Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yesterday many of you spent time praying {and fasting} for needs that were shared on the Prayer post.  I prayed over some of the early requests.

In the evening I was able to pray over some more  of the requests and what a delight to read so many of you ministering to others.

I got all choked up as I read some of the things you all wrote to other bloggy friends having struggles.  My heart was ministered to reading your words, as I'm sure their hearts were also.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You guys truly are amazing!!

Cindie asked if there has ever been a post with "answers" to the prayers.  I can't say there has been {although my memory is a bit mushy at the moment}.

In the days ahead we will have a special post just for people to share the answers that have come after any of the days of Prayer and Fasting - jobs, healing, reconciliations, hearts changed, orphans coming home, etc.   I am thinking of a powerful way to do that.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help me put it together, please email me at:
Subject:  Answers

No doubt, it will encourage all who read it 
as shouts of praise, 
honor and joyous celebrations 
will go to Almighty God.

Could We Please Help Linny?

What happens when a little one after being matched with a family,
suffers a traumatic brain injury in her foster home
while waiting for them to come?

Please meet 
{named by RR who has also been advocating for her}

After learning of "Linny's" Traumatic Brain Injury in her foster home in Ch*na,
the former adoptive family
felt they could not move forward with her adoption
which means that we have the awesome
privilege of being Linny's voice.

This was Linny as a baby,
before the Traumatic Brain Injury. 

And here's Linny now.


And waiting.  


Which means that the time is 


for Linny. 

Will you be her voice with me?

Would you help spread the word that 
Linny needs a family now.

We never know who God has been preparing to be her family.

As a mom to a medically fragile little one,
with significant brain trauma,
I can say with complete confidence,
that being Linny's family will be a blessing far more
than they ever could have dreamed possible.

Linny's diagnosis is not at all as severe as Ruby's 
and look what Ruby can do,
not to mention what a delight Ruby is to all who meet her.

Linny's family is out there.

Will you help us find her family
so Linny can know the love of family,
and never be alone again?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Share Your Needs Here

Today friends of our Place Called Simplicity
from around the globe will be joining together,
sharing needs and concerns and then praying for one another.

Many will be fasting as well,
to see:
friends healed,
relationships reconciled,
orphans set free,
VISAs obtained to bring treasures home,
jobs found,
spouses hesitant to adopt hearts opened, 
homes sold,
dry land to be watered,
lives changed,
adoption 'ransoms' provided,
addictions broken,
families found,
wayward children's hearts turned,
and mountains moved 
by our Almighty God.  

Please share your requests in the comments on this post.
Many will be reading through and praying for each one.

Thank you in advance for caring for one another.
I can't wait to see what our powerful God does.
He is listening.
He cares.
He moves.

"...stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, 
which He will show to you to day...". 
Exodus 14:13


Ruby was scheduled about 8 weeks ago for surgery tomorrow.

Due to a complication with her insurance {unbeknownst to us}
we found late Friday Ruby's insurance policy had been cancelled.



As soon as I heard it was cancelled, of course, I tried to get the situation made right.  Everyone had left for the day or hadn't come in to begin with.  ugh.

Then there was Saturday and Sunday.

I immediately started working on it early this morning.  Back and forth with the surgeon's office, the insurance provider, and Ruby's state of Arizona Long Term Care coordinator.   Phone calls and more phone calls.  Voice mails.  Emails.  And more phone calls.

A few minutes ago the surgeon's office called.  Phoenix Children's Hospital waited as long as they could to see if the insurance would be re-instated and have to give the Operating Room to someone else.   PCH had cancelled her surgery.

Couldn't help cry my eyes out.   Ruby has waited so long and obviously is in some pain.

{and I mean immediately}
after the surgeon's office announced that Phoenix Children's had cancelled the surgery,
her insurance called and said, "Ruby's insurance has been re-instated."


Okay Lord, you *are* faithful, we choose to trust you as you obviously know something we don't.  
We trust you, we will praise you

but I confess, I'm still gonna' have a good cry.

