One day I will lead a team again - please come!

Abigail - I love your name and I love that you love white!

Deana - Thank you for serving our country.  Thank your husband as well.  So grateful for our military!  No one really gets the sacrifices they daily make unless they are 'up close' to one in service.

Jimena - your English is beautiful - you can't stay quiet girlfriend - so thankful you are out there - please talk to us!!

Mark & Melanie -A testimony to the power of prayer - 
2 treasures h.o.m.e.
 Yippee Jesus!

Amanda going to foster care classes: 
rock the world friend - rock the world!

Yes, steph, THAT WAS FOR YOU.  haha.

Tammy T. - one day I am so gonna' make you 
make good on your promise!  My mouth waters at the thought.

Cinnamon - I LOVE your name!

DeAnna - HIS promises never, ever fail.  He does make.....the joyful mother of children.  And I love your blog name!  So cute!

Ruby - love your name so very much!

Emily - your pink comment stuck with me and  I looked at my closet today as I was getting ready.  For as much as I love purple, I could not find one purple piece of clothing.  Now that's messed up!  I'm not a big shopper, but I will have to buy something purple someday to wear when I shop again.   With as much as I love it, you'd think I'd have a closet full!  Seriously, just never noticed before until you left your comment. 

and from beautiful and exotic lands:


Adriana from Germany
Sabine from Wiesbaden, Germany
Nat's from Johannesburg, South Africa
Donna from Brisbane, Australia
yellowgirl - missionary to the Philippines
Susan from the West Coast of Ireland
{Susan - did you see the movie 'Leap Year'? Sooooo cute! One of my all-time favorites!}

Off to make a birthday cake and make pizza for dinner.  It's a special birthday here....and so I'll be back later to ask for some birthday wishes for a really special birthday treasure!

I am sure that all you de-lurkers, realizing the extra special fun it is to 'talk' to us will want to leave a birthday comment!
I just know you will. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Luring and Lurkdom


So yesterday I wrote about the Memorial Box giveaway and 
kind of harassed a whole bunch of you quiet folks....

I honestly didn't mean to harass you out of the shadows.

Truly, I didn't.  

Well maybe I thought a couple of you would come moseying out!  
But I definitely did not expect just about a hundred
 of you to come out.

What was it actually that brought you out?

Was it the thought of winning?

Or the full disclosure statement that not one person who posted a comment had had some creeper show up on their doorstep.

Cause boy-oh-boy am I ever gonna' be in big trouble when you all read the news about that creeper who did come out after so-n-so posted a comment at PCS.    
Just Kidding.

Honestly though, I have smiled and giggled all day long.
You guys are just too fun!

And what a pleasant surprise you all have been!

I actually went to look at the blog just to see if Dw had posted something that would instigate the barrage of comments {he likes to make surprise guest appearances from time to time} but lo and behold he hadn't posted anything.  
Which made me laugh even more.

Anyway, I was over-the-moon excited by all of your comments!

I cannot help but mention some very honored guests over here at our Place Called Simplicity:

Maria from Tartu, Estonia 
Brittany from the Phillipines {missionaries}
Timothy in Malaysia {woohoo for brave men de-lurking!}
Kate Alice Ming's mama in Wales
Sylvia from Hobart, Tasmania {Australia}
Noberto & Julie from Paraguay {missionaries}

Now I just have to interject here:

I have seen on the Live Traffic Feed someone from Peru and have truly wondered who stops by for a visit from Peru?  Thank you Jimena for coming out of lurkdom and saying hello from Lima, Peru - so stinkin' tickled!!


JJ - always wondered who visited from 'that' city...thought it might be SP.  hahaha.  xo

Chris A. - I do look forward to hugging your neck one day {soon}.

Diane - when you come to visit your sister, I hope we can meet!

Peggy - keep changin' 'em and please remind others!!

Stacey in Frostburg - can I just say?  Please don't ever think that you comment too often.  It's the comments that keep me going.  When there are no more comments, this chica is checkin' out.  Truly.   

Derek & Joseph - love having you gentlemen comment {Heard that saying "real men wear pink"? - Well we say, "real men admit they stop by for a visit at our Place Called Simplicity 
every now and then!"  
Right Mr. Daddy and Kevin?}

stephanie - totally laughed at your CAPS message.  One day girlfriend.  One day. Promise. Maybe, just maybe, this summer... 

Jan J. - if you get that fire engine red dream - come take me for a ride in it!  I think that's about the year my old friend Dan used to drive {but his wasn't fire engine red}.

pinkserenity88 - I love the images you mentioned that are that color.  Totally could see it all and enjoy them so much too!

Charlene - totally agree - robin egg blue next to brown. 

Desiree girlfriend of MI, AL, VA & now OH -  that is a lot of places you've moved since stopping by here....whoooa.

And let's see.

