Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PS One Last Post About It

Two moms each posted pictures on my Facebook wall after yesterday's post.

 Today I asked their permission to share them here as well.

In reading the comments left on yesterday's post {super fun if you are up for it}

one thing is very clear:

God uses the dolls little ones play with to foster a love for others of different races.



Jodie said this photo is from about 30 years ago....

Her dolly and a second Asian dolly got all her attention back in those days...

and today?

Well, after Jodie served as a missionary for 10 years overseas....

somewhere in there she married the man of her dreams and today they are waiting their third treasure - a little boy from Ch*na 




who spent her days playing with this little African baby doll

who now spends her days with these precious guys...

Make no mistake....

Almighty God is truly working behind the scenes - even in our little children's hearts...

He is just that creative and faithful!

And yes Miss Melody and Miss Tara - a thought -
Run, don't walk, to get your sweet girls another "more colorful" dolly!

Okay, on to other things tomorrow!!

14 Simply Sweet Words:

  1. I will have to send you a picture of Eliana and her doll. I hope it means exciting things for her future!

  2. I just love that you pointed this out! I always knew that God was in the details of my life, but sometimes you miss little things along the way and this is so totally an example of God working in our hearts right from the start, knowing exactly what his plans were for our lives. I just LOVE that about Him!

    1. Thank you for letting me share Feona. xo

  3. I think I told ya that I had a doll when I was around 8 years old that I would tell people had Down Syndrome!!! God was stirring my heart many decades ago!!!

    1. I forgot you told me that!! Well if that's the case, I always dreamed of a DS little one...I met a precious girl named Naomi one summer...I wanted a treasure ever since...and hey, we just had our HS approved for more {plural}. HA!

  4. So sweet! My cabbage patch doll wasn't Asian, but I'll say she was my first experience with adoption. It made my little heart sad to think of my sweet "Carlene Cleo" being all alone in that cabbage patch with no mommy to love her:) I loved all of my dolls and played with them way in to my childhood, longer than most. I know God created me to be a mom... There's never been a career that interested me. But being a mom... Thrilling!!! I couldn't wait to grow up and be just like my mom.

  5. I agree about how God uses our little dollies to lead us, not only to our future but to teach nurturance and gentleness and call forth from us our maternal instincts. That's why I strongly feel that little girls be given dolls rather than Barbie to play with! :-)

  6. Love these last 2 posts. We are often viewed as being too concerned about what our kids play with, but I know in the end it will pay off. Just yesterday our little Raina was walking around cuddling her African doll...who knows?? :) I never had an African doll and I didn't play with dolls a lot...not compared to my sisters. But I read a lot. I clearly remember the book called "The Family Nobody Wanted" written by Helen Doss, had a huge impact on me. I haven't seen or read it in years, but I think it's time to go online and order it! My younger sister had cerebral palsy and passed away when she was 5 and I was 11. For years I dreamt of someday having a special needs child. I think that was because most people that offered condolences would say "Oh! She's in such a better place now! It's better for her!" I remember, at the age of 11, thinking all those people would be better off dead as well!...meaning as in better off in heaven! Oh the things an 11 year old mind thinks!

    1. I loved that book! Still have it on my shelf!

  7. And as a pastor (and mom to an adopted cherub from Guatemala), can I also suggest that those involved in children's ministry take stock of the diversity (or lack thereof) of the dolls in the church nursery? Teaching comes not just at home but at church, and is also a reflection to visitors of our views on race and inclusivity!

  8. I always loved dark haired, dark eyed baby dolls when I was small, and I was thrilled when 2 of my babies were born with big, chocolate brown eyes. I haven't gotten the African or mixed race baby that I've always wanted (yet), But I tend to buy my girls Asain or African babies so maybe I'll get a sweet dark skinned grandchild!

  9. I don't remember having dolls of other races when I was a little one, but I do remember telling my mother that I planned to give my children dolls of other races, and she was annoyed. Now I have children of other races, and which dolls do they prefer? Do they go for dolls from their own race? No, they want the blue-eyed blonde, white dolls every time! :-) One day my Asian five-year-old and I were playing with all her Barbies, which represent every race or ethnic group I could find, and my daughter's Barbie said to my Ken, "You should marry me!" My Ken said, "Oh, there are so many wonderful, Godly women to choose from here, I don't think I could possibly choose." My daughter's Barbie said, "You should choose me because you have yellow hair and I have yellow hair." Siiiiigh.

    I'm missing your Monday Memorial Box posts! Do you have another planned soon?

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