Bit of a Prep

I have asked for friends to join in a 
day of Prayer and Fasting

July 30, 2013

But I know many of you have been wondering about fasting:
Why fast?
How to fast?

As I type this, I realize I really need to write a series about Fasting.
It's too involved to really do it justice in one post, 
so I will just briefly touch on 


Personally speaking, I am 100% convinced that my walk with God 
would not be what it is without the discipline of Fasting.

Both the Old and New Testament speak about fasting.
It's not spoken of as optional, 
but rather 

"When you fast..."
{Matthew 6:16-18}

As we prepare to fast it is of utmost importance
 to get everything out of our heart and life
 that would hinder the Lord's move in our life. 


Some of the things that come to mind is: 

malicious talk
sexual perversion

Just for starters.

Ask the Lord if there is anything that doesn't please Him, 
would He please reveal it. 
When something pops into your thoughts 
or someone's face comes to mind....
that would be a good indication that the Lord is showing you
 someone or something that you get rid of
or get right.

 It is amazing what will come to mind when 
asking the Lord that question.... 
often things that haven't thought of in awhile.

Another way to see if you have bitterness or unforgiveness
 toward someone is this: 

Is there anyone that when you hear their name you get
all worked up? 

Or how about this...

Is there someone that when you hear that they have had a huge blessing 
it just irks the daylights out of you? 
There is probably something in your heart towards them.

Perhaps jealousy? 


Did they offend?

Did they betray? 
Did they hurt you or someone you love? 
Did they promise you something and didn't come through? 

Whatever it is,
it's time to forgive and get it right so as to have a clean line between 
you and Almighty God! 

Get it right!! 

There is no time to waste - it must be made right - NOW!!

I heard it said once, 

"Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison 
waiting for the other person to die!" 

Yes, unforgiveness holds us in prison and does really nothing 
to the other person. 
What a waste of valuable time!!

Many have been hurt deeply by spouses, parents, siblings, friends, children,
 employers, neighbors, and even pastors!! 

But holding unforgiveness is just as much a sin as whatever they've done. 
Christ says that unless we forgive others He can't forgive us. 

That's huge!!

When we are preparing to fast it is a necessity to 
have the line clear between Almighty God
and ourselves.

There is nothing that we ever want to stop
the flow between God and us.  

Unforgiveness is one of the biggest obstacles 
to hearing God whisper to us,
or having our prayers answered,
and it's just not worth it.

When I fast, I do not eat anything.
I drink water.
Now and then I may drink a cup of coffee 
{no foo-foo treat in it}
to stave off a headache.

While the family eats I usually
excuse myself to my bedroom and spend time
on my knees.

During the day I am praying for the concerns 
that are on my heart.

Fasting is not trying to twist God's arm to do
what we want.

It is humbly coming to Him to share our hearts
and ask Him to move mountains, provide,
change hearts, heal or whatever else...

but above all

humbly submitting to His plan and purpose
in whatever the situation is -
knowing we have shared our concerns,
in some situations pleaded our case, 
and being confident that in the end -
He loves us, He is moving and
He sees best from His vantage point
even when it doesn't 'feel like it' -
 so He definitely has our back.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Over Here in the Desert - 3 Things

Been a wild few days over here in the desert.

Nine of the eleven of us have had a nasty bug
that seems to be lingering longer than most...

Even Ruby had the bug.
{the nerve of that ol' bug}

 All that translates to lots of Little House on the Prairie episodes.

Dw did manage to paint a first coat on the cabinets.

It looks amazing.

Many of you gave your input.
Thank you!

I have to tell you, every one of you had an opinion and
I definitely took them to heart.
Contessa said that the one in the middle
{which I was leaning toward}
would make the kitchen look more dated.

Contessa - that hit home!

I could not get her comment out of my thoughts.  
The look I want is brighter, cause the kitchen does not get much sun until 
mid-afternoon, not to mention, I do not want 
to start with "dated".

hollym you suggested the island and silver fridge, etc,
and true story, whiter white would look best with those.