Someone came out of the shadows and they mentioned that they live in a small city that an old beau of mine lives in.  Can you imagine?? He could be your neighbor!! haha.  Which one of you was it now?  Let me think.  
I can't remember.  whew.   
Okay wait, I just went through all the comments from today and found yours.  I was going to post your blogger profile name cause that would add to the suspense.  BUT I found that your profile name is very, very distinct.  So, a clue?  Ummm, your profile name is distinct and 
your favorite color is purple.  

Anyway, when should I have the drawing?


Any suggestions?

As for now, the giveaway is still open....just click here...And if a giveaway and these last two posts have not lured you 
out of the shadows...
probably nothing will.


Cause it's really, truly not too late.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Comments...

If you happen to miss the giveaway that I announced yesterday, please scroll down, read and enter!

It has been really fun to have many of 
you de-lurk and introduce yourselves!

You guys are so brave!

Now the thing that most don't know is that my 'motivational' gifting from the Lord is "gifts"...meaning I love, love, love to give gifts to those I love.  So although it is impossible, there is a large part of my heart that wants to go on a Memorial Box hunt to beat all hunts and find 140 Memorial Boxes.  Don't worry Whitey, not gonna' do that, but you know I would if I could! 

I've had so much fun seeing all your 
favorite colors my sweet friends!

Was kind of surprised how many love blue most! 

 Was equally surprised how many said they loved yellow!

I've mentioned it before, I think, but purple is my favorite, with a close second of white {I know, not one of you said they love white, but I love it!} or maybe pink.  

Yup, I definitely love purple.  

And to some of you....

Megan from Williamsburg, Virginia -
wish you could check out Ruby's outfit today
{Isaiah picked it out - totally lime green and purple!}

I was going to do a shout-out to some of you who have such fun and adorable profile pictures, but I figured I might just get myself into trouble - so let's just say I loved seeing all your profile pictures!!

MrsMann - 
You are so right - 
that is definitely my very favorite!

Bonnie S. - 
Crazy fun that we've reconnected after all those years!

Dana - 
Would love that teleport-thingy for a hug as well
{I could always use just one more hug.  Can't help myself.}

Love that so many of you checked in from Thailand, Sweden, France, England, Germany, Panama, Haiti, Korea, Ireland,
Australia and even Newfoundland!

My soul was so encouraged by all your tender, sweet comments.  I really didn't expect that.  But you guys always bless me when I need it most.  No doubt, the Lord.  Thank you.

Lastly, if you have not left a comment on the giveaway post - it's not too late - do it!  Click here to do so.  Go ahead.  Don't be shy.  So far there are 140 comments and let's just say to the rest of you chickens -  I highly doubt anyone has had some creeper show up on their doorstep because they left a comment over here at our Place Called Simplicity.  So just to be certain -  If anyone has left a comment and subsequently had a creeper show up this morning, 
please speak up now. 
Yeah, I thought so.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Memorial Box Monday: Your Steady Friend

"For what you have done I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. 
And I will hope in your name,
 for your name is good."
Psalm 52:9

**I actually first told today's 
Memorial Box Monday story on February 3, 2009. 
We were living in the hotel after just losing our home to the fire. 
I will share it again, each year, right around the anniversary!!**  

Earlier today, when writing about the Memorial Box giveaway, I mentioned how God told the people to tell the story over and over and over and over and over....and this is one of the stories I will tell over and over here because so many people doubt that miracles are for today.  So many wonder if healing is possible?

Well read on, sweet friends....read on...

It is a miraculous story of God's powerful healing touch! 

If, per chance, you read it in the past - 
please rejoice with us again!

February 3, 2009 (from the hotel):

I have to start off by telling everyone that I was actually going to type this January 14, 2009 {the morning of the fire}.  Weird to think I was going to tell this story of God's miraculous power but instead I stood and watched our little log home burn.  

 This story goes back to January 10, 2006.  

If you are new to our Place Called Simplicity 
and are wondering what in the world 
a Memorial Box is,  please read about it here.

As many of you may or may not know, I have Multiple Sclerosis. 
It showed up when I was in my late 20's and 
then I was officially diagnosed in 1991. 
I grew up in Buffalo, NY and Buffalo is known as a
'hot spot' for MS.  
My cousin has it, friends of mine from 
high school have it, a girl Dw dated for ages
 while in college has it and one of Dw's
 cousins even died of it.   In fact, my sister-in-law, 
Mary, had three sister-in-laws {one has since passed away from it} and she even a sister with it! 

Really, MS seems everywhere in Buffalo, NY.

My MS started out slowly, but after about 10 years it got much more aggressive and soon I was having exacerbation after exacerbation on a regular basis.  
Before long I needed a cane to walk with for support.   

With my cane for balance and support on my right side, often family or close friends would allow me to use their arm for support on my left side.   Walking was often a struggle.

I also had exacerbations that affected my hearing, my speech {slurring for weeks like I was drunk}, my vision, my balance {I would fall into walls regularly} and so on. 

Multiple Sclerosis is a very yukky disease.

