For as long as I can remember I dreamed of being a mom with "a boatload" of kids from all over the world. 

Now, lest you look at pictures and think, "See!  She's just one of the lucky ones who happens to get everything she wants", think again.

We have our share of difficult seasons.  The months and years of painful devastation, horrific heartache, unnerving struggles and blinding loss ...yet in the midst of all of the difficult seasons we have seen God's generous grace, satisfying strength, undeserving mercy, overwhelming favor and exponentially multiplied blessing sprinkled throughout. 

Only Faithful God has been my continual comfort, powerful strength and constant friend.  I know me, I know my weaknesses and I know I couldn't do life without Him.

Married for 35 years, Dw and I have the privilege of loving 12+ treasures {so far} gathered from around the world, several deemed "special needs" and one medically fragile. 

As for me, I'm simply a silver-haired mom with a sweet pile of treasures, who loves to write.

So grab a cup of coffee and meet me on my back porch.  We'll curl up in the big wicker chairs with the extra fluffy cushions and spend some time side-by-side learning together how to better be His hands and feet.
Welcome to our Place Called Simplicity.