Ainsley*, Charity and Teresa
liked the one on the right
which was brightest.

Renee you wondered what color the kitchen would be?
Good question.

Well, so what did I do?
I went to the store and found another white.

Cause even though I liked the brighter one,
I did not like the name of it.

Anyone of you have to like the name
as much as the color, or is that just me?

I seldom get new paint, 
so I want to love both the name and the color.
So what color does a girl who grew up in Buffalo choose?


It makes me smile.
And the next time someone questions
{after learning we left the mountains of Colorado
for the desert} saying, 

"Oh, don't you miss Colorado and the snow??"

I can say, 
"I have my favorite kind of white stuff....
it's the color of my cupboards - 
What better snowy picture than Christmas Eve 2009 
when Emma and I brought Jubilee Promise home? 
{Jubilee meeting her Daddy for the first time.}

I will post pictures soon
sometime when the second coat of Snowbound
lands on the cupboards.

After Dw painted the cupboards the first coat
I quietly mentioned, "I don't like the green walls
anymore."  He turned and said, "I knew you were gonna' say that."

The hunt is on for a new wall color.
It's the cheapest way to get a new look and 
it's really fun to make the house feel like ours.

On a completely separate note,
Ruby has begun to scrunch her nose up when she is being silly with us.


And they said she'd never do anything.

Every day she is more and more aware of life around her.

Ruby is having surgery on Tuesday.  

Also, my friend, Dave, 
starts his bone marrow transplant on Wednesday.

And many, many, many of you have written lately 
with heavy, heavy concerns 
weighing on your hearts.

I am asking you, 
my friends,
 to join me 
for a day of 



{if possible}


July 30, 2013 

We will be praying for each other 
through the comments people post.

We have seen many prayers answered in a powerful way 
as we have chosen to pray and fast together. 
Mountains have moved.
Doors have opened.
Children have been set free.
Homes have sold.
Broken relationships have been restored.
Forgiveness has been sought.
Jobs have been found.

Would you join us for a day of
Prayer and Fasting
on Tuesday?

Can't wait to see what God does.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Overwhelming Response

Graham has been busy in his room making some beautiful music...
and yesterday after he posted his latest 'cover' to his YouTube channel
I shared the link with my Facebook friends.

There has been such an overwhelming response 
I just had to share it with you all.

I do think it's Graham's best work yet - the Lord has gifted him greatly.

On a personal note, I have ZERO musical ability, so to see so much
God-given musical talent dumped in my son, I giggle in disbelief.  

On this music video Graham played every instrument, 
sang all parts and then put the components all together,
all up in his room.  
Seriously, I shake my head.  
I can't even clap in time.  

{There have been many, many views, although YouTube shuts the counting off
at 301+ views to verify that they are authentic views.  I think it takes about a 
day to verify and then the real number of views appears.}  

Graham has a Facebook page for his music, 
which if you "like",
will keep you up-to-date with his music.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

With Deep Sadness I Share....

A few months ago,
on the other side of the world,
a set of twins were born...
They were teeny, tiny and went to live in an orphanage
soon after birth.
I wrote about them here.
I know many of you prayed for the twins
and several of you have asked from time to time 
how they are doing.
The April 2013 GO Team and the June 2013 GO Team
loved on them each chance they had.

In fact Graham told me that he held the tiniest one 
for about 6 hours one day a couple of weeks ago.

{I'm holding Samuel and my sweet friend Jodi is holding Silas.}

The twins were doing well.
Actually very well.
They had been moved from the isolation room
 to the baby room.

Then this morning,
without warning, 
  I received word the littlest twin, 
developed pneumonia
and passed away suddenly.
Silas had fought so hard to overcome so much.

Silas is now safe in the arms of Jesus.

Silas had a name
and was loved by all who knew him.
Silas was created with infinite value
in the image of Almighty God.

Please pray for his twin, 

Those who are twins know the powerful
tie that twins share
and the loss that Samuel feels even at his young age
is profound.