{My cane looked like this one [except the flowers were purple - my personal favorite!]....beautiful and flowery......I figured if I had to use one it was gonna' be feminine, flowery and spiffy!!}

Then in about 2001, I had a major exacerbation that left my right arm and right hand trembling and shaking 24/7 - permanently! It was embarassing. It shook boldly all the time. From the moment that exacerbation started there was a never, ever, ever, ever even a moments break from the trembling, twitching and shaking. I could not lay on my right side because my body would vibrate so much that I couldn't sleep. 

I love to write long hand letters to special people in my life but I did not like to write anymore because of how 
awful my handwriting looked. 

It was humbling to be in a prayer circle and hold hands with someone who didn't know me because of how my hand and arm continually bounced and trembled.  I would accidentally knock things over without much effort.   So from 2001 there was not a moments reprieve from the trembling, twitching and shaking of my right arm/hand.

And the MS continued to daily make my body a mess. We finally had to build a handicapped accessible home for my wheelchair. I affectionately named him Charlie, as I would have to, from time to time, spend a day or two in him.

In June of 2004 we moved to Colorado to pastor. We had been told by doctors that it would slow the progression of an autoimmune disorder like MS to live in a drier climate.

THEN one day, January 10, 2006 to be exact, Dw and I were on a four way call with treasured friends of ours {Dan and LaVonne} who live in San Antonio, TX. We had wanted to pray with them about a prophetic word that the husband, Dan, had had about me. It's a long story, maybe for another day (but probably not), just suffice it to say that what we were praying about had nothing {directly} to do with the MS.   
It was a monumental time of prayer, 
but we didn't really  understand the extent of just how monumental it was about to be.

Dw and I were tucked away in our master bedroom as we talked with Dan and LaVonne and then prayed together. I prayed, Dw prayed and then our friend Dan prayed. We were asking the Lord to move in the supernatural in a huge way about something 
from 40+ years before.

When we finished praying we hung up 
and I walked out to the kitchen.
As I was walking over toward the island
 where Graham was sitting I felt
like the Lord said, "Look down at your arm/hand."
I looked and there stood my right hand and arm,
that had only seconds before shook
 uncontrollably for the last 5 years,
now completely and perfectly still. I started to
squeal and turned to Graham, "LOOK GRAY! LOOK!"
He looked down to find both hands of mine positioned
next to each other and both were absolutely and perfectly still.

Graham started gasping and screaming along with me and everyone came running....yes, my hand and arm that had trembled and shook for FIVE years was now motionless!!!!

We called our grown kids and friends around the country - it was a true miracle!! Everyone who knew me was in shock!! I felt like the man with the withered hand that is mentioned in scripture. For months, many, many, many times a day I would stop and just stare at my hand/arm. I can't imagine that man with the withered hand did any different - stopping and staring and remembering and rejoicing!

The following Sunday when we told our church during both services people stood and cheered. God had moved in a mighty way - and we hadn't even been praying for the MS to be healed!!

What I firmly believe is that when Dan, Lavonne, Dw and I asked God to move in the supernatural He indeed moved. I felt like He said, "I am doing what you asked in the supernatural and I am going to evidence it in the physical by healing your arm/hand."

From then on I would stand many times a day and just stare at my two hands. That right hand was just as still as my left now - after all those years. It was a true healing miracle.

When I showed my neurologist my right hand and arm - he literally jumped up and hugged me and with utter delight said, "Linn, it must be God - Multiple Sclerosis does NOT go away! I bet God is going to completely heal you." These words from a man who has said he does NOT believe in God!!

And then a few months later........even though I had used my cane for many years, after the instant healing of my hand/arm I began to notice that my legs began to feel stronger. They were actually feeling really strong!! I was wondering what was going on. Could the words of my neurologist been prophetic?

Within four months even people at church began commenting that it looked like I hardly needed my cane. By mid-July of 2006, I felt like I should take the courageous plunge and try a day without my cane. The rest is history and I have never, ever used my cane again.

I call my arm/hand healing 
"my microwave healing"
done in an instant!!

I call my legs healing "my crock pot healing" - slow and steady. There are occasional days yet when I know that my legs are still not 100% healed....and if times get really stressful they still can go a teeny-bit "funky-chicken" like.  
BUT to this day, I have never used my cane again. 

So on this Memorial Box Monday, I invite you to praise with me Almighty God and thank the Lord for His miraculous healing of my arm and hand and legs. He is truly the Miracle-Working, Mountain-Moving, Awe-Inspiring, Gasp-Giving God - Jehovah Rapha the healer of trembling and shaking arms and hands, Jehovah Rapha the healer of broken hearts, Jehovah Rapha the healer of broken dreams, Jehovah Rapha the healer of painful pasts, Jehovah Rapha the healer of blind eyes, Jehovah Rapha the healer of deformed limbs, Jehovah Rapha the healer of traumatic memories, Jehovah Rapha the healer of wounded relationships, Jehovah Rapha the God of the universe!! 

Yippee Jesus!! 

Rejoice with us!!

The symbol for this Memorial Box story is a rock...as rocks are steady and solid....and I usually sign emails to our sweet treasure- friends, Dan and Lavonne in TX who prayed with us:

Your Steady Friend

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