My sweet friend ~

I am so grateful you stopped by for a visit!

Now, lest you look around around our Place Called Simplicity and think, "See!  Linny has it all!"....think again!

I have had my share of difficult seasons.  My growing up years were filled with painful abuse and my adult years have had significant loss, a tragic fire and the trauma of repressed memories of sexual abuse surfacing.

Yet in the midst of all of life's difficult seasons I have seen God's generous grace, satisfying strength, undeserved mercy, overwhelming favor and multiplied blessings sprinkled throughout.

So far Dw and I have 12 treasures, nine of whom were lovingly gathered from around the world. Several deemed "special needs" and one termed "medically fragile", but as far as "special needs" Dw and I are convinced that the only true "special need" any little one has is for a family to call their own.

I wouldn't be a true Mimi if I didn't mention our growing pile of grandtreasures - seven so far {three of whom are also adopted - how cool is that??}.  I giggle at the thought of how many we will have one day as the big kids are just barely getting warmed up!

So please meet me on my back veranda. Let's spend some time taking tea together....laughing, talking, exchanging stories and sharing hearts.  We will, no doubt, share some tears as well.

Welcome to our Place Called Simplicity...I'm so very, very grateful you're here.