{Pictures from April 2013 GO Team}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This Girl

A few months ago we learned that Ruby had stopped gaining 
weight and had actually lost some.

The doctors were a bit concerned.
There was even mention of a G-Tube.
Yes, I know many people have them,
I just didn't want to have to 'go there' if there was another way.

I asked the Knee Team to pray,
cause those ladies sure know how to pray.
{Thank you sweet friends.}
Since it would be awhile till we could get in to a nutritionist,
Emma suggested something different for a couple of her feedings,
which was an awesome idea and
 I incorporated them immediately.

The nutritionist
 took four months to get into.

In the meantime, we worked hard to get some weight on
this little treasure.

This morning Nehemiah went along as my "date" to Ruby's 
 long-awaited appointment with the nutritionist.

I was almost holding my breath to see if 
she had put on weight yet.

As always I introduced the nurse to Ruby...
Ruby was animated and giddy meeting her...
of course I pulled out my "before" picture of Ruby
and shared just how much of a miracle Ruby is....
The nurse was moved so much so that she had to leave the room.

When she returned she brought a co-worker,
who she said, "had to see the picture and hear Ruby's story."
The co-worker immediately started to cry and couldn't 
even speak.

There is no doubt that our little bundle stirs 
strong emotions
deep inside most people.

When the nutritionist appeared, she was a super sweet lady,
who had actually done missions with YWAM in Central America.
How cool is that?

Anyway, so the awesome news is that 
Ruby has finally gained weight!

Yippee Jesus!


The not-so-awesome news is that it's a little too much 
weight for her height.

Would anyone ever think that Ruby could gain too much?
Not in my wildest dreams.

We're guessing that since increasing her seizure meds,
she has not been nearly as active, hence, burning less calories.

I shake my head.

This girl.


This girl.

Monday, July 22, 2013

He's The Same One

Recently my paths crossed with an old friend, Dave.  We went to school, youth group and graduated together.  We hung around in the same group of friends.

Not too long ago Dave was given a grim diagnosis -
1% chance of survival without a bone marrow transplant,
60% with the transplant.

My heart has been heavy and grieving for him.
He has already had much heartache in his lifetime.

Many years ago Dave and his sweet young wife finished Bible college and
were going to be missionaries when they found, while pregnant with their
first child, that his wife had cancer.  Doctors advised them to abort to begin
an aggressive cancer treatment.   They refused, instead trusting the Lord
for their future.  The day after their daughter was born,
Dave's wife had her leg amputated and she battled the cancer courageously.

I will never forget the day my friend Dave carried their toddler daughter
down the aisle for his wife's funeral.
I sat in the back and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed {as did everyone there}.

Sometimes life is just too hard to figure out.

I don't pretend for a second to have the answers to 
"Why her?" or "Why him?"

The only place I can find rest is in the constant, faithful and 
unchangeable nature of our loving God.

He loves.

He does care.

He weeps with us as we weep.

There's no doubt that His word never changes and in times of personal heartache
I have found it to be true  -
"The Lord is close to the broken-hearted..."  Psalm 34:18

He is, always, "an ever present help in time of need."

Today this same friend, Dave, posted a link on Facebook to an
amazing video of Niagara Falls.

Growing up a short distance from Niagara Falls, 
I have been there dozens and dozens of times.

It was kind of our "go to" place when we needed something to do.
My girlfriends and I would walk and talk and giggle and speak "French"
{most of us took French} and pretend that we were French tourists
{I highly doubt even one person was ever fooled - but we liked to pretend - silly us. Anyone who was French would, no doubt, have never claimed us.}

When a stupid boy would break one of our hearts we would load up in someone's car,
buy boxes of Mystic Mint cookies {it had to be Mystic Mint}
and boxes of Kleenex and drive to Niagara Falls
crying, eating cookies, and crying some more.

Seeing the video Dave posted this morning moved me to a flow of steady tears...

Niagara Falls, 
one of my favorite places on Earth - 
holding the almost-home kind of familiar feeling 
coupled with my old friend's heartbreaking diagnosis 
and sprinkled with the amazing power of Almighty God...

Graham and Liberty came in to talk to me {I am sequestered away 
working on Ruby's book} and I showed them the video...they
could not believe the beauty of it, nor the power of Niagara Falls.

It's a spectacular video...

And then I got to thinking....

The God who created Niagara Falls is the same God who
will bring drops of much-needed rain to the dry farmer's field.  

The God who put the majestic mountains into place is the same God 
who will remove every single mountain between treasures 
coming home and the family that longs for them.  

The God who set the sun in the sky and called it 'day' 
is the same God who is healing our Ruby's blind eyes.

The God who allows the lightening to streak across the sky
is the same God who is listening to each of our distraught cries.

Niagara Falls displays the power of God in a dramatic and tangible way
just as our lives around us display the power of God in an often
not-so-public sort of way:

The perfectly timed, yet completely unexpected, check in the mail.

The phone call for the new job that comes out of the blue.

The reversal of the most hardened heart.

The returning home of a wayward child.

The anonymous gift given in secret.

The reconciliation of hearts once thought 'irreconcilable'.  

The addiction-free addict, once given up on. 

The RAD diagnosed child who begins to attach. 

All are God at work and

all display His involvement in our everyday lives, 
His simple love for us in action, 
and His magnificent power. 

So many needs, but amazingly 
God is not limited to meet just yours, 
or just mine.


He wants to hear from each of us.
About every one of our needs.
He is not too busy.
He made Niagara Falls,
He whispers, 

"I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.
Is anything too hard for me?" 
Jeremiah 32:27niv  

If you should think of Dave, my friend, would you please pray for him?
He sure could use it and it would do good for my soul to know 
friends around the world are praying.   You would really like him if
you knew him.  He's a good guy.  

And please, take a few minutes, watch the video my friend, Dave, posted:

If you are ever near enough to go to Niagara Falls
and haven't been - GO. 
It is a display of one of God's finest handiworks.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Linny Lee's Cinnamon Rolls

Since many of you loved the ice cream cake recipe,
and others loved my corn on the cob recipe...
and now after so many requests over the years 
for my cinnamon roll recipe -

it's time to share.

They are our family's favoritest treat.
 Each of my big girls 
{Abigail, Sarah, Autumn, and even Emma in Uganda}
 make Cinnamon Rolls! 
Totally tickles my heart. 

It's these special traditions over the years that allow 
families to have warm, sweet memories together.

I thought it would be fun to show you the recipe card itself,
35 years old and narrowly surviving the fire that took our home...
albeit pretty water-logged
and beaten up after that.

So here's the recipe:

Linny Lee's Cinnamon Rolls
{This is a triple batch.  I was going to try to 
adjust it down to a single batch and then I giggled:
I make a triple batch because we are a large family.
This is my life with my sweet pile of treasures.
You can always freeze the extra.}
Start by putting this in a bowl : 

6 Tablespoons Sugar
3/4 Cup Butter
13 and 1/2 teaspoons Yeast
1 Tablespoons Sea Salt
6 and 3/4 Cups Very Warm {not hot}Water

Mix these together.
Let the yeast begin to activate.

3/4 Cups Ground Flax Meal


4 Cups Whole Wheat Flour


Add at least 
6 Cups Unbleached Flour

The consistency should begin to be dough like.
I have a mixer that makes my life much easier.
Although I begin by using the regular mixing hook, I change to the
 the bread/kneading hook to stir while adding the flour, 
before it gets too thick.
Slowly I add more and more and more of the unbleached flour
until it begins to be very dough-like.
I would love to tell you an exact amount,
but seriously, each time it is a different amount.

If the dough is too sticky, add more flour.

If it feels tough, just let it keep mixing 
{and pray a lot}.

Let it knead for at least 5 minutes.

If it begins to get sticky again, add a dab more flour.

When it finally feels like bread dough
put it in a large greased bowl.

Cover with small towel and set aside to allow it to rise.

An old trick:  When we have lived in places that are chilly,
I often let the dough rise in the oven. 
Do *not* start your oven.
Just boil water in a cast iron pan.
Take boiled water in pan off stove and set in bottom of oven.
Now set covered dough bowl above it.
It will hasten the rising process beautifully.
Don't forget to take cast iron pan out before you start oven.

 If you forget to check the dough, it will do this:

I couldn't help myself, I was off playing with Ruby and taking
 pictures of our littlest princess...

Can you blame me?

I mean, come on, how could I help myself?

No shame in admitting, I'm completely smitten.

After it has risen...

Divide dough into manageable piles. 

I usually divide it into three.

Roll it out...brush with a bit of butter.

Sprinkle sugar across the dough.
I use a modest amount.
Some would say my rolls aren't sweet enough.
But we like 'em this way!

I then sprinkle Cinnamon across the entire dough.
Too much and it's gross.
Rather have less, than too much.

Roll the dough up and gently cut with a serrated knife.

Lay each sweetly in your greased pan.

Let them rise one more time {this usually takes about 1/2 hour}.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.
I check to see if they are done by pulling the cinnamon rolled dough apart.
If it looks sticky, stick it back in.

Ruby wonders out loud: 
"Seriously, you guys are having rolls again.  
Mom, when is the Lord is going to heal my
 'chewer' so I can eat the rolls too??
Baby food pears is so not the same as your rolls." 

When they come out I have the kids spread a dab of melted butter
over the top.  
Not much, just a dab.

We love them warm.
Dw likes his with peanut butter spread on them.
I find that gross and disgusting.
I like mine with a dab of butter.

Either way - enjoy them bunches.

Let me know if you try them.
I pray you love Linny Lee's Cinnamon Rolls.

Home From Church Today?

If you happen to be home today,
my hubby, Dw,
has been given the amazing privilege of speaking at our
week-end services at our church Phoenix First this week-end.

I said,

"Babe, Pastor Luke only has people like Joyce Meyer share his pulpit, no pressure."

Picture taken last year at Letchworth State Park, Letchworth, NY

Our pastor, Pastor Luke, was going to be out of town and asked if Dw would preach for him.
We are honored and humbled at this opportunity as well as the Lord's favor on Dw.

Dw spoke at our Saturday night service, and now today,
there are two services...
the 10:45am pst is live-streamed
you can watch it live here.

{Added bonus for our family -  Graham's on the drums as well.}

Very sweet to this mama's heart that Emma can, Lord willing, live-stream it in Uganda
and we will have Daddy preaching, Graham on the drums and Emma 'with us' as well.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taking "Poolside Barbecue" to a Whole New Level

Although we live in the desert, 
we are definitely not exempt from a few ferocious storms...

Usually I get a storm warning on my cell phone.
Some storms I get several.

Last night I didn't even get one.

But suddenly, around 10:00pm the wind kicked up
like nothing we have seen in a long, long time.

I was talking with Emma in Uganda...
as some of the kids woke and moved downstairs.

We prayed as we watched our tent by the pool that 
has huge stakes staking it into the ground lift up on three legs,
pleading with the Lord to keep it from disappearing
into the sky.

We held our breath as the winds went up to 60 mph
and the rain and lightening came like psycho.

I stayed up cleaning and praying 
{for my treasures and a few of you}
 till 3 am
and it was still raining 
when I finally crawled into bed.

This morning Liberty mentioned that Daddy had thought something 
of the neighbors had landed in our pool.
I had not heard him say anything about any of that
but she went out to look.

Her face looked horrified as she returned to the family room.

"Our grill is in the pool."

I thought she was being funny.

Ummmm no.

She was not being funny.

She was completely serious.

Exactly how does a large family grill
with a full tank of propane 
move across the yard
and into the pool?
{You tell me.}

We're taking
"Come on over for a Poolside Barbecue to a
whole new level."

Wanna come help us dive for our grill?

{Apparently diving for pennies is like so yesterday.}

Friday, July 19, 2013

Nehemiah's "Tomorrow" is Finally Today

If you were fly on a wall at our home you would have heard, for the last two weeks {at least}  Mr. Nehemiah asking, "My birthday tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow?"  {Meaning not tomorrow, but the next day or the next day?}

Made us giggle.

Nehemiah's such a treasure.

And so finally it was
tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...
you get the idea - ha!

His joy was unmatchable and he has been planning what he
wants to eat and do for {literally} months.

Breakfast in bed - Crepes with strawberries, homemade hot fudge and whipped cream.

That's a lot of crepes to make and carry up to their bedroom.

Skyping in with missionary big sister Emma from Africa.....

Lunch at Panda...
A glimpse into just how kindhearted, loving and generous this little guy is....

He was eating his Panda Express lunch and stopped.  

Ya' have to understand, this kid is the bottomless pit and eats non-stop...well, except when he gets to go to Panda and his brothers and sisters didn't - and then
he stops, mid-stream and tucks the rest away.


So he could share the remainder with them.

What a guy!

Dinner is homemade chicken wings and our *famous*
homemade ice cream cake for dessert....

We cannot ever thank the Lord enough for bringing Nehemiah to our family.

He sets the lonely in families...
Psalm 68:6

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From My Heart

Two years ago today we experienced one of the most profound touches
 from our Heavenly Father that we have ever had.

Our now son-in-love, Karl, was on his way to pick up our Autumn for church
and an 87 year old man pulled in front of him.

Karl was going 55-60 mph on that rural road in Colorado and had only feet to stop.
He hit the 87 year old man's car and was thrown 55 feet.
Karl's motorcycle helmet came off on impact.

As the events unfolded that day 2 years ago, we saw God's loving fingertips at every turn.

Within no time, Carol in Texas {whom I have never hugged necks with} sped into action -
setting up a round-the-clock prayer site where hundreds of you signed up to pray, fast and
intercede as Karl lay in a coma for the next 15 days.

If you have never read the story or haven't read it in a long time or want
your kids to know just how big God is -
please read the little series I wrote about the events of that day.

It was titled appropriately...

Our Holy Ground - Part 1

Our Holy Ground - Part 2

Our Holy Ground - Part 3

And with deep emotion I say this: 

I am eternally grateful to all of you who prayed for Karl and all of us {his parents, Autumn, his siblings, us} during the weeks that followed.   It was one of the most horrific times in our lives
and it was also one of the most profound spiritually.  

When I say, "Words cannot convey" that's not a cliche or something I write because it sounds good.  
It comes from the depths of my soul.   I know I could not have stood strong without each one of you and 
the prayers you offered.   
Truly, I could not have done it without you, my bloggy friends.

I remember sitting in the ICU waiting room and looking at the Prayer Clock 
and seeing the number of people signed on to it...
and I would be overcome with great emotion...

You guys and your families were crazily loving us from afar and 
I am forever grateful to each and every one of you.
Great is your reward in eternity for ministering to our weary and grieving 
souls during that season.   You guys are my favorite and you are my forever friends.

Lastly -

To all who prayed this morning -

Ruby did well considering she was pretty sleepy by "show time".

We had an extra special and extremely wonderful treat - the woman who came out and did the interview that aired over a year ago - Susan Casper - was the one who also interviewed us today - we had no idea and were so tickled.

That interview I'm referring to {at our first home in Phoenix} can still be seen here.

Susan Casper has a very genuine love for the people she serves and her joy at seeing Ruby today immediately turned emotional - she kept starting to tear up.

No doubt, Ruby's story has touched lives and continues to touch lives.

One of those on the set said that Ruby's picture had been passed around "the back" and people were in disbelief that this could be the same girl.  A little crowd had gathered to watch the interview.  It was really sweet.

The show will actually air on Monday and later that day I will be able to imbed it on our Place Called Simplicity -  so thankful for that privilege.

Thank you again for your prayers - I knew you were praying!